OfficeMate, a leading provider of office supplies, IT items, furniture and essential business to business (B2B) products, has opened a new smart warehouse in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) project to enhance its services and offer a better experience to B2B customers. OfficeMate has adopted smart technologies in the management of its warehouse and delivery facilities in order to provide accurate, precise, fast and more efficient services in line with international standards. The company is continually growing and aims to become a leader in B2B E-Commerce offering convenience to all levels of business clients through an omnichannel strategy.

Mr. Worawoot Ounjai, Chief Executive Office of COL Public Company Limited, said that during 2014 - 2018, OfficeMate continued to grow at 9% per annum. In 2018, we served 6.5 million customer transactions, and achieved online sales surged by 23%, representing a quarter of total sales. The buoyant growth was driven by the development of an online platform whose functions meet the shopping lifestyles of B2B customers. As and OfficeMate mobile app act like an assistant to entrepreneurs and the purchasing units of enterprises, OfficeMate attract more than 14 million online traffic. In addition, OfficeMate focused on E-ordering @ Store, which accounted for 12% of total store sales. Moreover, OfficeMate has found that 21% of customers prefer purchasing products through more than one channel (omnichannel shopping experience), contributed 49% of the total sales.

Miss Wilawan Rerkriengkrai, President, OfficeMate Business at COL PCL, added that for the next 5 years (2019 – 2023), OfficeMate has set an average growth target of 15% per annum. Following its business plan based on the concept of “Go Further. Go Faster”, OfficeMate is helping to move forward Central Group’s strategy of becoming a leading Digi-Lifestyle Platform.

Today, OfficeMate is gearing up its full range of operations to take the leadership in the B2B Solutions market with outstanding services in the form of an omnichannel. OfficeMate has taken part in driving Thailand's economy with its investment of more than 1 billion baht to build the new smart warehouse. This is located on Suwinthawong Road in Chachoengsao Province, which is part of the EEC project under the Thailand 4.0 model.

Using advanced technology and innovations, the new smart warehouse will upgrade service quality to deliver a better experience to corporate customers and SMEs. Moreover, the company is enhancing its competitiveness for further growth in the future based on the O-F-M strategy described below.

O - O2O Service Excellence : An emphasis on elevating services to the next level that satisfies B2B customers through One-Stop Solutions. OfficeMate offers a full range of products to meet the needs of all business types. OfficeMate is expanding services to cover such specialized business groups as factory and HORECA businesses. By offering an omnichannel experience, OfficeMate ensures customers will enjoy fast and correct delivery. In addition, thanks to the greater efficiency in warehouse management and a delivery service of international standards, OfficeMate operates with lower logistics costs.

F - Franchise Stores Nationwide : Supporting community business or small retailers who are “OfficeMate Plus” franchisees to grow by removing any limitations on the products display area for local retailers. OfficeMate uses technology to enhance the management capability of small retailers, enabling them to sell products in a similar way to OfficeMate including through E-ordering @ Store and a nationwide delivery service. The OfficeMate warehouse is like a warehouse of franchisees.

M - Marketplace for B2B Solutions : Driving forward to become a leader in B2B e-Commerce. OfficeMate is planning to launch B2B Marketplace late this year to allow better accessibility to clients for small B2B enterprises. This platform will enhance their opportunities to sell more products and grow in parallel with OfficeMate without needing to worry about logistics costs.

Miss Wilawan added that the new smart warehouse is now open. Spread over 45 rai and with a functional area of more than 30 rai or 50,000 square meters, the warehouse has 5 times more capacity to provide products ready for delivery and more than 200 distribution vehicles are available every day.

Meanwhile, the efficient management and advanced technology are designed to meet customers' needs and optimize satisfaction of B2B customers. OfficeMate has taken its services to a higher level as follows:

  • ASRS (Automated Storage & Retrieval System): An advanced technology for automatically placing and retrieving loads from 12-meter high storage stacks. This increases efficiency of area utilization and maximizes the quantity of products for sale. The system can automatically retrieve products and remove them from storage using smart robotic arms that follow orders correctly, precisely and quickly.
  • I-PACK (Automatic Forming & Packing System): One of the most efficient systems for automated carton folding, barcode printing and packing, this uses a smart sensor that calculates product height to cut, fold and close the carton correctly, thus reducing damage during delivery.
  • UNI-SHUTTLE: Automated storage of products for delivery. This works in conjunction with the Route Planning system to provide the most efficient calculation of delivery routes. The system ensures that almost 100% of customers will receive products correctly and quickly based on the service standards.

Today, OfficeMate is ready to grow with Thai business and move forward with you. “Go Further. Go Faster” with OfficeMate.

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