Our Actions

Growth for the Country, Great for Local Communities

Central Retail exists to be ‘Central to Life’, a platform of growth for all, connecting people to opportunities that turn ambitions into reality. Commitment to paving the way to sustainably thrive forward together.
Central Pattana Plc, Thailand's leading sustainable real estate developer, is dedicated to creating a better world under the 'Imagining better futures for all' vision and aims to become a 'Net-Zero 2050' organization.
Centara demonstrates our commitment to sustainability by growing our global presence while respecting the environment, supporting local communities, and creating positive sustainable impacts as we grow.
CRG drives business for sustainable growth, one of the principle missions of CRG, placing importance on carrying out business with sustainable development.
Selfridges Group’s Five Imperatives, which are climate, materials, livelihoods, workplace, and circular, set out the sustainable future we want to create for our customers and colleagues
Each Store of Rinascente stands out impressively in its historic city centre, both enhancing the host city and harmoniously blending with it, playing an active social and cultural role.
At Globus, we are committed to meeting the high expectations of our guests. Our planet and the environment are close to our and society's hearts, and we are working to actively shape the future with great passion and commitment. In terms of sustainability, we focus on authenticity, transparency and shared responsibility. We are determined to constantly learn and grow in order to anchor a sound Sustainability strategy even more deeply into our organization. Our efforts aim to make a lasting and exemplary difference in the industry and beyond.

Central Group sustainability initiative that focuses on minimizing inequality and providing opportunities to all members of society together by transforming education into a hub of learning. Furthermore, it intends to promote careers for people with disabilities, as well as develop community economies, create jobs with stable income, share knowledge, support marketing communication channels, preserve and protect the environment in order to create a green world, and eventually guide all sectors toward sustainable tourism.