Central Group is fully committed to investing time, expertise and resources in helping support our society and improving the quality of life in sustainable ways.

Tiang Chirathivat Foundation

Samrit Chirathivat established the Tiang Chirathivat Foundation on 5 June 1984 in memory of his father, Tiang, who had founded Harng Central Department Store.

The objectives of the Foundation are:

  • To support the education of disadvantaged children and youth, including vocational skills development and good citizenship to enable the livelihood of the individuals and their families.
  • To support public health projects for children and youth.
  • To support religions and morality.
  • To support disaster relief in the event of fires, floods and earthquakes.
  • To cooperate with charitable organisations which support the public good.
  • To cooperate with the public sector in activities for the public good.

Environment Foundation

The Environmental Foundation was founded in 1992 to help create and promote awareness of the need for environmental conservation and sustainable resource management.

Central Group is committed to being a role model for sustainable development, and in 2018 announced the Central Group Love the Earth campaign. This encompasses:

  1. Journey to Zero: All companies within Central Group have a program to reduce their waste to zero through implementation of strategies for plastic reduction, waste segregation and food waste handling.
  2. Central Green: Landscape renovation around Central’s shopping centers, to include the development of public gardens, a clean surrounding environment, and management of water resources including wastewater treatment and canal maintenance.
  3. Forest Restoration: This project is based on the importance of planting trees and other vegetation in the restoration of forests.

Other Project Highlights


Central Group and Unicef have launched the #EatPlayLove campaign to promote the importance of the first 1,000 days of a child’s life. Starting from conception, this is a crucial period in shaping the baby’s brain, laying the foundation for lifelong learning.

The campaign features the #EatPlayLove travelling expo, which will appear across the country to provide knowledge and parenting tips on how to provide the best care for children during the first 1,000 days. The expo highlights the three critical elements of appropriate and nutritious food, play and stimulation, and love and protection.


The Smiley Ground in Lumpini Park has been developed under a 5.8 million baht budget by Central Group to be a multi-purpose area easily accessed by youth, the elderly, those with disabilities, and all Thai people.