Bangkok, 24 June 2024: In an effort to make the travel experience perfect and spectacular, Central Group has teamed up with Thai Airways to provide an abundance of unique gifts to commemorate the resumption of the Milan and Oslo routes for passengers on the first inbound and outbound flights under the A Journey of Seamless Delights campaign. Passengers traveling in business class will receive a limited-edition Good Goods x Artstory scarf, created through a significant collaboration between Good Goods, a modern Thai brand, and Artstory's young autistic artists from the Autistic Thai Foundation. Passengers traveling in economy class will receive a distinctive small purple bag featuring the Good Goods logo, which reflects Thailand's way of life.

For a duration of three months, passengers traveling directly the Milan-Bangkok and Oslo-Bangkok routes are entitled to numerous special privileges from department stores in the Central Group, both domestically and abroad. These include the Central Chidlom Department Store and other department stores under Central Retail Corporation, as well as department stores in Europe, including the Rinascente Department Store in Italy, the Illum Department Store in Denmark, and the Globus Department Store in Switzerland. Central The 1 Credit Card is also participating in this collaboration. This campaign runs from 1 July until 30 September 2024, generating attractions to entice travelers to Thailand while contributing to a vibrant tourism economy.

Pichai Chirathivat, Executive Director of the Central Group, stated: “Thailand is a highly sought-after travel destination among European tourists, particularly Italians, who represent a large long-distance market with over 180,000 individuals in 2023, and Norwegians, who are emerging as a noteworthy demographic. To boost Thai tourism and provide impressive experiences for visitors, Central Group, in partnership with Thai Airways, a leading national airline, has provided exclusive souvenirs with emotional significance through the Good Goods brand, showcasing the essence of modern Thai design within the Central Tham community enterprise. Furthermore, this partnership provides numerous benefits for passengers flying on the premier direct route between Bangkok-Milan and Bangkok- Oslo, in both business and economy classes. Highlights include community products that fuse traditional Thai wisdom with modern design from Good Goods, which is gaining popularity among tourists globally. The creation and production of these products create job opportunities and a consistent income for communities. Good Goods also has a strategy of reinvesting in communities and serves as a platform for individuals who require particular assistance to showcase their artistic skills, such as young artists with autism.”

The exclusive souvenir collection includes scarves, cloth bags, etc. Good Goods x Artstory collaboration produced a scarf featuring an Italian mosaic pattern infused with Thai elements, showcasing images of a Thai elephant, airplane, and bird in shades of purple. This pattern was illustrated by talented young artists with autism from the Autistic Thai Foundation. The item is suitable for men and women to wear as an accessory for any occasion. The creation not only encourages imagination but also enhances focus in children with autism. The small bag for carrying common necessities with the Good Goods distinctive print is available in a vibrant purple color. The concept is based on the saying “fish in the water and rice in the fields," incorporating images of an elephant, rice ears, and a carp to symbolize Thainess.

When shopping at Rinascente Department Stores, Illum Department Store, and Globus Department Store, you can receive "The 1" points. Additionally, you can receive exclusive cash rebate offers up to 15% when you pay with Central The 1 The Black Credit Card, Central The 1 Black Credit Card, or Central The 1 Luxe Credit Card. Check further details of the benefits at

Korakot Chatasingha, Chief Commercial Officer of Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, said: “Thai Airways would like to express our gratitude to Central Group for being a good partner and supporting special privileges offered to passengers in celebration of the resumption of direct flights on the Milan-Bangkok and Oslo-Bangkok routes in the A Journey of Seamless Delights campaign. Heartwarming products with intriguing stories from Thai communities and artists with autism, along with various perks from Central Group, are bringing joy to Thai Airways passengers during a three-month period. Our resumed routes are very popular, and we provide both business and economy seating options, running seven flights a week. Our dedicated staff ensures excellent service for every passenger, making each journey a memorable one.

Central Group strives to inspire and create new experiences for tourists by offering top-quality products and services, encompassing the complete business ecosystem. The group is dedicated to significantly boosting Thailand's economy and making the country a dream destination for tourists from all over the world.

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