Bangkok 30 May 2024: Central Group and its subsidiaries, including Central Retail, Central Pattana, and Central Plaza Hotel, have made greater strides in achieving the world's top sustainability standards. The companies were honored at the "S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook 2024 Distinction Ceremony in Bangkok," where the awards were presented by Mr. Robert Dornau, Head of CSA Corporate Engagement at S&P Global. The 2023 Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) assessed over 9,400 companies across 62 industries globally, and the Sustainability Yearbook 2024 recognized and honored those who have achieved excellent sustainability objectives and accomplishments. The prestigious honor has been organized by S&P Global for over 20 years.

Pichai Chirathivat, Executive Director of the Central Group / Director and Member of the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee of Central Retail Corporation Public Co., Ltd., stated: “The triumph of our three companies demonstrates Central Group's capacity to become a world-class retail and leisure establishment that cultivates businesses in alignment with ESG principles, which take into account the environment, society, and governance. As a worldwide recognized leader in sustainability, our objective is to achieve sustainable growth in all aspects."

Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited, or CRC, was recently recognized in the DJSI World 2023 Sustainability Index's top 5% S&P Global CSA Score for the retailing industry. This is the first time CRC has been classified as a member of the DJSI World group, while the company has been listed in the DJSI Emerging Markets group for the second consecutive year. This success underlines CRC's position as Thailand's No. 1 retail company, with a corporate purpose of sustainability.

Central Pattana Public Company Limited, or CPN, was recently named to the DJSI World 2023 Sustainability Index with the highest score in the Top 1% S&P Global CSA in the Real Estate Management & Development industry, which is considered the best performance in the industry. CPN has maintained its ranking as a member of the DJSI World group for the sixth consecutive year, the DJSI Emerging Markets group for the tenth consecutive year, and the S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook for the sixth year in a row.

Central Plaza Hotel Public Company Limited, or CENTEL, has been designated a Sustainability Yearbook Member 2024 for the first time in the Industry Mover category, which recognizes companies that have evolved and improved to achieve exceptional sustainability strength.

“It is a remarkable accomplishment for Central Group and the subsidiaries to have received the recognition from the S&P Global Sustainability Award 2024, as it showcases our leadership in sustainability that fosters shared value creation for businesses, society, and stakeholders to flourish together.” Pichai concluded

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