• Central Pattana’s 42nd shopping centre, ‘Central Nakhon Pathom’, is situated at the heart of the grand mixed-use project, spanning over an area of 100 rai of land. It features a shopping center, hotel, condominium, and single-house project. Explore the inaugural 'Multi-Generation Space' spread across 4 rai of land at the heart of the project, tailored for families to enjoy more quality time together.
  • Strong synergy within the Central Group, including Tops, Power Buy, B2S, Supersports, OfficeMate, Auto1, and ‘Central Department Store’, promotes local essence. Meet a comprehensive brand portfolio of over 500 brands, including Pomelo, Beautrium, iStudio, Milk Kids Salon, Playsound, Major Cineplex, Jetts Fitness – the city’s first fitness centre open around the clock, and HarbourLand, the huge indoor playground scheduled to open by the end of this year
  • The grand opening celebration features superstars Nadech and Yaya joining the Swing Dance, aiming to break the Asia Book of Records. Don't miss the spectacular Mapping Show projected on the facade of the shopping centre

Nakhon Pathom – Central Pattana plc, Thailand’s No. 1 real estate developer, celebrated the phenomenal grand opening of the company’s 42nd shopping centre “Central Nakhon Pathom”, a new landmark mixed-use project in the heart of Nakhon Pathom. This new lifestyle center aims to elevate and connect the lifestyles of Nakhon Pathom residents and nearby areas under the concept of a ‘New Chapter of Happiness’ #StoryfulLifeBegins. Central Nakhon Pathom is situated on over 100 rai of land with a Gross Building Area (GBA) of 133,000 m2. It features a shopping center, hotel, ESCENT condominium, housing project, and a 4-rai urban park area to meet the needs of all generations. Visit: https://youtu.be/DIWqAn3VaNM

Ms. Wallaya Chirathivat, President & CEO of Central Pattana plc, said: “With our role as a place maker, we are committed to enhancing the potential of the city. Central Nakhon Pathom will become the landmark, serving as the largest and most comprehensive lifestyle destination. Additionally, it will connect to the western region of the country. We are determined to create Central Nakhon Pathom as a large-scale mixed-use development that caters to everyone's lifestyle. The project will include a shopping center, department store, hotel, condominium, single-detached houses, and extensive green space, making it the go-to area for Nakhon Pathom residents and visitors alike. Furthermore, our project will help boost the economy and improve people's quality of life, establishing Nakhon Pathom as a central hub linking the central and western regions. It will support future mega-projects of the state sector, collaborate with local entrepreneurs and government agencies to drive the economy and tourism, create jobs, and distribute income in the province. Simultaneously, the Central Nakhon Pathom project will contribute to narrating the city's legacy as a cultural and artistic destination, celebrating its valuable identity. This will help enhance tourism in all aspects, support city festivals, and promote agricultural products, fostering sustainable community growth together.”

Central Nakhon Pathom is strategically located on Phet Kasem Road, near important tourist attractions such as Phra Pathom Chedi, Sanam Chan Palace, and leading educational institutions. Additionally, with the expansion of various real estate projects, Central Nakhon Pathom serves as the central hub of the city, catering to customers' needs without the necessity of traveling to Bangkok.

The beginning of a new chapter with a destination that brings together everyone’s happiness

  1. Bringing together the most complete choices in Nakhon Pathom with more than 500 brands to meet the needs of all generations and lifestyles. We welcome everyone to the new experience of eating, shopping, and spending leisure time in one place. Central Nakhon Pathom welcomes well-known restaurant brands such as Boost Juice, Saemaeul and Boon Tong Kee in addition to local brands such as Yoi Yoii Dessert Shop, Saneh Jaan, Kamphaeng Saen’s 20-baht traditional tom yum noodles - delicious without the need to add seasoning, Kuaitiao Pak Mo Na Lo Nai Suan, popular Banh Cuon, (Vietnamese stuffed steam rice rolls) and Vietnamese stuffed bread from Phra Pahom Chedi, and Good Salad Roll, to grow together with us. Discover Fashion & Beauty: Lyn, Jaspal, Pomelo, Beautrium; IT Gadgets: Advice, IT City, JIB and Multibrand stores such as Jaymart, Banana, Big Camera; leading beauty centers such as The Klinique, Apex, Gangnam, Merida Clinic; and upskill your children at Click Robot, and PlaySound in addition to Magnet Anchors such as Major Cineplex, HarborLand and Jetts Fitness.
  2. Central Group’s businesses synergy with Central Department Store, Tops, Power Buy, B2S, Supersports, OfficeMate and Auto1 will help open the first chapter of a new inspirational department store with the coolest and most creative decorative concepts: ‘Primary Department’ on an area of 14,000 m2, where the beauty of Phra Pathom Chedi with its bright golden tones is incorporated into Central Nakhon Pathom to reflect a department store for everyone in the province, and to ensure the local people are given a second home complete with products and services. We are joining hands with ‘The Maker’ from local areas to create artful decorations as well as inspirational activities for our society.
  3. First time in Nakhon Pathom – a ‘Multi-Generation Space’ of a lifestyle urban park, which integrates semi-outdoor spaces into a large green space for everyone to spend quality time together. Discover the first ‘Sky Running Track’, connecting to a 4-rai green urban park in the heart of the project and enjoy a ‘Pet’s Park’ for animal lovers that is cool and pleasant, with a pomelo orchard adjacent to the pond among the beautiful seasonal flower garden.
  4. 4.The First sustainable shopping center in Nakhon Pathom Moving forward towards sustainability, we are introducing EV Charger Stations to accommodate the increasing number of customers using electric vehicles. Natural light surrounds the project, complemented by the installation of Solar Rooftop systems to generate solar energy. We are also preserving existing trees and planting over 300 more trees to filter air and dust, promoting an eco-friendly environment. Our center features water-saving amenities and is designed according to architectural (Universal Design) principles, ensuring accessibility for individuals with physical limitations, including spacious lifts, ramps for wheelchairs, and accessible restrooms. These efforts aim to make life convenient for everyone.

Celebrating the Grand Opening in full swing with the concept of "New Realm of Happiness - Siwilai Nakhon Pathom"

  • Special highlights of the city's opening festival include a Swing Dance floor by Nadech Kugimiya and Urassaya Sperbund, showcasing the Civilization a New Dawn set.
  • Transforming Central Nakhon Pathom into a retro dance event, inviting participants to Swing Dance and aiming to break the record for the most participants in Thailand, recognized by the Asia Book of Records.
  • Be amazed by the Mapping Show, showcasing the sophistication of Nakhon Pathom city, projected onto the facade of Central Nakhon Pathom. Spectacular fireworks of 300 sets lasting for 3 minutes.
  • Collaborating with 16 leading restaurants to showcase local ingredients from Nakhon Pathom and craft special menus titled "New Realm of Taste."
  • Co-Creation events include a handicraft fair featuring 60 handmade product stores from the Little Tree Market (March 30-31), Coffee Society Festival at Lat Phrao Somsorn Club (March 30 - April 8), Jazz Festival by leading universities (April 26-28), Local Cuisine Street Food Fair (April 9-24), Motor Show, and Summer Fashion Show by emerging designers from Silpakorn University (April 8).
  • Immerse in an Art Exhibition inspired by the charm of Nakhon Pathom, featuring works by renowned artist Colonel Nakrob Moonmanas, Art Collaboration projects with educational institutions, showcasing the essence of Nakhon Pathom through the "Central Nakhon Pathom" letters, and giant ball sculptures over 3 meters tall. Capture moments with " ‘Nong Poonsuk’ " the cutest mascot, and check-in at the newest landmark of Central Nakhon Pathom with the trendiest art event in Nakhon Pathom.

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