"Rice" relates to the customary way of life that the Thai people have carried down through the generations, which involves consuming and growing a wide range of rice. Each type of Thai rice has a distinct history and identity and is well-known around the world. "Central Tham," do together and do with hearts, is a sustainability effort of the Central Group that seeks to conserve and develop more than 11 different rice varieties from more than 9 villages located throughout 7 provinces in the country. With this commitment, the quality of Thai rice will be improved to satisfy consumer demands, establish a reputation for supporting local employment opportunities, and boost farmers' incomes in a sustainable manner that preserves the environment.

With the goal of promoting Thai rice and generating revenue for farmers, Central Tham has collaborated to exhibit a variety of Thai rice through the Central Tham Pavilion with the theme "Good Rice, Good Life" at the "Thailand Rice Fest 2023." It takes place from 14–17 December 2023, at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, LG Floor, Hall 6. Visitors can choose from a variety of activities, including shopping, tasting, and discovering 11 varieties of rice, which make excellent presents and souvenirs. Furthermore, a range of rice will be available for purchase at the Good Goods shop in the Central World and on the online channel at www.centraltham.com/rice-fest starting in December 2023.

Pichai Chirathivat, Executive Director of Central Group, stated, "Rice is a part of our life cycle from childhood to adulthood and has beautiful harvesting culture and traditions. Each grain of rice is unique in flavor and texture and is loaded with health benefits. For this reason, Thai rice is regarded as Thailand's most desirable crop and one of its main exports. It can provide Thailand and its farmers with a steady stream of revenue. "Central Tham” has helped to revitalize local rice varieties and teach farmers how to grow quality rice in order to obtain high-quality rice. It also demonstrates farmers how to create eye-catching packaging to draw in customers and enhance the value of their products. Furthermore, it supports new sales channels by utilizing a range of modern trades, such as Good Goods and Tops. Over 11 rice varieties from 9 villages in 7 provinces throughout the country have been gathered by "Central Tham" to present within the Central Tham Pavilion in the theme of "Good rice, Good life” at the "Thailand Rice Fest 2023." Each type of rice has its own distinct taste and characteristics. The event is held at Hall 6, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center.”

The "Central Tham Pavilion” is separated into the following 5 zones:

  • Zone 1 "Sell Good Rice": This zone has the top 11 rice varieties in the country, sourced from 7 provinces and 9 villages. It includes Khiaw Ngoo Sticky Rice from Klin Khon Sab Kwai Community Enterprise in Chiang Rai, San Pa Tong Sticky Rice from Maetha Agricultural Cooperative Limited in Chiang Mai, Native Mountain Brown Rice (Bue Polo, Bue Phakho, Bue Phathue) from the Phu Chaem Sai Agro-Processing and Ban Mae Lan Kham hand-woven cloth Community Enterprise in Chiang Mai, Leum Pua black Sticky Rice from the Leum Pua Black Sticky Rice Community Enterprise in Tak, Kachong Hills Bao Yod Muang Rice from Na Muen Si in Trang, Rai Dok Kha Rice from the Community Enterprise of Rai Dok Kha Rice Growing Group, Tak Daed Subdistrict in Phang Nga, Sangyod Rice from Tha Chang Community Enterprise Revives the Sufficiency Economy, Paka Amphul Rice, Nieng Kuang Rice, and Surin Jasmine Rice from the Cor Ko New Theory Farmer Community Enterprise in Surin, and Red Jasmine Rice from the Nong Sanit Organic Vegetable Farming Cooperative in Surin. There are other dry items that are good to be eaten with rice.
  • Zone 2 "Make Good Things": This zone has onigiri made with Thai rice workshop and fragrant candles made from soy wax with the aroma of jasmine rice workshop.
  • Zone 3: Good Cuisine: This zone has Thai rice omakase prepared by Chefs Thep, Black, and chefs from Spaghetti Factory. These chefs have designed omakase from 11 varieties of local rice, making eating omakase a unique experience.
  • Zone 4 "Good Stories": In this zone, there is a rice-related discussion activity titled "Make Every Bite a Good Bite" - Do it immediately by "starting from the rice field to the rice on the plate." Actual rice farmers will participate in this activity and share their experiences of working to make every piece of rice a "good bite," from passion to the story of rice and life. An exhibition recounting the stories of rice types and rice-growing communities contributed by Central Tham is also available in this zone.
  • Zone 5 "Shop for Good Goods": The last zone introduces the Good Goods shop to the event, which includes a cafe as well as local products. Good Goods has also brought products related to rice and famous products of each community to sell, such as bamboo woven bags from the Bamboo and Rattan Weaving Group in Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai, black sticky rice soap, jasmine rice soap, red cargo rice soap, Jan and Pak jasmine rice from Patpat under the Chaipattana Foundation, and Pathum jasmine rice and brown rice. Furthermore, a jasmine rice-based perfume that evokes the aroma of morning dew in a rice field has been introduced in this zone.

There is a present wrapping service in the Japanese tradition, Furoshiki, using printed cloth particularly manufactured for this event. This may be presented as a gift for certain occasions. There are also numerous discounts available at this event, subject to certain conditions.

Visitors can pick up a 100-baht cash voucher at the registration counter at the Hall 2 entrance from 10 a.m. till the coupon runs out. Those who buy at least 500 Baht on merchandise at the CMG Hall 8 booth will be given a 100 Baht cash voucher that can be used at the Central Tham Pavilion from 14–17 December 2023.

Visit the Central Tham Pavilion at the Thailand Rice Fest 2023 to experience the various rice varieties that are a part of the Thai people's legacy. From now to 17 December 2023, it will take place at the LG Floor, Hall 6 of the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center. The entrance is open from 10:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m.

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