Bangkok, November 6th, 2023 - Mr. Yol Phokasub, Chief Executive Officer of Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited, expressed Central Retail’s unwavering commitment to its brand purpose of being ‘Central to Life’ and fostering mutual growth across spheres of business, society, and the environment. The company is earnestly and steadfastly devoted to meeting the needs of all stakeholders, propelling forward sustainable advancement of all business within its portfolio. These endeavors have earned international acclaim, evidenced by 14 awards from 8 esteemed global institutions, a testament to Central Retail’s exceptional performance in three vital dimensions:

1.) Business Excellence:

Central Retail’s dedication to impeccable management and adherence to the principles of corporate governance have cultivated trust and confidence among customers, partners, and investors of all institutions. The company’s proactive business strategies and ability to deliver unrivalled customer experiences, while enabling partners to prosper, have consequently resulted in several accolades for remarkable business and organisational management. These include awards such as ‘The Most Outstanding Company’ in Consumer Discretionary in Thailand, ‘Corporate Excellence Awards’, ‘Strongest Adherence to Corporate Governance & Most Consistent Dividend Policy Award’, ‘Asia’s Best CEO’, ‘Best Investor Relations Company’, and ‘Best CFO in Thailand’.

2.) People Excellence:

With Central Retail’s strategic human resource planning, tailored to the internal diverse workforce, it has helped solidify the company’s stance as being ‘A Great Place to Work’, and earned significant awards in the field of human resource including ‘Best in Future of Work’ for Central Retail’s Central Career Metaverse project, Gold - HR Leader of the Year, Gold - Leadership Development, Gold - Graduate Recruitment and Development, Bronze - Learning and Development, Bronze - Best HR team (MNC), Bronze - Employer of the Year, and ‘Best Companies to Work for in Asia 2023’.

3.) Sustainability Excellence:

By continuously reinforcing ‘Green & Sustainable Retail’ positioning, Central Retail aspires to serve as a benchmark for sustainable retail organisations in Asia through the ReNEW strategy, which encompasses aspects of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, building a livable society, encouraging eco-friendly packaging, and implementing efficient waste management practices using tangible and measurable initiatives, to ultimately achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050. Central Retail’s sustainability efforts have been acknowledged through ‘Best Environmental Excellence Award’ for ‘Samui Model’ project and ‘Top Community Centric Companies in Asia Award’ for ‘Central Tham’ project.

“On behalf of Central Retail, I would like to extend my gratitude to the distinguished committee members who have recognised our potential and strong commitment to organisational development. These awards are a proven demonstration of the collective effort of the entire Central Retail team, who have steered the company to monumental accomplishment and diligently worked together to establish a worldwide reputation. Central Retail is honored to lead Thailand’s retail, wholesale, and services industry, as an organisation that is proudly celebrated and widely recognised on the global stage,” Mr. Yol concluded.