Bangkok 16 July 2023 - In the midst of the bustling atmosphere, the biggest charity running program of the year, the 15th "CENTRAL GROUP Mini Marathon," was remarkably successful. Central Group, in collaboration with PUMA, Bangkok, and the Royal Thai Army, created this year's program under the tagline "Run Together, Let's Fight Together." After subtracting expenses, proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the CENTRAL GROUP Women Cancer Project, which provides medical tools and equipment to female cancer patients.

Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt presided over the ceremony, and he was greeted warmly by Central Group executives led by Busaba Chirathivat, Executive Vice President of Corporate Communication at Central Group, and Somkamol Chirathivat, Community Director at Central Group. Distinguished guests joining the ceremony were Sukwichaya Nasomsong, Director of Pathumwan District; Colonel Somchai Durongkuakul, Deputy Director of Psychology Office of Directorate of Civil Affairs, Royal Thai Army; Ludwig Tsai, General Manager of Puma Sports (Thailand) Co., Ltd.; Rawin Mukkhajee, Marketing Director, Ocean Thai Life Insurance Public Co., Ltd.; and Naruethee Asasappakij, Assistant Managing Director of Dyson, Garmin, and Tanita brands at Central Marketing Group Co., Ltd.

Busaba Chirathivat, Executive Vice President of Corporate Communication at Central Group, stated, “The response from runners this year was incredible, with almost 4,000 runners, both Thai and foreigners, taking part in the competition. Central Group always seeks to promote Thai people's health via exercise, and we were the first retailer to roll out a charity run in 2007. The "Central Group Mini Marathon" has been held on a continual basis under the initiative, Central Tham, till now.”

Proceeds from ticket sales will be contributed to the CENTRAL GROUP Women Cancer Project, which provides medical instruments and equipment to female cancer patients once expenses are deducted. The mini marathon began with a warm-up in the early morning, followed by the release of runners depending on race distances, which were divided into Mini Marathon distances of 9.77 kilometers, Micro Marathon distances of 6.28 kilometers, and Fun Run distances of 3.76 kilometers. The competition environment was diversified, with a crowd that included professional runners, amateurs, and athletes from various running groups. They joined forces in the morning to run through Bangkok's landscape along the marathon route.

Competition results in the Mini Marathon 9.77-kilometer race: Anuphap Potimetha won the overall men's category with a time of 31.27 minutes, and Nattaporn Smithiviroj won the overall women's category with a time of 37.50 minutes. Among the 6.28 kilometer men's race, Panatchakorn Wittayapraparat won with a time of 19.18 minutes, while Alisa Worapongkittiphan won in the women's race. However, every runner who crossed the finish line, regardless of distance, also received a medal as a souvenir.

Furthermore, various artists and celebrities, including the main actors from the series "LA PLUIE THE SERIES: I love you when it rains." such as Phi Peerawit, Title Thanatorn, Copter Nantapong, Suea Kritsanapong, and others, attended the event to contribute vibrancy.

Central Group has been devoted to motivating people to exercise for their physical and mental well-being, and it wishes to inspire those facing terrible diseases to persevere.

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