• Massive renovations in 30 years to support the expansion of quality residential, a growing catchment area and infrastructure: the MRT Pink Line.
  • Highlighting three strategies: 1) Establishing ‘new face, new destination’ to support growth linked from Ladprao to Phaholyothin to Ramindra as the ‘Strategic Ring Extension’; 2) Curated experiential retail based on the customer’s journey; and 3) Creating a vibe and local engagement - highlighting the identity of the neighborhood and introducing creative events throughout the year.
  • Emphasizing all key offerings for complete customer experience, synergizing all business units in Central Group, aiming to be the best food destination in Ramindra. Collaborating with popular artist ‘Lanlan’ to design photo spots throughout the shopping center. Central Ramindra is also an eco-living landmark, with a soon-to-open EV-charging station.
  • Discover full promotions to celebrate the re-opening, with discounts of up to 70% and exclusively for The1 members to shop and get a chance to win prizes such as an Alpha Volantis premium automatic motorcycle, 8-baht weight of gold and more than 100 prizes from today until 28 Feb 2023.

Bangkok - Central Pattana plc, Thailand's number one real estate leader for sustainability and developer of Central shopping centers, residential projects, office buildings and hotels nationwide, is relaunching the new look Central Ramindra, with a total investment of 2 billion baht. Central Pattana is joining forces with Central department store to transform Central Ramindra into a new hip landmark of the area as part of the new ‘Strategic Ring Extension’ to support the new landscape, growing further from Ladprao to Phaholyothin to Ramindra thanks to the link of the MRT Green Line and Pink Line. This will fulfil the new lifestyle demands of people in the area and upgrade the quality of living for people from all generations under the concept of ‘Every Day Good Vibe’. The synergy impact of Central Group covers all business units, with key factors such as the new-concept Central department store, Supersports, Power Buy, B2S and Tops in addition to new zones: Cuisine Masters and Frozen & Co. to emphasize Central Ramindra as the best shopping and food destination in Ramindra and an eco-living landmark - an EV-charging station will be open very soon.

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Central Pattana plc, said: “Ramindra is one of the high potential areas of Bangkok. The landscape of the area has changed  as a result of several factors. This is the largest renovation of Central Ramindra in 30 years and it highlights three main strategies:

  1. Establishing a ‘new face, new destination’ to support the growth of the area - Central Pattana established the first shopping center in the area 30 years ago and the current landscape has changed as it has become a more modern urban place, with increased infrastructure such as the MRT and multiple methods of transportation. Therefore, the area has become one of the prime locations for living and working. This renovation represents a new ‘Strategic Ring Extension’ to support city growth from Ladprao to Phaholyothin to Ramindra from the MRT Green Line to the Pink Line. In addition, quality residential estates are growing, with housing projects costing over 10-million-baht or more, which has led to an increased number of consumers with higher purchasing power. According to a survey, the population in catchment ring 1 & 2 is approximately 1.3 million and the population density is increasing by 5% per year.
  2. Curated experiential retail - the new Central Ramindra is designed based on the customer’s journey and we make sure to offer more than just a shopping center. Following the vision of 'Place & Experience Maker' for everyday living, new brands have been added to ensure that Central Ramindra fulfils the needs of people of all generations. Central Ramindra's new look comes with the concept of ‘Every Day Good Vibe’ as the destination for every day, with the following highlights:
  • Good design experience with a new ambience throughout the shopping center and new landscaped indoor green areas.
  • Good shopping experience - enjoy a wide range of popular brands as Central Ramindra joins hands with business units under Central Group and partners to give their stores a makeover with a fresh new look and concept. For example, Central department store comes under the concept of ‘Muay Thai Experience’ by simulating a boxing ring in the shopping center and ‘Sneaker Club’ brings together popular shoe brands for sneaker lovers. B2S has a new design concept under the theme of ‘Farmhouse’, along with its stationery and craft products, fulfilling the needs of young and family groups of customers. Tops has added a new zone: ‘Cuisine Masters’, which features imported ingredients from around the world while ‘Frozen & Co.’ offers Tops frozen food items. Discover new Supersports, Power Buy, B2S, a new SF cinema under the concept of 'Home Cinema' with six high-quality cinemas and a 4K cinema. Central Ramindra is also adding 200 new brands, such as Thailand's first UNIQLO-Kid Zone with new-concept, BEAUTRIUM, CROCS, ALL ABOUT YOU, and OWNDAYS etc.
  • Good food destination experience, with the first branch of SHABU TOMO in the area, Salad Factory, Sizzler Dining with a rooftop view and Food Patio, offering over 300 dishes from street foods vendors/restaurants.
  • Good Instagrammable landmark experiences - enjoy beautiful photo spots throughout the shopping center, such as the coolest check-in point of a replica boxing stadium ring in Central department store with the concept of ‘Muay Thai’ and many cute rabbit photo spots designed by Lanlan Duayrak Phadungwichian, a world-class designer from Society of Illustration (2020, 2021) Los Angeles.
  • Good & green convenient experience - an eco-living landmark with an EV-charging station.
  1. Creating a vibe and local engagement - highlighting the local essence of the neighborhood and launching creative events throughout the year. Central department store presents the local essence in its decorations, with the concept of ‘Muay Thai Experience’ using contemporary crafts of the local Akha community. The decorations include more than 80% handmade crafts from environmentally-friendly materials. Creative events will be held throughout the year to create a vibrant atmosphere for the neighborhood, starting with the ‘Good Vibe’ market, which brings together popular shops such as Jay Daeng Sam Yan and Nontella, Jodd Fairs Market and The Urban Market, which has carefully selected eight well-known craft shops to participate in the event in addition to The Urban Café event, which includes the most popular and chic brands’ pop-up stores, with limited edition products such as Bearbrick, Bape, G-Shock, etc. The Good Vibe Troop was recently held to ensure smiles during Children's Day to create a great vibe for all of the communities around Ramindra.

Mr. Olivier Bron, Chief Executive Officer of Department Stores under Central Retail Group, said: “With every modification and improvement of Central department store, we create the best impact as a shopping destination and also as a 'lifestyle destination'. Our intention has always been clear that in every area or community that we operate, the local people can grow and move forward together with us. The grand re-opening of Central Ramindra today is the most major renovation in over 30 years (from 1993 to 2023) to meet the changing lifestyles of our customers and will support the growth of commercial locations in the Ramindra area. We have invested more than 200 million baht to re-imagine the department store area with the new concept of ' Your New Shopping Arena’, which has been creatively designed by combining the unique identity of the area, such as the boxing stadium with the contemporary craftsmanship of the Akha community using eco-friendly materials as we want to support sustainability as much as possible. At the new Central department store at Central Ramindra, everyone will have fun shopping, with more than 400 leading brands along with a full pack of promotions and activities throughout the year. We expect that these specialties will help to attract people to Central department store and increase sales by more than 60% as well as improving the quality of life of local people, and supporting the continued growth of the Ramindra area.”

Central Ramindra is creating ‘Every Day Good Vibe’, with the grand opening highlights including a mini-concert from ‘Mean & Plan’ and a special show from superstar Prang Kannarun aka ‘Lady Prang’ in addition to exciting events and happenings throughout the shopping center. Enjoy the re-opening promotions from popular brands with discounts of up to 70%. When spending 500 baht and up on shopping, get a free movie ticket from SF Cinema (one prize, 220 baht). Exclusive privileges for The1 members: shop and get a chance to win prizes such as an Alpha Volantis premium automatic motorcycle, 8-baht weight of gold and more than 100 prizes when spending 2,000 baht and up on shopping; and receive special points (3,500) when spending 3,500 baht and up on shopping. The top three spenders receive a three-day, two-night accommodation package from Silavadee Pool Spa Samui and more prizes from leading stores at Central Ramindra from 20 Jan to 28 Feb 2023. For more information, please visit: CentralRamindra

Discover exclusive promotions for the re-opening celebrations of Central Ramindra department store from 20 Jan-5 Feb 2023 such as up to 30% discounts on new products; redeem points and receive up to 30% cashback credit from The1 and participating credit cards. Get a free Digital Coupon and up to 15% cashback from Central The1 Credit Card. Get a free tote bag when shopping under certain conditions. Experience fun shopping every day at Central Ramindra or shop through omnichannel on the Central app, Central Chat & Shop or Central Call & Shop or Personal Shopper On- Demand, tel.1425 or via Facebook at: CentralDepartmentStore.

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