Bangkok: 6th December 2022 - Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited or CRC underlines its excellence as a retail leader in Asia by constantly elevating its retail business and building on its success through excellent corporate management in all aspects such as management, financial management, sustainability development, investor relations management and corporate communications management. The group was acknowledged by Asian Excellence Awards 2022, Asia’s leading award institution, which granted Central Retail for the second year the 5 prestigious awards: Asia’s Best CEO, Asia’s Best CFO, Asia’s Best CSR, Best Investor Relations Company, and Best Corporate Communications. Central Retail is also honored to be the first and only retailer in Asia to receive 5 awards for two consecutive years.

These awards reflect Central Retail’s key accomplishments in several areas:

  1. Leading for a sustainable growth: the true leader who can efficiently manage and drive the company forward in all aspects, resulting in continuous business achievements of all key growth factors, together with the responsibility towards society and environment both regionally and globally. The “Asia’s Best CEO” award was given to Mr. Yol Phokasub, Chief Executive Officer, Central Retail.
  2. Leading for financial stability: the ability to create the highest advantages and stabilise the company’s financial structure through strong management and business planning, as well as budget management and productive investment plan. The “Asia’s Best CFO” award was given to Mr. Ty Chirathivat, Chief Financial Officer, Central Retail.
  3. Leading sustainability and reducing inequality: the conduct of internal and external activities based on corporate governance, considering possible impacts and consequences to all involved parties as well as promoting equality and uplifting the wellbeing of employees, the communities, and society. The “Asia’s Best CSR” award was given to Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited.
  4. Forging strong investor relations: open communications with investors, complying to good governance and core principles of investor relations, strengthening confidence in the company on a regional and global scale. The “Best Investor Relations Company” award was given to Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited.
  5. Enhancing corporate branding and creative communications: effective and outstanding communications, both internal and external, coupled with functional communication strategies and planning to maintain and promote positive corporate branding on the world stage. The “Best Corporate Communications” award was given to Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited.

Mr. Yol Phokasub, Chief Executive Officer of Central Retail said “The management team and all staff are extremely honored and proud as Central Retail received 5 Asian Excellence Awards for the second year, being the first and only retailer in Asia to receive 5 awards for two years in a row. As the leading Thai retailer, Central Retail has demonstrated its commitment to bring all-round excellence in management on a global level. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our customers, partners, and all stakeholders for placing their trust in Central Retail, and my heartfelt appreciation to all working teams who are always ready to drive the company forward to greater success, together.”

Asian Excellence Awards 2022 is organized by Corporate Governance Asia, the leading economic and corporate governance magazine based in Hong Kong, to seek and select companies from all around Asia and award those with excellence in management and finance, consistent business growth, positive relationships with investors, creative corporate communications, and sustainability. This year marked the 12th event of Asian Excellence Awards.

“Central Retail strives to significantly grow the business in every aspect through CRC Retailligence strategy and never cease to develop its Next-Gen Omnichannel to be the best platform in Thailand, delivering clients seamless services and experiences. At the same time, we are committed to being the model organization for sustainability with our CRC Green & Sustainable Retail concept, which embeds sustainability into every step and process of business operation. We encourage the collaboration among related sectors to achieve business goals in balance with the highest standards of sustainability practices.” concluded Mr. Yol.