Bangkok, November 7, 2022 - Central Group, a leader of retail and services in Thailand and overseas, presents Jing Jai Central Chiang Mai, a creative district, space for inspiration and shared happiness, reaffirming its role of being Central of Life. The space promotes unique Thai products and local food products, which can serve as soft power that attracts local and international visitors, thereby boosting the economy and tourism. The space is expected to generate some 60 million baht a year to the community.

Pong Skuntanaga, Head of Corporate Business Development at Central Group, said, “Central Group is committed to making Jing Jai Central Chiang Mai a space of creativity, inviting Thai artists and craftsmen in various fields, such as farmers, chefs, painters, musicians, and designers, to showcase their skills and generate income. The venue will also serve as a space of inspiration and shared happiness among people, culture and nature. Additionally, it brings people together through various partner shops, such as Thai and international eateries, cafes, lifestyle stores, art studios, and a supermarket. Jing Jai Central consists of three zones, namely Jing Jai Village, Jing Jai Market, and Jing Jai Gallery, covering a total area of 28 rai, with over 500 shops. Each zone is unique and serves its own purpose, so that the entire place meets different needs.”

The highlight is Jing Jai Weekend Market at Jing Jai Market zone, which is a passion project by Central Group under Central Tham, under the concept of Eco-friendly and CSV (Creating Shared Value). It is divided into three zones: Food, Art & Design, and Craft, with an aim to create sustainable happiness for locals and visitors. Jing Jai Weekend Market was the first organic market by Central Group, starting with under 10 small stalls. Over the past decade, it has continued to grow, and now there are more than 70 families of farmers from 15 communities selling their produce here, while around 250 local craftsmen sell their handmade products and safe ready-to-eat meals. The market supports local businesses to have sustainable income, while also promoting Chiang Mai products, food and culture as soft power that will attract both local and international visitors, generating 40 million baht a year for the Thai economy.”

Jing Jai Central consists of three zones, namely Jing Jai Village, Jing Jai Market, and Jing Jai Gallery.

  • Jing Jai Village is designed as a community space, fusing Lanna architecture and lush greenery. It is home to unique eateries and cafes, as well as office space and open space where Thai and international artists can express themselves through art. Jing Jai Village is open daily.
  • Jing Jai Market is designed as a space for inspiration and creativity, surrounded by lush green plants that exude a relaxing vibe. There are many shops in this area, such as cafes and restaurants offering homemade dishes made with local ingredients and seasonal organic produce. Local ingredients are used to create international or fusion dishes, introducing a new dining experience and elevating local wisdom to the next level. The market also serves as a venue for exchanging knowledge about crafts and hobbies for those who are into handmade products. Here, you can find handmade and heartmade products, or local products by local designers and artists. It is a community for craft lovers. Additionally, it is also home to Jing Jai Weekend Market (Jing Jai Farmers Market Chiang Mai and Rustic Market), which are famous community markets of Chiang Mai, open every Saturday and Sunday morning. There are also shops that open daily, such as Tops Green, the first green store in Thailand for modern consumers under the concept of “The green concept store for the people of Chiang Mai and the world”, and Good Goods, a shop by Central Group selling contemporary products by Thai brands. There are also more than 30 other units open daily, to be launched in the first quarter of 2023.
  • Jing Jai Gallery has been designed as an art space where various types of art can be showcased. Located in Jing Jai Market, the space will feature rotating exhibitions to attract visitors all year round. It is a space for those who love art, and supports local artists by making art accessible for all. The gallery serves as a venue that promotes Thai artists on an international scale, and it will become an art center where people can come experience various fields of art, such as fine arts, music, and cinematic arts. The gallery is open from Tuesday through Sunday (closed on Mondays).

“Towards the end of 2022, Jing Jai Gallery will showcase ‘Landscape of Gaze and Practice’ by Charoon Boonsuan, a famous artist taught by Professor Silpa Bhirasri. The exhibition will run from November 19, 2022 to February 19, 2023. The theme is a botanical garden that highlights the beauty of nature’s elements. Another highlight this year is Jing Jai Muan Muan Market, the first community fair in Chiang Mai by Central Group, which will take place in Jing Jai Market and invite everyone to come shop, eat, and have fun amidst the winter breeze during December 15-18, 2022. We hope it will become a new destination for Chiang Mai locals and visitors in the New Year season. Our aim is to support local crafts, arts, and music, and help businesses in Chiang Mai connect and thrive in order to stimulate Chiang Mai’s economy in the festive season.”

“Jing Jai Central’s main target is 80% locals and 20% foreigners. The main objective is to draw those who value quality of life, Thai and international eco tourists, those who are interested in local Thai culture, local residents, Bangkokians, and those who reside in or are traveling in Chiang Mai. We have various shops and eateries to welcome all lifestyles of our visitors, and we expect to see some 800,000 visitors a year, generating 60 million baht to the community,” said Pong.

Jing Jai Central is located on Atsadathon Road, Pa Tan subdistrict, Muang district, Chiang Mai, only 7 minutes from Central Chiangmai and 10 minutes from Chiang Mai International Airport. For the latest updates about activities at Jing Jai Central, visit and Facebook Jing Jai Central.

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