Bangkok: November 4th, 2022 - Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited or CRC won at an international stage the Best Environmental Excellence Award from The Global CSR & ESG Awards 2022, organized by The Pinnacle Group International, Singapore. The awardees are selected from companies worldwide with excellence in environmental initiatives, whereby Central Retail was recognized and praised as a model organization for sustainability, with CRC Green & Sustainable Retail concept, the first ever in Asia.

Mr. Yol Phokasub, Chief Executive Officer of Central Retail, said, “On behalf of Central Retail, we are honored to have received this esteemed award and would like to express our gratitude towards the panel judges for recognizing our effort to drive business growth in balance with sustainability. At Central Retail, we firmly embed sustainable thinking in our culture and mindset to enable all employees in realizing business impact on people, community, society, and the world. Sustainable practices are also inspired and integrated into every working process, with a clear road map set through CRC ReNEW strategy as an operational guideline across every aspect of business to achieve the long-term sustainability goal of Net Zero in 2050. This is a commitment of Central Retail in building a promising future for the next generations as well as strengthening a sustainable and environmental-friendly retail with CRC Green & Sustainable Retail concept”.

Throughout the years of business operation, Central Retail has dedicatedly initiated and continually carried on numbers of environmental and sustainability projects. One of the extensively accomplished projects leading to receiving the Global CSR & ESG Awards 2022 is ‘Journey to Zero: A Circular System to End Food Waste’, a key project focusing on food waste management throughout its entire life cycle, beginning on Samui Island to Suratthani. A Circular Economy strategy has been adopted to promote waste segregation at source and optimizing existing resources to ensure minimal waste to landfill through recycling and upcycling. Biogas, byproduct of the composting process, is replacing LPG, reducing the cost of gas at International College of Tourism, Suratthani Rajabhat University by over 40%. Fertilizer, another byproduct from food waste, is used to support organic farming, which helps saving cost and generating income from selling vegetables and fruits under ‘Farm Chao Koh’ brand of the Samui Island community. These solutions are in line with Central Retail’s goal to reduce 30% of food waste by 2030. In 2022, the execution of Journey to Zero project has lessened over 25 tons of organic waste per year (as of August 2022). Central Retail aims to elevate the success of Journey to Zero project by continuing the model in other top tourist destinations including Chiang Mai, Phuket, Pattaya, and Bangkok, constantly pushing for positive and sustainable changes to the environment, encouraging sustainable behavior in customers and employees, and creating shared values among local member of the public and partners countrywide.

The Global CSR & ESG Awards 2022 is a highly regarded award for social activities, celebrating organizations that demonstrate innovative excellence or consistent social responsibility projects. This aligned with Central Retail’s vision to sustainably grow business in all aspects including environmental and social development projects to advocate self-reliance. “Central Retail is ready to collaborate with all sectors; staffs, stakeholders, local governmental authorities, and partners, to take care of the community and the environment, building on current sustainable projects as well as passing on this sustainability mission to future management members to create a promising future for the generations to come.” concluded Mr. Yol.