Bangkok - 18 October 2022 – Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited (CRC) continues to drive its organization towards sustainability in environment management and responsibility towards society, community, and stakeholders in every aspect. It is committed to become the first “Green & Sustainable Retail” in Thailand under the CRC ReNEW strategy which is firmly rooted in tangible sustainability in every process to achieve its long-term and short-term sustainability goals. The company’s success is recognized as Central Retail has been selected as a Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) stock in 2022 for two consecutive years by the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Central Retail will continue its sustainability mission in order to achieve its goals, including the short-term goal to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% within 2030, generating 5.4 billion baht of yearly income for communities, making all packaging 100% environment friendly and managing waste and reducing food waste by 30%, as well as the long-term goal for 2050 to achieve Net Zero. At the same time, Central Retail strives to build sustainability with a positive impact and embed sustainable mindset and culture among its employees to encourage collaboration, shared vision, and tangible results, contributing to positive impact in the long term and reaffirming its position as a role model organization in sustainability.

With Central Retail’s strong commitment in sustainability, CRC ReNEW strategy has four pillars: Reduce Greenhouse Gases by adopting clean energy innovation and supporting circular economy, Navigate Society Wellbeing to reduce the gap and promote equality in our society, Eco-friendly Packaging to support recycled, natural, or long-lasting packaging to replace single-use packaging, and Waste Management to maximize the use of natural resources and prevent pollution throughout its value chain. Central Retail is also committed to its good governance philosophy to set a standard for ethical and transparent operation to build trust among its customers, partners, investors, shareholders, and everyone involved.