Bangkok, 13 September 2022 - Mr. Yol Phokasub, Chief Executive Officer of Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited or CRC announced, “It is Central Retail’s conviction to build a promising future for the generations to come by reinforcing its position as Thailand’s first Green & Sustainable Retail. We commit to follow United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: SDGs, promote BCG (Bio-Circular-Green Economy) and drive the ESG (Environmental-Social-Governance) agenda. The company has used these universal blueprint as a foundation for the development of the CRC ReNEW strategy, driving leaping growth for the business by operating with the highest standards of sustainability practices. The strategy also sets clear guidelines for business operations across every aspect of group businesses. Supporting this strategy, the company has set long-term goals to reach Net Zero by 2050 along with short-term 2030 goals, including:

  1. Reduce Greenhouse Gases by 30%
  2. Navigate Society Wellbeing by generating an income of THB 5,400 million per year for local communities
  3. Eco-friendly Packaging, with 100% implementation across the business
  4. Waste Management and reducing food waste by 30%

To achieve both short-term and long-term goals, Central Retail announces 4 commitments under the CRC ReNEW strategy, which has been practiced consistently and is set to be elevated across the following aspects:

  1. Reduce greenhouse gases across business operations by conducting the following:

    • Increase the use of clean energy by installing solar-cell rooftops on malls and stores in Thailand and Vietnam, enabling Central Retail to replace conventional energy with solar energy by 30% by 2026.
    • Transition into low-carbon logistics by using EV trucks for product deliveries
    • Adopt energy-saving technologies across various forms, including energy-efficient chillers and electric tricycles.
    • Promote the use of electric-powered transportation by installing EV charging stations for mall customers in Thailand and Vietnam.
    • Commit to a ‘No Deforestation’ practice by opposing products and suppliers that contribute to deforestation across the entire supply chain.
  2. Navigate Society Wellbeing with Central Retail’s commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion by creating a total of 438 employment opportunities for people with disabilities in 2021. The company has also supported local communities and enhanced quality of life through the Jing Jai Farmers’ Market initiative, which has been rolled out across 24 provinces and has helped a total of 24,000 farmers, 624 communities and 6,620 households – tripling household income and generating an annual income of THB 220 million for local farmers.

    Central Retail is committed to consistently enrich the quality of life for communities and Thai society, driving collective and sustainable growth together.

  3. Eco-friendly Packaging, with the following codes of conduct:

    • Build on the success of the Love the Earth campaign by increasing green products, the use of recyclable, natural and durable materials, which can reduce waste of single-use items and plastic materials. The company has avoided the use of plastic bags by 160 million bags in 2021.
    • Expand Tops Green, a new store format distributing high quality products with a strong commitment to the environment and communities, including organic fruits and vegetables, with the first branch officially launched in Chiang Mai.
  4. Waste Management will help in using resources more efficiently whilst also reducing waste from operations across the value chain to avoid harmful practices such as burial in landfills and waste incineration, which has created pollution and negative impact on the environment.

    • Reduce food loss and food waste throughout the value chain. Before becoming waste, food surplus that can still be consumed will be shared to vulnerable groups. The food waste will be effectively managed through fertilisation and the production of biogas to benefit the community.
    • Elevate plastic waste management with the ‘Journey to Zero: upcycling PET bottle’ initiative where customers can donate PET bottles for recycling and upcycling into other products, creating employment and income opportunities for communities.
    • Promote Zero Waste society through customers’ and employees’ active involvement in reducing, reusing, recycling, and upcycling of waste. The company has also implemented waste segregation systems and promoted recycling practices.

“Central Retail’s sustainability commitment starts with embedding sustainable thinking in our internal culture and mindset, building on the highest standards of ESG practices across all levels of employees and throughout the entire value chain of our business. We have also placed long-term roadmaps that require consistent action and collaboration across all units. Central Retail intends to pass on this mission to the next generation of management members, and we will continue to take on this important role so we can pass on a promising future for the generations to come,” concluded Mr. Yol.

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