• A new beachfront ‘Unique Natural Beach Park & Lifestyle Mall’, the first and only of its kind in Thailand, worth over a billion baht
  • Highlighting an idea of “Look up to see the sky, surrounded by the trees, walk to feel the sand” preserving Pattaya’s nature, with green area covering three quarters of the space, and a commitment to develop and grow the community sustainably.
  • Targeting high-potential Thai and foreign tourists. Expected to welcome over a million visitors a year and stimulate Thailand’s tourism by becoming a new destination as a highlight of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC).

Bangkok, 9 May 2022 – Central Group unveils Wongamat Beach Village, the first and only Unique Natural Beach Park and Lifestyle Mall in Thailand on Wongamat Beach, Pattaya, bringing together eateries, lifestyle stores, and fun activities all year round. The project targets high-potential Thai and foreign visitors, following TAT’s strategies to revive tourism. Wongamat Beach Village is expected to attract more than a million visitors a year.

Pong Skuntanaga, Head of Corporate Business Development, Central Group, said “Over the past several years, Central Group has recognized the importance of developing and growing basic infrastructure of Pattaya in an integrated and well-rounded manner, to prepare it for the government’s Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) Development Plan. Pattaya has a lot of potential and readiness in various aspects. Therefore, Central Group has come up with Wongamat Beach Village, a new beachfront landmark with an aim to be Thailand’s first and only Unique Natural Beach Park & Lifestyle Mall. We present Wongamat Beach’s natural simplicity and beauty, as the area used to be surrounded by big trees, pristine sand, and lush green gardens. We want to restore that and add architectural beauty to allow people to be close to nature. Wongamat Beach Village presents a new lifestyle experience to all ages and will be Central of Life for those in Pattaya and nearby areas. It will also be a Living Space where people can socialize, relax, and be inspired to create through various art and craft workshops, sport and beach activities, and entertainment through the creative and arts culture that surrounds the project.

Wongamat Beach Village is the first project in Thailand to seamlessly integrate nature with its space. Inside, it preserves more than 200 original trees, and green space contributes to three quarters of the total area. The building is a one-storey building with less use of concrete and synthetic materials, focusing more on natural materials such as vetiver grass and bamboo. The walkways are designed as sand strips, covering an area of 10,000 sq. m. under the concept “Look up to see the sky, surrounded by the trees, walk to feel the sand”. Customers can fully experience Wongamat Beach’s nature in every corner of the project with a concept “Unseen Side of Pattaya”. The project covers 13.5 rai of space. The project highlights coexisting with nature, so there are tree information plates to educate its visitors. Striving to be more than just a shopping complex, Wongamat Beach Village wants to be part of nature, community, and local people to grow together sustainably.

The project also allocates a beach park for locals and visitors to come and relax with various partner stores such as premium Thai and international restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, lifestyle stores, and a supermarket. The main target of Wongamat Beach Village is quality Thai and foreign travelers with high purchasing power, local Pattaya residents, Bangkokians, people from other provinces, expats in Pattaya, and tourists. It aims to attract families, couples, and groups of friends. It is expected to welcome at least a million visitors a year, based on an estimated number of Pattaya visitors of 16 million in 2019. The project will be a new and unique destination that presents Pattaya in a new perspective, with fun, art, music and outdoor activities. Wongamat Beach Village will also add value to the city of Pattaya, as well as stimulate its economy through tourism, so that Pattaya can be an international hub of economy, trade, investment and tourism, following the government’s Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) Development Plan,” said Pong.

Wongamat Beach Village will be opened in two phases, Phase 1 in late 2022 and Phase 2 in 2023. It is located on Wongamat Beach, 4 km. from Motorway and accessible via both Soi Na Kluea 16 and Soi Na Kluea 18. For more details and special activities throughout the year, visit Wongamatbeachvillage.com or Facebook and Instagram Wongamatbeachvillage.

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