Bangkok, Thailand - February 28, 2022: Central Group and the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) recently signed an MOU to support and promote Thai businesses to enhance their capabilities and develop business opportunities, as well as to build new channels, opportunities and services to better serve FTI members.

Ms. Busaba Chirathivat, Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications of Central Group said Central Group has been a FTI member and worked with the FTI for a while. We recognize the potential and strength of the FTI as a significant partner of the production sector and a center of information, business development, and investment for its members and the industrial sector in Thailand and internationally. The FTI shares the same vision as Central Group in helping our economy, society and environment to achieve sustainable growth in order to drive the country’s economy. Central Group, as a leader in retail and services in Thailand and overseas, is delighted to help Thai businesses through the FTI’s policy and plans. We will help bringing the production sector’s products to consumers in order to develop new opportunities for their businesses, as well as distribute their products through Central Group’s diverse channels. Central Group has worked with the FTI in the following projects:

  • Supporting partners of Central Group: A total of 35 companies that are partners of Thaiwatsadu, B2S, and OfficeMate have registered under Made In Thailand (MIT) so that they can be considered as vendors for government projects, thereby increasing their business opportunities by selling their products to the government sector.
  • Offering financial privileges to members of the FTI: FTI members who register their membership card with Dolfin application and have electronic transactions of 1,000 baht will receive 1,000 The 1 points. This initiative encourages FTI members to opt for digital and contactless payment.
  • Connecting businesses under Refill Station: Consumer products in retail format are available under the Return-Refill-Repeat-Reuse model by Thailand Institute of Packaging and Recycling Management for Sustainable Environment (TIPMSE). Central Group offers support by providing sales channels for businesses which have environment-friendly products or packaging.

Mr. Thawee Piyapatana, Senior Vice Chairman of the FTI said that the FTI is a major organization in the private sector which drives the country’s economy and industry. It consists of 45 industrial groups and federations of industry in 76 provinces nationwide, with 13,700 members today. Under this partnership, the FTI and Central Group will work together to expand channels, business opportunities and services to FTI members, particularly Thai SMEs. The COVID-19 situation has accelerated disruptive changes that transform our economy, society and ways of life. The industrial sector and service sector have to adjust to changes in the era of technology disruptions. Businesses have to cater to different situations and costs have to be well managed. Joining forces with a strong partner in a sharing economy model means businesses do not necessarily have to rely on their own resources.

On this occasion, Mr. Apichit Prasoprat, Vice Chairman for Membership Relation Affair of the FTI, represented the FTI in signing the MOU with Dr. Chartchai Norasethaporn, Senior Executive Vice President, Sustainable Development of Central Group, joined by FTI Vice Chairmen Mr. Kriengkrai Thiennukul and Mr. Khomsan Laosillapacharoen, and Ms. Jariya Chirathivat, Executive Vice President, Business Development of Central Group, as witnesses. Mr. Apichai said that this partnership will play a vital role in supporting FTI members to expand their trade and marketing channels, equipping them with skills to fully embark on a cashless society, and providing access to various benefits of the FTI through new channels on Dolfin application in addition to the recently launched Line OA @ftithailand which is currently in use to offer services to members, giving them easier access to FTI’s privileges. This helps connect businesses on a peer to peer level, thereby strengthening Thailand’s industrial sector.

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