For cancer patients, what helps them fight the battle is the strength from themselves and their loved ones. According to the National Cancer Institute of Thailand, each day, there are 47 new breast cancer patients, or 17,043 women a year, and 4,654 lose their lives each year. Early detection helps these patients get the treatment they need before it spreads, and this is very crucial. Cancer patients in later stages may need chemotherapy treatments, and one of the common side effects is hair loss, which can affect their self-confidence. Human hair wigs can help them feel more confident and bring smiles back to their faces once again.

Ms. Busaba Chirathivat, Executive Vice President, Corporate Communications, Central Group, said that Central Group and its affiliates have always supported equal opportunities for women since 2005, especially among women cancer patients through its Women Cancer Project, which is one of its Central Tham initiatives. The group has raised funds from its affiliates, including Central Retail and Central Pattana, its partners, customers and employees during June-December 2021 through various channels such as donation boxes, marketing activities, The1 points, and others, to purchase mobile ultrasound units for breast cancer screening for rural hospitals through Thanyarak Breast Foundation Under the Patronage of HRH the Princess Mother. Early detection means breast cancer patients can get the treatment they need as soon as possible, and the cure rates are generally over 95%.

Women also value their hair, so for cancer patients who have to undergo chemotherapy treatments, and suffer hair loss as a side effect, they may feel not so confident about their appearances. Human hair wigs are quite expensive and can be a burden to cancer patients. Central Group wants to restore their confidence and offer a better quality of life to cancer patients, and has worked with the From Angel Foundation under Dr.Orranarth Narkornsri, Chairman of the board From Angel Foundation, to invite those who are interested to donate their hair to produce human hair wigs for those in need. Hair has been collected to produce 70 wigs in total, and the wigs have been given to cancer patients through the Chemotherapy and Blood Transfusion Unit, Siriraj Hospital.

Assoc.Prof. Visit Vamvanij, MD. Chairman, Thanyarak Breast Center Director of Siriraj Hospital, said ultrasound tests are crucial in breast cancer screening. Ultrasound is safe and can show images of internal organs on the computer screen without any operation. This method allows doctors to determine whether the lumps are fibrocystic changes, tumors or potential cancer. Ultrasound tests also help screen breast cancer in women who have thick breast tissues and lumps cannot be detected through mammograms.

To take care of yourself, get your health checked up annually and do a breast self-examination once a month by using the pads of your three middle fingers to detect lumps in your breast. If you find anything irregular, such as a lump or blood on your nipple, see a doctor immediately to get a mammogram or ultrasound test. If you learn that you have cancer, be calm and get the treatment recommended by your doctor. Early treatment gives you more chances of being cured from breast cancer.

Ms.Anyaphat Watthanatantirat shared her experience as a breast cancer patient. “As a woman who has breast cancer, I could not believe something like this would happen to me. I’d never had health checkups and cancer was so far from my mind, something I had never imagined would happen to myself. But I’d been wrong. Cancer could happen to anyone. I want every woman to check themselves regularly, and the sooner you are aware that you have cancer, the sooner you can get the right treatment. I have chemotherapy sessions but I can live my life normally because I have support from those around me. It’s very important to feel supported. I feel happy when I go to the hospital and talk to other women who have breast cancer like me. We support each other and we understand what we’re going through. I want to show my support to every woman going through cancer. Learn to live with it and never give up. You create your own happiness.”

Currently, the Women Cancer project has been running for the 16th consecutive year with a total budget of more than 40 million baht to support women's cancer patients. This is in line with the policy of UN Women, which Central Group has always adhered to as a guideline.

Central Group has initiated as a mediator between communities in educating women about cancer and fundraising through the donation box from customers fundraising from partners and marketing activities of companies in the Central Group by providing assistance and support in various fields such as

  1. Support digital mammograms and improving women's cancer rehabilitation dormitory to National Cancer Institute
  2. Support for the construction of a comprehensive diagnosis and holistic centre for underprivileged, terminally ill women suffering from stage-4 breast cancer in Pink Park Village Project under Queen Sirikit Centre for Breast Cancer Foundation
  3. Support mobile ultrasound unit and human hair wigs through Women Cancer Project to Thanyarak Breast Foundation and Chemotherapy and Blood Transfusion Unit, Siriraj Hospital etc.

Central Group is committed to its mission to improve the quality of life for Thai people and stand by women cancer patients so that they can smile and fight the battle with support from their loved ones.

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