MUJI, a leading lifestyle brand from Japan, introduces a new concept store on the 7th floor of Central Chidlom, covering a large space of 1,800 sq.m. which invites you to enjoy an authentic MUJI experience, with MUJI Showroom which simulates a house fitted with MUJI products. A series of household products and new concept apparel will also be launched here for the first time. Don’t miss Bento Corner which features Japanese meals, nigiri, and bakery from local brands. MUJI has collaborated with TeamLab, a famous art collective from Japan, to enhance children’s imagination with a great experience and special items. MUJI has grown steadily every year because of its popularity among Thai consumers who love high-quality products from Japan at affordable prices, as they are not able to travel overseas during this time. MUJI aims to grow despite the economy and expand to 40 branches within 2024.

Akihiro Kamogari, Managing Director of MUJI Retail (Thailand) Company Limited, said that "MUJI on the 7th floor of Central Chidlom is a new concept store which features an entirely new concept, from the design to the products and services. The store covers an area of 1,800 sq m, almost the entire floor. MUJI Chidlom store was the first MUJI store in Thailand which opened in 2006, and we have introduced a new concept of Japanese store to Thai customers since then. Today, it is time for us to introduce a new image.”

At the new concept store, customers can enjoy new experiences that are not yet available at other MUJI stores in Thailand. The concept of the design is simple and natural, so main materials used are reclaimed wood from old local houses from various parts of Thailand. Customers can feel a sense of relaxation and simplicity when they are in the store. Each of the areas is designed using materials that match with the products in that respective area. Every material that we use in the store is real material so customers can touch and feel them.

Moreover, at this store, customers can also try new products and services from MUJI for the first time in Thailand. At MUJI Showroom, a home-like area is created to simulate a MUJI home, decorated with MUJI products, to show how they can fit into customers’ homes. They can get inspiration to decorate their home with MUJI products. It is an experience worth checking out.

It is also the first time that MUJI will introduce a Daily Food & Bakery zone, offering a wide array of products, such as rice balls, bento sets, salads, and freshly baked bakery from local shops, sold at reasonable prices. MUJI IDÉE is a collection of home products and new concept apparel that gives everyday items a new twist, without following old traditions to make everyday life interesting. Children must not miss an area where they can express their creativity on a digital blackboard, created in a partnership between MUJI and TeamLab, a Japanese art collective known for countless works that push the boundaries of light and space.

Modern day life needs nature, and MUJI Green presents a selection of plants suitable for homes, so you can live amidst nature. These plants can fit perfectly into your space. MUJI on the 7th floor of Central Chidlom has a wide selection of products and services for you to enjoy, such as a coffee corner, MUJI Labo, ReMUJI, MUJI WALKER, ONE-SIZE, and embroidery service.

“MUJI’s new concept store on the 7th floor of Chidlom is a place where our customers can come and experience our concept, products and services. We want them to come and gain a wonderful experience beyond shopping. We want them to experience how MUJI products can fit into their everyday life,” said Kamogari.

MUJI aims to be a brand that offers everyday products for Thais, with items that are accessible, high in quality, and functional. MUJI also wants to make sure all customers in Thailand, not just any particular group, are able to access MUJI products. This is why MUJI has recently adjusted the prices to make the products more accessible. MUJI relooked at the whole process, from production to distribution, to remove unnecessary steps and improve efficiency, and as a result, the brand is able to make the prices lower for its customers.

Today, MUJI has 22 stores in Thailand, with a plan to reach 24 stores by the end of this year and 40 stores by 2024. “MUJI sees the potential of the Thai market. Thai customers like quality products that are durable and environment-friendly, and they also trust the quality of Japanese products. This is why MUJI has been well-received by Thais, especially during COVID-19 when people cannot travel to shop in Japan. MUJI has plans to expand our sales channels, adjust our prices, and develop online channels to meet the needs of our consumers in the new normal,” concluded Kamogari.

Visit MUJI on the 7th floor of Central Chidlom from July 2, 2021 onward. MUJI products can also be purchased via many other channels, such as Central App on smartphone, website, and Central Department Store’s omnichannel platforms like Central Chat & Shop, Personal Shopper On Demand Tel: 1425, and Facebook Live and Inbox on Central Department Store’s Facebook page. And MUJI Thailand’s Facebook page for more information.

Fact sheet:

MUJI on the 7th floor of Central Chidlom will open from July 2, 2021 onward.

Covering an area of 1,800 sq m, the store includes the following areas, products and services.

MUJI Showroom: For the first time ever, a showroom is created to simulate a MUJI home on an area of 50 sq m. Customers can experience the simplicity and beauty of a room decorated with MUJI products, designed to maximize the space and functionality. The concept is suitable for both houses and condominiums. Customers can enjoy MUJI’s contemporary design and get inspiration to design their own home in a simple yet harmonious way.

MUJI IDÉE: Meet a new concept of clothes and home essentials. The theme of IDÉE is "Life is about everyday." Add joy through the exploration of life and blending the fun of arts to our daily life. Everyday items have been redesigned and experimented with, breaking free from traditional ideas while still maintaining universal and beautiful designs that are timeless.

Kids Play Space: For the first time, a creative space has been designed for little ones to come and explore their imagination on a digital blackboard. This area is a collaboration project between MUJI and TeamLab, a creative art collective from Japan, which consists of experts from various fields. They create a digital canvas where kids can come create art in a memorable way.

MUJI Labo: Unisex wear that can be worn regardless of sex. Any gender can wear them, and the only difference is sizes. You can enjoy the freedom of exploring new options in high quality. The versatility of this series suits our society today.

ReMUJI: Old items are redyed to reduce waste and give a second life to old products. In many places around the world, there are recycling and redyeing projects, and MUJI has implemented this concept to give old clothes a second life by redyeing them in indigo.

MUJI WALKER: Activewear series with quick drying and UV protection functions, designed for exercising in the city. You can also wear them in everyday life or out and about in the city.

ONE-SIZE: Casual clothes designed to fit women of every shape, with a one-size concept that is truly designed for all.

Daily Food & Bakery: From rice balls to bento sets, from salad to freshly baked bakery, customers can indulge in premium quality food and support local businesses at affordable prices.

MUJI GREEN: Plants suitable for indoor settings so you can live amidst nature and make your home a more pleasant place.

MUJI Coffee Corner: A cozy and warm coffee corner where you can relax and enjoy premium coffees, several beverage, cakes and snacks. Coffee beans from Doi Tung which MUJI feel the passion from this Royal Project and would like to support this project trough using the items from Doi Tung Project.

Service Counter: Embroidery service for MUJI products, gift wrapping, collecting reserved items, and trousers length adjustment.

Open MUJI: An open space where everyone can come share ideas and inspirations through workshops, galleries, exhibitions, and talks with creators.

Interior Advisor Service: Interior design consultation to visualize a space-efficient home with simplicity in mind. Your MUJI Interior Advisor will recommend ideal room layouts and suitable furniture configuration followed by a simple 3D simulation.

Best-selling products at MUJI Thailand

Apparel: 1: Stretch Chino EZ wide pants 2: Way stretch Chino pants 3: Water Repellent sneaker 4: Double Gauze Pajama 5: ORG Line shirts

Household products: 1: Smooth Gel Ink Pen 2: Cloth for Glasses 3: PP Box Wide 4: Aroma Diffuser 5: Circulator Fan

Food: 1: Mini Ramen 2: Chocolate Coated Strawberry 3: Baumkuchen

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