Bangkok, 11 March 2021: Central Retail is rapidly expanding its food business in Vietnam at full strength with the launch of first Tops Market in Ho Chi Minh City, targeting customers in the country’s major cities and key economic hubs, aiming to serve all customer segments. Central Retail is dedicated to becoming “Central of Life” and meeting the lifestyle needs of all city-dwellers.

Philippe Jean Broianigo, CEO of Central Retail in Vietnam commented, “Food is a key driver for Central Retail’s strategy in Vietnam. We need to evolve ourselves to capture the opportunity to serve all customer segments especially the urban consumers who have higher purchasing power with higher income aspiring for higher quality products and better services.”

Central Retail, as a retail trendsetter in Southeast Asia, is launching Tops Market, a highly perceived premium supermarket brand in Thailand and adapting to suit Vietnamese customers’ lifestyle. This year, Central Retail plans to open a total of seven Tops Market, targeting family and new generation who live in key big cities, namely, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Tops Market commits to deliver to customer a convenience and omnichannel shopping experience with “Tops of the worlds, Tops of the choice” concept, offering a comprehensive range of over 20,000 fresh organic agricultural products and imported goods. Tops Market guarantees their freshness and quality at affordable prices, while the decor is outstanding with modern and tasteful design. The 2000 sq. m. sales floor is divided into 11 highlighted zones, comprising organic produce, bakery, seafood, butchery, food to go, frozen food, cold cuts, wine, flowers, consumer goods, and health & beauty. Employees have also been fully trained to provide the professional services and advice to customers in each zone.

Central Retail is confident that Tops Market will become the premium lifestyle supermarket of choice for urban-dwelling Vietnamese. The store is replete with every essential product and service, and the brand will continue its journey to become the top supermarket brand in Southeast Asia. Footfall at the new Tops Market stores is forecast to be minimally 100,000 customers per month.

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