Love is constant and keeps growing every day. Thai people send warm wishes to fellow Thais in the Deep South through the 11th year of “Million Gifts, Million Smiles”, presented by Central Group and the Royal Thai Army. You are cordially invited to give New Year and Children’s Day presents to children in the three southernmost provinces of Thailand and four districts in Sonkhla, such as stationery, sport equipment, dolls, and more, to spread happiness to the children and create a caring atmosphere of peace, starting today.

Ms.Busaba Chirathivat, Executive Vice President - Corporate, Central Group, said, “The situation today is vulnerable because of COVID-19 and the current political instability, but Central Group continues its mission to spread love by sending gifts to children in the Deep South. In partnership with the Royal Thai Army, Central continues the Million Gifts, Million Smiles project for the 11th year, under the concept of Endless of Love. We believe that children can grow up to be good adults if they are nurtured by those around them, and this also applies to children in the Deep South. If they are cared for, the Deep South will be filled with love and understanding, ultimately leading to unity.”

The “Million Gifts, Million Smiles” project, over the past 10 years, has sent more than 2.1 million gifts to more than 550,000 children in the Deep South, to show that even though we are in different parts of Thailand, we always care for one another. The campaign plays a small role in bringing smiles to the Deep South, leading to peace in the future.

Central Group invites the public, government sector, private sector, and business partners to join the “Million Gifts, Million Smiles” project in its 11th year to offer presents such as bicycles, stationery items, sport equipment, school supplies, and educational toys to children between 3-15 years old in the three southernmost provinces of Thailand - Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat, as well as four districts in Songkhla namely Chana, Nathawee, Thepa and Sabayoi. The gifts aim to bring smiles and happiness to the children on the occasion of the New Year and Children’s Day 2021. You can participate in giving gifts through these channels:

  1. Give your gift in person at the gift point inside the Million Gifts Million Smiles booth at Central Embassy on Level 5, or donate money in the donation box (tax deduction applicable) from today to December 27, 2020.
  2. Redeem your The1 points through The1 app into funds to support the project. The funds will be used to purchase gifts to the children from today to December 27, 2020. Find out more in The1 application.
  3. Donate via Tiang Chirathivat Foundation, Bangkok Bank, savings account number 118-0-58203-1 from today to December 30, 2020.
  4. Drop off your gift in person at WHA Warehouse on Bangna Trat Road KM20 from December 1-30, 2020.

Major General Jirath Sutarsuk, Office of of Civil Affairs Director, Directorate of Civil Affairs, said, “The Royal Thai Army plays an important role in maintaining peace in the Deep South, and it is also important for us to give emotional support to the people, as this has always been a priority for us. The Million Gifts, Million Smiles project is a good activity which brings happiness, love and care to fellow Thais, offered through a parade of gifts transported by the Royal Thai Army. We would like to thank everyone for showing your kindness by offering gifts to the children in the Deep South and we hope that the love will keep spreading, because we are all Thai people.”

Share your care through gifts and create endless love for children in the Deep South with the 11th edition of Million Gifts Million Smiles. For more information, call 02 100 9794 or check out Facebook: CENTRAL GROUP.

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