• Underlining The 1’s leadership in Thailand and Southeast Asia as the No. 1 Digital Lifestyle & Loyalty Platform by launching “New The 1” Platform.
  • Striving to deliver a perceptive, user-friendly and fun experience to over 17 million members, anytime and everywhere, with continuous development and customers’ opinion.
  • Transforming to a new kind of Experience Economy in Thailand with Seamless Experiences through platform infrastructure improvement and MarTech in partnership with leading world-class tech organizations such as Accenture, Adobe, SessionM.


Speaking of the inception of New The 1 Dr. Ton Chirathivat, President – The 1 said “The 1, part of Central Group, is the No. 1 Digital Lifestyle & Loyalty Platform in Thailand and Southeast Asia aiming to deliver the best experience in every aspect to all types of lifestyle of over 17 million users for the past 14 years. Our persistent efforts have culminated in the launch of the New The 1 - Digital Lifestyle Platform, which has been created to deliver the best possible user experience to The 1 members. This latest development of The 1 will renovate Thailand’s Experience Economy like never before.

We are confident that The 1 is primed with the necessary capabilities for New The 1 to achieve success.”

Three Strengths have driven The 1’s achievements:

  • Data & Analytics: With a user base of over 17 million members providing outstanding data and data analytics, The 1 has the deep insights of a 360-degree view of members’ needs, which enables the precise targeting of optimal experiences for every member.
  • The 1 Ecosystem connects The 1 to all business entities in Central Group, as well as a diverse selection of The 1 partners in 8 different sectors for over 2,000 brands. These networks and the broad variety of the ecosystem has enabled The 1 to deliver experiences catering to all of our members’ varied lifestyles.
  • Synergized Collaboration by The 1 with both business and technology partners who are industry leaders representing both global and local organizations. This cross-functional working team has developed a strong platform with infrastructure to seamlessly connect all platforms. The rollouts of UX/UI and MarTech have the same targets of delivering unique and optimal experiences to all of The 1 members.

“Our core challenge in creating The 1 platform is understanding customers’ needs and listening to their opinions on a continuous basis, and the New The 1’s current success is just the first step.

We will continue to improve the platform to attain our goals of paying attention to customers and creating the best possible experiences for them,” added Dr. Ton.


Mr. Kawin Tangudtaisak, Growth & Digital Director - The 1 said, “Creating the best experiences is at the core of New The 1 Platform’s development – particularly by being in position to deliver Digitized Experience. This will add something extra-special to every member’s experiences, which will match every lifestyle at every moment of life. Experiences are divided into the following three areas:

  • Surprisingly Relevant Experiences will impress members through New The 1’s personalized benefits. Catering to all lifestyles, there are also benefits from over 2,000 Central Group and The 1 Ecosystem partners.
  • Surprisingly Fun & Rewarding Experiences are a new style of member engagement. The 1 Platform not only allows members to redeem, collect, and transfer The 1 points; but also lets them enjoy various rewards through different activities so that the platform becomes a part of members’ lifestyles.
  • Surprisingly Convenient and Seamless Experiences allows members to manage all of their preferences inside the New The 1 app with advanced technology. With everything connected, members can connect and check their information real-time.


The 1 members will be pleasantly surprised with many new major features in the all-new The 1 Application. Mr. Kanin Pinsuvana, Head of The 1 Product, provides in-depth information about the key features of the New The 1:

Experience the Surprisingly Relevant Experience with these features:

  • My The 1: New The 1’s first journey to greet The 1 members with personalized privileges and updates. Personalization delivers satisfying and precisely targeted experiences to members.
  • Explore: This feature compiles and categorizes lists of available privileges for easy searching, coming from Central Group units and partners based on preferences and lifestyles. Categories include Eat Around, Grocery, Fashion, Beauty, Sports, Home & Electronics, and Banking & Investment. The special feature ‘Just For You’ offers privileges to surprise you, based on your interests.
  • My Rewards: This feature is to store coupons and vouchers in one place as a “privileges wallet” that can be used anytime and everywhere, with no need for paper coupons and notifications to solve worries about expired coupons.
  • The 1 Exclusive: The privilege exclusive program for Central Group’s prestigious customers. The 1 has tenderly designed distinctive functions and superior benefits in The 1 app for the exclusive use of exceptional members, who no longer need to carry their membership card.

Experience the Surprisingly Fun & Rewarding Experiences with this feature:

  • The 1 Mission: This feature will make shopping a more meaningful yet fun experience. Upon achieving The 1 Mission, customers can earn points and redeem rewards immediately within New The 1 application without the need for receipts. Variety type of missions in the feature for members to complete; and tracking status so they can self-monitor in real time.

    Also, in-app notifications sent to members on all updates will encourage them to go out for more. The 1 Mission delivers a more active shopping experience and creates long-term customer engagement like never before.

Experience the Surprisingly Convenient Experience with these features:

  • History: Members can easily manage their The 1 account through this feature, as it contains Point History, Spending History, as well as Redemption History shown in categories. Records can be traced back up to one year.
  • Point Transfer: Members can transfer points to other members via mobile phone numbers, membership numbers or QR code scanning in the app. The 1 points can also be converted to partner points in The 1 Ecosystem within The 1 app.
  • The 1 Cash Coupon: Members can simply convert The 1 points to The 1 cash coupons by entering the required redemption amount; and the system will automatically calculate the equivalent The 1 points.

There are other extra services to enhance and optimize members experiences such as In-App Payment & E-Wallet connecting with the Dolfin app, the first ever Digital Health & Wellness solution feature with Prudential, as well as new partners and features to be released in the future.

Download the New The 1 app. Get ready for more new features. Explore the experience of “New The 1 Platform” for yourself at New The 1.

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