Bangkok 10 April 2020 – In every crisis lies an opportunity. Central Food Retail, which operates Family Mart and Tops Daily, a part of Central Retail, adapts to the COVID-19 situation by introducing two new models in order to expand its channels with an aim to improve accessibility and consumer reach. The first ever Family Mart Corner, a beautifully designed and colorful food and drinks container mart, and automatic vending machines, will offer mode convenience to consumers on the go. Both models have been developed to offer faster service and overcome space and construction time limitations, while also focusing on safety and product quality for our consumers.

Stephane Coum, Chief Executive Officer of Central Food Retail Group, which operates Family Mart and Tops Daily, a part of Central Retail , said, “Convenience stores must always adapt. Our company is constantly improving ourselves, and in every crisis lies endless opportunities. The COVID-19 outbreak has prompted us to adapt ourselves and changed the way we work. Our main objective is to improve ourselves so that our consumers can access safe, convenient and fast services. We’ve come up with an idea to introduce new models. Family Mart Corners are the first container-style convenience stores in Thailand which offers fast services to our consumers. This model steps away from space limitations and the time required for physical construction. We focus on locations in front of shopping malls, condominiums, universities, communities, and factories. The design of the containers is attractive, with graffiti and street art to attract people and invite them to come buy our products. The front of the container is a clear panel so that the products and the staff are visible. Customers can enjoy various products that meet all their needs, with a particular focus on snacks, drinks and ready-to-eat meals. They can also enjoy the same prices and promotions as regular Family Mart stores. The first Family Mart Corners will be introduced at Robinson Lifestyle Srisaman and Saraburi on April 10, 2020, and Robinson Bangrak on April 22, 2020. The Family Mart Corners are open daily during 7AM-9PM, and after the COVID-19 situation, the opening hours will be extended. For safety and social distancing, the store limits the number of customers to five persons at a time.

Another new channel that Family Mart and Tops Daily have introduced is automatic vending machines under the concept of “Hungry? Get it now”. The machines offer food and beverages for consumers on the go, in line with the current situation during which people are in a rush and want to maintain a safe distance. As convenience stores are not open 24 hours a day, this is a great alternative. At each Family Mart and Tops Daily, there will be two vending machines - one for snacks and chilled food and one for cold beverages. The products offered in the vending machines are based on customer data in each area so that their needs are catered to effectively. Initially, the machines only accept cash. Initially, the automatic vending machines will be installed in front of Family Mart stores at Muang Thong Popular 3, Rangsit University, Pracharatbamphen11, Soi Ramintra 34,Bang Bon5-Soi 8 and Tops Daily Thammasat University Rangsit Campus. The machines are well-maintained to ensure safety and hygiene on a regular basis, and the food and drinks are stored in a close space at the right temperature. The vending machines are available from today onward. These are new steps by Tops Daily and Family Mart to improve their products and services to meet the needs of consumers in any circumstance.

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