Launch to continue Thailand’s transformation towards full-scale cashless society with cutting-edge financial innovations

Bangkok, 9 September 2019 Central JD Fintech Holding, the company that brings together the unparalleled expertise in Digi-Lifestyle from Central Group Thailand’s largest retailer and advanced technologies and innovation of JD Digits and, the leaders in digital technology from China, has announced the official launch of the Dolfin Intelligent Platform, with the introduction of the Dolfin application. The cutting-edge application aims to respond the market trends and demands while offering unparalleled convenience to both individual and business users. Furthermore, the application supports government policy in driving the country forward to becoming a full-scale cashless society with world-class technologies and security standards through the development of the Intelligent Platform, which provides unlimited digital financial solutions. All services meet the key principles of offering greater convenience, security and reliability for Thai society in line with its brand concept ‘Kid Hai Chai Fin’, which means well thought out and developed to match users’ behavior and preferences. The platform encompasses 5 intelligent services, including:

  • Smart Transactional Platform A digital payment system for stores and e-wallet for consumers. This is the primary platform that offers added value and special privileges to every transaction while also increasing efficiency and reducing cash management costs for retailers.
  • Digital Lending Platform A digital personal finance solution with a credit line that is accessible on-demand anywhere at any time complete with interest rates tailored to match individual needs
  • Digital Insurance Platform An online insurance service that provides protection enhanced with digital technologies, enabling new ways to purchase insurance policies that are customized, accessible, and fast
  • Digital Wealth Management Platform <spanA finance and investment management service that harnesses the power of advanced technologies including AI and Robo Advisor to create wealth for Thais
  • Digital Marketing Platform A marketing service that enables retailers to plan and operate highly targeted marketing plans through big data analytics and a deep understanding of customers

Dolfin Intelligent Platform introduces the Smart Transactional Platform as the first service capable of fulfilling all digital payment needs without limits both for consumers and retailers. The platform analyzes data to develop deeper understanding of user behavior and preferences in order to further enhance the other four aspects of the Dolfin Intelligent Platform while also ensuring convenience, security, and transparency in a way that perfectly fits the financial Digi-Lifestyles of Thais in the near future.

Mr. Rungruang Sukkirdkijpiboon, Chief Executive Officer of Central JD Fintech Holding, said: “Market trends and consumer behavior in this era of digital disruption underline the demand for digital financial accessibility, which is growing rapidly and is having a huge impact on the economy and on society. Central JD Fintech Holding foresees the possibility of a digital lifestyle revolution and is responding through the introduction of an intelligent platform that serves five digital financial solutions - e-payment, e-lending, e-insurance, e-wealth management and digital marketing platform. In line with our objective to become the leading e-finance and Fintech service providers in Thailand, we leverage world-class technologies to achieve excellence in all dimensions of personal finance management. We are also focused on building a Digi-Financial Ecosystem together with our business partners including those within and beyond the scope of Central Group, banks, financial institutions, and the public sector. Our ultimate objective is to make digital financial services accessible to all Thais, elevating their quality of life and transforming lifestyles for the coming era of a fully digital, fully cashless society.

The first service launched through the Dolfin application covers the area of digital payment and e-wallet. Dolfin is the first platform to use E-KYC (electronic know-your-customer) for user identity verification during the registration process, combining the power of facial recognition and optical character recognition (OCR) to provide security of the highest standards. It is also the first application to support an open-loop payment system, which supports money top-up and online payment through all channels including cash top-up, connection to bank accounts, debit cards and credit cards, and PromptPay and Dolfin counters. Each and every transaction is made even more secure with the use of Dynamic QR Codes generated individually for one-time use in each single transaction. Dolfin also offers added value and special privileges to users, while businesses can take advantage of reduced cash management costs, increased competitiveness, and greater understanding of customers through in-depth analysis of user behavior powered by AI and big data analytics. The Dolfin Intelligent Platform aims to elevate and complete the digi-lifestyle through this next-level online payment experience to reflect the brand concept: ‘Kid Hai Chai Fin’, which means well thought out and developed to match users’ behavior and preferences.

The Dolfin application revolutionizes the industry by introducing E-KYC (electronic know-your-customer) system for user identity verification. Precise facial recognition and optical character recognition technologies both developed and tuned to match actual usage contexts in Thailand are implemented to ensure complete confidence in the platform’s security while also allowing for a much friendlier user experience in the sign-up process. Advanced technologies including Face Recognition and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) are integrated into the process and enable new users to confirm their identity with a selfie and a photo of their identification card, thus doing away with the need for hard copies of any document. In the near future, Central JD Money plans to launch a face payment service to achieve maximum convenience and security in payment authentication.

Dolfin is the first e-wallet application to support the ‘open-loop’ payment system and allows funds from a variety of sources to be transferred through every available channel including cash top-up at all 1,900 CenPay counters nationwide, mobile banking, and connection to bank accounts, debit cards and credit cards. In order to offer exceptional security and services, Dolfin is working with Visa and Mastercard to ensure that linking up the platform with the user’s debit and credit cards is a simple and convenient process. Furthermore, the platform will continue to work with both companies to jointly develop new technologies that further enhance security and offer new privileges tied to the use of credit cards through the app.

Dolfin features highly secure payments through MyPromptQR, a B-scan-C payment feature that applies a dynamic QR format. It can be used to purchase goods and services via PromptPay at all 4.5 million PromptPay locations and at 2,700 digital payment points nationwide encompassing partner retailers such as Central department stores, Robinson, Tops Supermarket, Family Mart, B2S, Muji, Mark & Spencer, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Segafredo, OfficeMate, Supersports, Watts by Komonoya, leading restaurants under CRG Group (including Mister Donut, Auntie Anne’s, Pepper Lunch, Ootoya, Yoshinoya, Tenya, Katsuya, Chabuton, Cold Stone, Thai Terrace, Aroidee, and Suki House), and cinemas under Major Cineplex Group. The network of supported retailers also covers merchants on Bangkok Bank and KASIKORNBANK’s respective platforms both of which continue to expand with new partners both offline and online across the country. In addition, JD Central can now accept payments from Dolfin, to infinitely enhance convenience of online shopping experiences.

In considering user benefit as the priority, Dolfin has developed features and functions that will enhance the payment experience by seamlessly combining online and offline worlds. It continues to offer new special offers, promotions and privileges from partner retailers that match current trends and user behaviors. In addition, Dolfin is the only e-wallet application that provides extra The1 points for members with every transaction through the app. In practice, The1 members can earn points from both participating retailers and through the use of Dolfin.

This September, Dolfin Wallet has prepared the special promotion “Pro Hay Pay Fin” to welcome new users, offering exclusive discounts of up to 450 THB from partner retailers under Central Group and Major Cineplex. For more information, please visit The Dolfin Wallet application is now available on Google Play and App Store.

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