Central Food Hall reaffirms its proud position as the best food store in the world to transform the look of Central Food Hall CentralWorld to become a world-class food store destination, elevating the experience of shopping and dining beyond expectation. Spanning across an area of 6,500sq m, the new food store exudes luxury and style, catering to all lifestyle demands of urbanites and Gen Y. With a concept of ‘TREAT YOUR CULINARY SENSES TO A NEW LEVEL OF SHOPPING AND DINING’, this food store is set to redefine your perception of shopping. At this food store, you can shop, eat, see and be seen every day. With the launch of the new and revamped look, the sales are expected to grow by 30%.

Ms. Phattaraporn Phenpraphat, Executive Vice President–Marketing & Public Relations of Central Food Retail Company Limited said, “Central Food Hall CentralWorld is one of our world-class food stores and it attracts both Thai customers and foreigners. The main target customer of Central Food Hall CentralWorld is Gen Y in the 25-34-year-old age bracket, who contributes to more than 50% of our customers, followed by those between 38-52 years old, who make up around 29 % of our customers. Most of them are office workers, single people, and university students, but we see a rise in tourists as well. In terms of consumer behaviour, we find that they live a modern lifestyle, are affluent, and are willing to pay more for higher quality. They like eating outside, meeting friends, and buying freshly cooked food to enjoy at home. Thanks to Central Food Hall CentralWorld’s central location, surrounded by tourist destinations and offices, we have decided to transform the appearance of Central Food Hall CentralWorld with a concept ‘TREAT YOUR CULINARY SENSES TO A NEW LEVEL OF SHOPPING AND DINING’. It is set to become a ‘world-class shopping and dining destination’, promising another level of service with digital signage to present relevant content through more than 20 in-store LED screens. Customers can also scan QR codes in our store to get an e-brochure on their phone. A bar counter is introduced, with a panoramic view as the backdrop, where customers can engage in a conversation with our chefs. 30% growth is expected after this revamp.

Mr.Nick Reitmeier, Executive Vice President - Food Halls & International Buying of Central Food Retail Company Limited, a food store expert who has a wealth of experience in food, said, “The new Central Food Hall CentralWorld is a challenge and breaks away from other traditional food store designs. With the concept ‘TREAT YOUR CULINARY SENSES TO A NEW LEVEL OF SHOPPING AND DINING’, the 6,500sq m space is lavishly decorated with modern and minimal design, using copper bronze tone, metal structure and marble. It is a world-class food store with a unique character, where customers can enjoy high-quality products from around the world selected by food experts, and local produces from community enterprises to ensure freshness for local and international consumption, available in 17 different zones. With more than 50,000 products to choose from, customers can enjoy the ease of browsing and buying, with food experts and bar counter chefs ready to provide more information.”

Highlights at the newly revamped Central Food Hall CentralWorld include Dining Zone, which introduces a bar counter dining experience where customers can enjoy delicious dishes in a luxurious atmosphere with 5-star services (no service charge & corkage fee). The food is expertly prepared by professional chefs and brought right to your table. There are five bar counters, namely MEDITERRANEAN BAR, OCEAN BAR, DELI BAR, GRILL BAR and BEVERAGE BAR. Customers can enjoy various cuisines and choose their ingredients, such as premium meat, fresh seafood, homemade pasta, New York-style pizza with various toppings, Mongolian wok dishes, and stylish drinks to freshen up during the day or after work. Central Food Hall CentralWorld will become a new hangout spot for urbanites who seek a place to catch up with friends and enjoy a panoramic view. Coffee Bar by Peter’s Coffee offers freshly roasted coffee by Mr. Peter Weckström, a coffee beans expert and coffee connoisseur with more than 20 years of experience in travelling to various coffee sources around the world. Cheese & Cold Cuts presents an impressive array of more than 600 imported cheeses and cold cuts from around the world. Vegetables & Fruits Zone brings you high-quality local and imported vegetables and fruits, and is a destination for mango and durian lovers as they are available all year round. Snack Zone offers famous treats from every corner of the world, from favourite sacks to famous chocolate brands. Take Home presents food from established eateries and netizens’ favourites, with more than 40 choices to choose from. Thai Favourite features tourists’ most wanted products from Thailand and souvenirs for all occasions. Wine Cellar is home to best wines from around the world, including rare vintage wines, and the zone also includes a private wine tasting room for wine lovers who want to taste great wines and talk to wine experts. At Bakery zone, customers can indulge in freshly baked products free from transfat, made with unrefined Bavarian flour from Bavaria. Japanese bakery brand DONQ BoulangerieFrancaise, which was established 108 years ago, is also available here. Health and beauty lovers can also find a great selection of products from well-known and popular brands, including organic options for top-to-toe beauty. To further facilitate customers, experts and chefs are ready at your service, such as Cheese Specialists to offer cheese knowledge and advice, Sommeliers for choosing the best wine and wine tasting, Master Bakers, Pastry Chefs who will freshly cook your orders, and Culinary Team staff who will be happy to assist you.

Mr. Nick Reitmeier added that after the transformation, the company is confident that Central Food Hall CentralWorld will become a new world-class food store destination and offer another level of dining and shopping experience, true to its concept ‘TREAT YOUR CULINARY SENSES TO A NEW LEVEL OF SHOPPING AND DINING’.

Experience an unrivalled level of shopping at a world-class food store destination designed just for urbanites and foodies and enjoy unique services at the new Central Food Hall CentralWorld, open daily at 10AM-10PM on the 7th floor of CentralWorld. For more information, visit http://www.centralfoodhall.com

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