Bangkok: July 3rd, 2023 – Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited or CRC, the #1 leading retailer of the future, has again demonstrated its capability and leadership position as a company of organisational success, sweeping 11 major awards from 5 esteemed international institutions within a month. It was recognised with awards across all business spectrums: encompassing 4 awards in Business, 3 awards in Sustainability, 2 awards in Marketing and Communications, and 2 awards in Investor Relations, reflecting Central Retail’s multifaceted excellence in accelerating a leaping growth alongside sustainable business management.

Mr. Yol Phokasub, Chief Executive Officer of Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited or CRC, stated “It was a true honour for Central Retail to be acknowledged with multiple awards from prestigious institutes. This achievement has inspired and powered us to further develop our business alongside the communities we serve, driving economy and leading Thailand towards inclusive future of prosperity. Hereby, I would like to pass on my gratitude to the judges, the management team and our employees, partners, and all stakeholders, who have been integral parts of Central Retail’s journey to multidimensional achievement, honoured by awards in all key business aspects.”

This resounding accomplishment reaffirms Central Retails’ status as a successful retail leader on both regional and global stages. With its framework focusing on elevating business operation and transformative technology to deliver highest customer satisfaction, Central Retail remains committed to its conviction as ‘Central to Life’ wherever it operates. The company also places great importance in initiating projects that create values and sustainability to the economy, society, community, and the environment, resulting in various initiatives that brought significant positive changes. At Central Retail, every project is built on the company’s vision to drive its business towards The Next Sustainable Growth and achieve a long-term Net-Zero goal by 2050, following the company’s mission to advance its retail business forward in a stable, and sustainable manner.

All 11 awards which Central Retail has proudly received include:

Awards in Business Category

1) Best Luxury Retail CEO from International Finance Awards

2) Asia’s Best CEO from Asian Excellence Awards
Both awards are given to Mr. Yol Phokasub, who was praised for his insightful vision and ability to foresee business opportunities which help strengthen company to reach impressive success, securing profitable revenues that exceed last year’s performance target.

3) Asia’s Best CFO from Asian Excellence Awards was given to Mr. Ty Chirathivat, Chief Financial Officer of Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited or CRC for an expertise in generating and maintaining key financial competencies, effectively managing risk, coupled with productive investment strategies to maximise business growth and reinforce financial stabilities.

4) Best Company in Thailand – Bronze from FinanceAsia Awards was given to Central Retail for its outstanding agility in enhancing the overall Thai retail industry, marching ahead to an outperforming growth with the fundamental 5-year roadmap of CRC Retailligence strategy.

Awards in Sustainability Category

5) Sustainability of the Year from Retail Asia Awards was given to Central Retail’s ‘Na Muen Sri Project’, an establishment of Weaving Community Learning Centre aimed to preserve ancient weaving culture of Trang province, protecting local wisdom, elevating community enterprise, and turning it into a tourist destination.

6) Social Empowerment from Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards was given to Central Retail’s ‘Jing Jai Farmers’ Market model’, a sustainability project to improve socio-environmental impact by boosting local economy, educating, and advising farmers to help increase their income, and reducing both carbon footprint and plastic use.

7) Asia’s Best CSR from Asian Excellence Awards was given to Central Retail for its adaptivity in sustainable business practice, leading to an execution of ongoing measurable CSR and CSV projects, a testament to the company’s position as a Green & Sustainable Retail and Thailand’s first model organisation for sustainability.

Awards in Marketing and Communications Category

8) App of the Year from Retail Asia Awards was given for Central Retail’s PowerBuy Application as a digital platform that caters to all customers’ needs and connects them to one place. With its user-friendly functions and fully equipped features, PowerBuy Application is an innovation reinvented as a solution for modern consumers, underlining Central Retail’s readiness as a retailer of the future.

9) Best Corporate Communications from Asian Excellence Awards was given to Central Retail for its clear, concise, and audience-oriented corporate communications, both externally and internally, efficiently leveraged on a strong corporate branding strategies which are highly adaptive to the ever-changing communication trends.

Awards in Investor Relations Category

10) Best Investor Relations in Thailand – Gold from FinanceAsia Awards

11) Best Investor Relations Company from Asian Excellence Awards
Both awards are given to Central Retail as a reflection of its highest standard in investor relations management and for its presentation of transparent, correct, and complete data, in addition to its compliance in good corporate governance and core principles of investor relations that allows the company to establish and secure investors’ confidence.

The 5 award institutions mentioned above are (1) International Finance Awards 2023, organised by a leading business and financial magazine in the UK (2) Retail Asia Awards 2023, organised by a notable business magazine in Singapore (3) Asian Excellence Awards 2023, organised by a respectable award institution in Hong Kong (4) FinanceAsia Awards 2023, organised by regionally-accepted financial and capital market magazine and (5) Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards 2023, organised by Enterprise Asia, an independent institution in Malaysia which supports enterprises across Asia.