Congratulations, Mr. David Llamas - Chief Digital Officer, Central Retail on winning the Growth Maker Executive Of the Year Award, as part of the RESHAPE Customer Experience Awards.

The RESHAPE Customer Experience Awards is the industry’s biggest and furthest-reaching celebration and it honors the digital disruptors and changemakers pioneering A Brand New Way™ in CX, around the world, to reflect the industry’s breadth, depth and creativity.

“At Central Retail, we are proud of being a customer centric organization. We thrive to bring a better experience to our customers whether they shop with us via our website, our Apps, social networks, or any other channels throughout their journey. We now started to combine data via our customer data platform and our customer experience platform and use this to redefine our consumer journey on a continuous basis to make sure we understand consumer behaviors and trends and be able to continuously optimize our customers experience.” Mr. David said.