Breast cancer is a threat that is closer to us than we think. It is the most common cancer in Thai women, and the number of cases keeps going up while the average age of those diagnosed with breast cancer tends to get younger and younger. Early detection increases the chance of successful treatment and reduces the risk of death. However, many women find breast cancer in advanced stages as they do not have access to medical services, and some hospitals lack necessary medical supplies and equipment. Additionally, chemotherapy patients lose their hair, so having wigs made from real hair can help boost their confidence once again. However, real hair wigs are quite expensive.

Ms.Busaba Chirathivat, Central Group's Executive Vice president for corporate communications, said, “According to the National Cancer Institute, about 49 women in Thailand are diagnosed with breast cancer every day, while 13 lose their lives. Central Group is committed to helping cancer patients who do not have treatment opportunities so that they can get the treatment they need, via the Women Cancer Project under Central Tham CSV project. We believe that the best prevention is early detection, as it increases the rate of successful treatment and reduces the chance of spreading. The project also raises awareness about maintaining good health to prevent cancer with five tips: regular exercise, positive mind, consuming fruits and vegetables, eating healthy food, and regular health checkup. Women above 30 years old should get a mammogram or ultrasound on a yearly basis so that they can detect any irregularity and seek treatment instantly if needed.

Central Group and affiliates, including Central Retail, Central Pattana, Central Restaurants Group, Centara and The1 invite everyone to support the purchase of medical equipment and supplies through making donations at the boxes provided in shopping centers and stores, as well as purchasing promotional products from August 1 to October 31, 2022. The donations will be used to purchase medical equipment and supplies, such as:

  • Mobile ultrasound units for Thanyarak Breast Center to screen breast cancer under Princess Mother Srinagarindra’s breast cancer initiative.
  • Vital sign and heart rate monitoring machines to check vital signs and electrical signals from the heart, and infusion pumps for feeding for Nakornping Hospital’s Cancer Center.
  • Heart monitoring machines to check electrical signals from the heart, and breast implant sewing tools for Ubon Ratchathani Cancer Hospital.

Additionally, those who are interested can also donate hair to give confidence to chemotherapy patients, as these treatments may result in hair loss. Hair can be sent to the Angel Foundation to produce hair wigs by vulnerable groups to be given to the chemotherapy center of Siriraj Hospital. Financial donations can also be made in donation boxes at six Cut & Curl locations.

Assoc Prof Visit Vamvanij, MD. Chairman Director, Thanyarak Breast and Director of Siriraj Hospital, said ultrasound tests are crucial in breast cancer screening. Ultrasound is safe and can show images of internal organs on the computer screen without any operation. This method allows doctors to determine whether the lumps are fibrocystic changes, tumors or potential cancer. Ultrasound tests also help screen breast cancer in women who have thick breast tissues and lumps cannot be detected through mammograms.

To support the Women Cancer 2022 project via the following channels:

  1. Scan the e-mobile banking QR code that appears on the communication of Central Group’s platforms, or make a donation to Tian Chirathivat Foundation account, Bangkok Bank, Silom branch, account number 118-0-58203-1.
  2. Donation boxes at redemption points, information counters, or cashier counters of Central Group’s stores, more than 225 points nationwide.
  3. Online donation via online fund-raising website
  4. Redeem The1 points as donation.
  5. Purchase participating promotional items at Central Group stores.
  6. Support wig making in donation boxes at six Cut & Curl locations: centralwOrld, Central Rama II, Central Rama IX, Central Westgate, Central Eastville, and Central Ladprao.
  7. Donate hair to make hair wigs for chemotherapy patients, produced by vulnerable groups. Send your hair to the Angel Foundation (Women Cancer 2022), 122 Soi 10, Suan Phak Road, Talingchan, Bangkok 10700, call 066-085-6712-6 (5 line). The wigs will be given to the chemotherapy center of Siriraj Hospital.

For more details about the Women Cancer project, visit Facebook: CENTRAL GROUP or Central Group’s social media accounts.

Central Group is committed to building a better quality of life for all and would like to support the battle against cancer, as the most effective weapon is their mental strength and support from those around them.

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