Bangkok, March 16, 2022: Central Group reaffirms its commitment on sustainable social development through a Creating Shared Values (CSV) method to improve quality of life, education, society and environment together with all parties, including the government, the private sector, the public, communities and companies, to build sustainable growth together, through Central Tham “Better Together”. In 2021, Central Tham “Better Together” had projects in 44 provinces, helping 500,000 people in 100,000 families nationwide, generating 1.5 billion baht of income through purchasing local products to be sold via Central Group’s businesses. A total of 2,000 rai of forest has been restored. In 2022, Central Group will continue its mission in full force through six sustainability areas and adjust its communication strategies by introducing a new film, “Cycle of Action”, to raise awareness about the importance of coming together and taking action together for our society in all aspects.

Pichai Chirathivat, Executive Director of Central Group, said, “Over the past 75 years of our existence, Central Group has always been strongly committed to social responsibility and development through Central Tham ‘Better Together’ in partnership with many parties, from internally through our employees and management, the public, the government, and the private sector, as well as our network. Our projects are based on our belief that sustainability comes from genuine commitment to take action, and it’s not something one person can do alone. It requires collective efforts and serious actions.”

Projects under Central Tham “Better Together” by Central Group and its affiliates focus on sustainability from end to end, covering different areas such as education, quality of life, equality, opportunities for those with disabilities, environment conservation and green areas, and local product development through many initiatives such as product improvement, distribution channel expansion, direct purchase from farmers to increase income for communities, and local heritage conservation through cultural tourism. Over the past several years, Central Tham “Better Together” has touched lives of many, strengthened countless communities, and helped our society grow sustainability for more self-reliance.

To showcase the success of Central Tham “Better Together” and to raise awareness about the importance of social responsibility through the power of action, which can result in better changes and a better world, Central Group is portraying Central Tham “Better Together” through a film directed by celebrated documentary filmmaker and screenplay writer Nottapon Boonprakob, titled “Cycle of Action”, to be released on March 17, 2022.

Mr. Nottapon Boonprakob, a documentary filmmaker and screenplay writer, said, “The structure of this film is centered around the word “Tham” (“action” in Thai). It starts with taking action where convenient, without commitment, and gradually advances to collaboration, commitment, and following your belief. The end of the film is not any particular product. We want the audience to be inspired by real stories from people and communities, and believe in the power of taking action. Personally, as a director, what I get from this project is beyond a movie, but I’ve had opportunities to get to know passionate people who take action seriously and happily. I can really see the value of doing something you’re passionate about and committed to. Every project mentioned in this movie is a great and valuable lesson for me.”

Mr. Sarawut Wongkawin, a young farmer from Mae Tha Organic Community in Chiang Mai, one of the communities that Central Tham has continued to support with tangible success, said, “Central Group has offered knowledge and expertise to help local farmers in Mae Tha to better understand what we can further improve. Additionally, the team works closely with our community, resulting in quick and sustainable development, such as Smart Farm method, packaging, processing and packing methods that meet standards, chilled transport to retain freshness of our produce, and promoting and selling our produce at Tops.”

Central Tham “Better Together” directions and projects can be categorized into six areas of sustainability.

  1. Community & Social Contribution: Such projects include projects to promote employment and income for communities through community product development, package design, expansion of communication and distribution channels, community tourism promotion with local heritage conservation, and support during crises and natural disasters.
  2. Inclusion: Education, skill development, career opportunities, and health and well-being support are provided to ensure better quality of life for children, youth, those with disabilities, and other groups in our society.
  3. Human Capital Development: Its employees are continuously developed and encouraged to grow their knowledge and skills, with new skill sets to further improve their capacity and competitiveness.
  4. Circular Economy & Waste Management: Business is based on socially responsible resource management alongside raising awareness about conserving the environment, waste reduction, and effective waste management in order to minimize its environmental impact and ensure everyone can enjoy a healthy planet.
  5. Food Loss & Food Waste Reduction: Surplus food is managed starting from ensuring minimal waste from the beginning, through ingredient planning, surplus food management, and processing inedible food waste into fertilizers and bio-gases which can be further put to good use.
  6. Climate Action: To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy is encouraged in its operation and services, from installation of solar panels to generate electricity and setting up EV charging stations to adding more green space to its premises, both inside and around its shopping centers. In addition, forestation projects are taking place in many areas nationwide.

Central Group is committed to conducting its business with social responsibility and 360-degree development because we believe that growth is stronger when it is based on sustainable development, made possible by taking action together.

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