• Central Ayutthaya, a fully-integrated mixed-use development worth 6.2 billion baht, as the strategic gateway to the northern and northeastern regions, enhances Ayutthaya’s tourism and stimulates the local economy.
  • Central Pattana aims to develop Ayutthaya with the Kyoto Model, turning it into Thailand’s cultural capital to foreigners and will showcase the Ayutthaya identity under the concept “Thai Twist” via the must-visit instagrammable landmarks throughout the shopping center.
  • A cultural space for studying Ayutthaya history in an interactive museum format will be opened as well as the ‘Jing Jai Market’ will bring together OTOP goods from 16 districts and help support local communities.
  • Promotions, events and highlights will be available under the stringent preventive and screening measures of ‘Central Hygiene and SAFE PLUS+’

Bangkok – Today, Central Pattana plc., Thailand’s leading real estate developer, held an official grand opening for Central Ayutthaya, a fully-integrated mixed-use development and the grandest and the best gateway to the northern and northeastern regions, on 30 November 2021 under the theme “Capital of Wonders”.

Central Ayutthaya, designed to showcase splendors of Ayutthaya with the concept of “Thai Twist”, will help upgrade and fulfill the whole local tourism ecosystem as well as create a new economic area and improve the quality of life in Ayutthaya by stimulating and distributing income, and promoting community and SMEs products such as the ‘Jing Jai Market’ that will bring together OTOP goods from 16 districts and help support local communities. In addition, it will help Ayutthaya draw the global attention to its 30th anniversary as the UNESCO World Heritage.

The whole shopping center will be strictly under the public health measure of “Central Hygiene & Safety Safe Plus+”.

Mr. Preecha Ekkunagul, President and CEO of Central Pattana Public Company Limited, said: “Central Ayutthaya is the 36th shopping center project developed by Central Pattana and we aim for Central Ayutthaya to be the largest and fully-integrated mixed-use development in the province and the strategic gateway to the northern and northeastern regions under the concept of ‘Capital of Wonders’, which will showcase to the world Ayutthaya’s magnificence as a UNESCO World Heritage site and the pride of Thai people. Central Pattana foresees the great potential of the province, which is well known for its tourism, industrial zones, agriculture, and local wisdom. We have, therefore, developed ‘Central Ayutthaya’ with the intention of being a great addition to the province. The project will become the Center of Life that responds to all lifestyles of people in the province and accommodates the province’s growth in all aspects, which is in line with our mission over the past 40 years – ‘Imagining a Better Future for All’.

“Central Ayutthaya will upgrade the whole tourism ecosystem of the province and will be both the starting point and destination for tourism that is complete within itself. The project’s magnificent design features the brilliant uniqueness of Thai culture and contemporary elements, creating a unique new landmark for the province and providing facilities for tourists with the ‘Tourist Transportation Hub’, and ‘Information Center’. A cultural space for studying Ayutthaya history in an interactive museum format will be opened.

“Furthermore, Central Ayutthaya will help support local communities. We have partnered with the local community enterprises of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province to bring outstanding OTOP products from 16 districts to the shopping center. There is also the ‘Jing Jai Market’, a farmers’ market that has proven to be a great success at other Central shopping centers. We intend for Central Ayutthaya to be a place of wonders that lets the people of Ayutthaya enjoy their life to the fullest. Central Ayutthaya will also showcase to the world the magnificence of Ayutthaya as a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is ready to welcome both local and foreign tourists and help drive the country’s overall economy and tourism sector.”

Central Ayutthaya will be the most complete and best tourist destination under the concept “Capital of Wonders” where visitors can find nine different wonders.

  1. Ayutthaya Landmark Wonder is photo opportunity landmarks installed indoor and outdoor throughout the complex with an integrated Thai Twist concept which blends modernity and charms of Ayutthaya. The landmarks include the Twelve Indented Corners Façade, the Phra Nakhon Plaza, the Lotus Plaza, Ploen Nakhon Indoor Market, Traditional Flower Tray Sculptures, Glowing Fairy Rose Garden, Benjarong Co-Working Space, Chan Room, Khom Room, Lai Yang Fabric Room, and “Cradle of Rice, Charms of the Community and Abundance of Resources”.
  2. Back-Through-Time Menu Wonder is the original Ayutthaya desserts with an authentic twist and a modern mix available at Taste of Ayutthaya Fair during the opening. The 1 members who are dressed in Thai costumes will receive a discount of 50% for selected menus. Coupons are given through the Line account @CentralLife.
  3. Limited Brand Wonder is available only at Central Ayutthaya. The “Robinson Ayutthaya Wonder” on an area of 7,000 square meters will feature products from over 300 leading and new brands, PowerBuy is the center for electric appliances and digital lifestyle devices, Tops Market is the first and the only one in Ayutthaya where domestic and international products can be found, go! WOW is the place for over 14,000 household items starting at five baht, Supersports is the place for top sports products, B2S Think Space is the first of its kind in Ayutthaya, SF Cinema is ready to service and Jetts Fitness is open 24 hours every day.
  4. Ayutthaya Festival Wonder lets visitors have fun throughout the year with various festivals and events such as Cotton Candy Festival and River Prawn Festival.
  5. All-Day Happiness and Fun Wonder is the morning market at Phra Nakhon Plaza and the evening market which will have extended opening hours to allow visitors to enjoy the charms of Ayutthaya markets during the day and in the night.
  6. 16-District Great Product Wonder are Ayutthaya’s OTOP food and souvenirs visitors will want.
  7. One-Stop Trip Wonder includes the transportation hub and tourist information which are the most convenient and complete.
  8. Happy Family Day Wonder is various joyous activities for everyone in the family. There will be a playground as well as fashion and cosmetic products from brands such as UNIQLO, BEAUTRIUM, CC-OO, ADIDAS and SKECHERS, and restaurants such as BONCHON, LAEMCHAROEN SEAFOOD, COCO ICHIBANYA, YAYOI, FUJI RESTAURANT, WASHI, MK RESTAURANT, BAR-B-Q PLAZA, KOI THE, STARBUCKS, CAFE AMAZON and AFTER YOU, as well as a Tech Space and other facilities.
  9. World Heritage, Gateway to Thai Legends Wonder is the Ayutthaya Cultural Space where visitors can study Ayutthaya history in an interactive museum. The space will be open in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Central Ayutthaya is now open with many highlight events, including a performance by actress Bella Ranee and a Likay vs. Hip Hop performance by Likay star Bank Sornram and rapper CD GUNTEE.

The “Wonder of Menus of Two Capitals” featuring menus of Thao Thong Kip Ma and Princess Saisavali Bhiromya will be held on 30 November to 6 December 2021. The chic Gift Market will be on 30 November to 15 December 2021. The Ayutthaya Floral event will be from 7 December to 15 December 2021. The Little Tree Market will be from 30 November to 6 December 2021. The Café & Garden Zone will be available from December this year to May next year. At the end this year, visitors can enjoy the Fairy Rose Christmas Tree showcasing Ayutthaya’s iconic flowers.

Shoppers can enjoy daily promotions and a chance to win a Toyota C-HR Hybrid Premium Safety worth 1.139 million baht for after spending 1,000 baht, a free Central Ayutthaya Limited Edition thermal bag after spending 5,000 baht, and a free SF Movie Complimentary Voucher after spending 500 baht. Customers dressed in Thai costumes who buy a movie ticket will get another free one.

There are numerous offers from credit cards and applications. The 1 members can get gifts or credit back of up to 19% from 30 December 2021 to 16 January 2022. They will get one point for every 25 baht spent and can redeem 800 points for 100 baht or a discount couple via The 1 application. They will also receive free The 1 points for applying for membership or downloading the application for the first time.

Robinson Ayutthaya will offer discounts and promotions for The 1 members including a discount coupon of up to 5,500 baht and a free Ayutthaya bag for a spending of 2,500 baht.

Tops Market will give Smarter dish washing liquid for a spending of 600 baht. B2S Think Space will give a B2S Shopping Bag with a summer pattern for a spending of 500 baht. PowerBuy will allow 0% installments for 15 months.

go! WOW will offer household equipment and items starting from five baht. Supersports will give a discount promotion of up to 50% with a FILA hat for a spending of 3,000 baht.

The 1 members will also get a discount of 12.5% and special discounts or credit back of up to 18% from participating credit cards only for this occasion.

Customers can rest assured as Central Ayutthaya operates under the stringent preventive and screening measures of ‘Central Hygiene SAFE PLUS+’, with 100% of staff members vaccinated and undergoing ATK tests prior to opening.


Photo No.2: Top management of Central Pattana Plc. attends the grand opening of ‘Central Ayutthaya’ The Capital of Wonders on 30 Nov 21 (Executives from left)

  1. Mr. Isareit Chirathivat, Senior Vice President of Leasing
  2. Mr. Akarin Phureesitr, Head of People Group
  3. Ms. Phattaraporn Phenpraphat Head of Commercialization
  4. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana Ph.D. Executive Vice President Marketing
  5. Mr.Lertvit Pumipitak Senior Executive Vice President-Property Management Department
  6. Ms. Naparat Sriwanvit Chief Financial Officer
  7. Mr. Preecha Ekkunagul President & CEO
  8. Mr. Sudhitham Chirathivat Chairman of the Board of Directors
  9. Ms.Wallaya Chirathivat Deputy Chief Executive Officer
  10. Mr.Chanavat Uahwatanasakul Chief Development Officer
  11. Mr.Narit Ratanaphichetchai Executive Vice President Regional Development
  12. Mr.Kree Dejchai Executive Vice President Residential Development
  13. Mr.Indranu Hati Head of Partner Management
  14. Mr.Chart Chirathivat Executive Vice President Regional Development

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