Bangkok, 19 November 2021 – In the past Covid-19 situation, it was a huge challenge for the retail business. Central Group has not only adjusted its business management strategy to overcome the crisis. But executives at all levels have changed their roles to become People Manager who cares and takes care of the well-being of employees to have a good quality of life, be safe at work and develop the potential of employees to be ready for the rapidly changing workstyle. Resulting in 4 businesses under Central Group: Central Pattana, Central Marketing Group, Central Home Group and The 1 received the Best Employer of Thailand 2021 award from Kincentric Best Employers - Thailand 2021 organized by Kincentric Thailand and SASIN GRADUATE INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (Sasin). This year, Central Marketing Group received the Best Employer of Thailand award for 3 consecutive years.

At the event, Khun Preecha Ekkunagul, CEO & President of Central Pattana, Mr. Edwin Hawson, President of Central Marketing Group, Khun Suthisarn Chirathivat, President of Central Home Group and Khun Kawin Tangudtaisak, Managing Director of The 1, along with Human Resources executives of all 4 business groups received the award and shared the vision of human resource management in the past crisis situation.

The Best Employer Project by Kincentric Thailand has been organized for the 21st year to strengthen organizations in Thailand to have a competitive advantage through the focus on human resource development. The award was considered based on four main factors:

  1. High Employee Engagement
  2. Agile Working Environment
  3. Engaging Leadership
  4. Strong Talent Focus

Receiving this award is a cooperation from employees at all levels who appreciate their roles and duties and perform their duties to the best of their ability even in critical situations. Corporate values are adhered to and the society at work is encouraged to maintain a good corporate culture at all times. Furthermore it also reflects that the organization places importance on caring for its employees both in terms of developing knowledge and abilities, appropriate welfare, supporting progressive growth and being one of the organizations that people would like to work with the most in Thailand.