BangkokCentral Pattana Plc., operator of centralwOrld, CentralPlaza, CentralFestival, and Central Phuket and Thailand’s first luxury outlet Central Village, has won a Top 10 Developers Award 2021 from BCI Asia Awards 2020/2021 for the development of three big projects, namely Central Si Racha, Central Ayutthaya and Centara Korat, reinforcing its position as Thailand’s leading real estate developer and sustainable organization.

Each year, the prestigious Top 10 Developers Awards are granted to developers that have the greatest impact on the development of the construction industry based on the value of their projects as weighted by their quality, sustainability and contribution to the economy, community and society.

Mr. Chanavat Uahwatanasakul, Chief Development Officer of Central Pattana Plc., said “In developing various projects, Central Pattana always strives to imagine better futures for all, using our expertise and experience of over 40 years to identify potentials of economic cities and develop them. Each of our projects is a landmark or center of life of the city and community it is situated in, while creating a new district for the area, which helps drive the economy, create jobs and careers, and spread development into different parts of the country.”

“BCI Asia Top 10 Developers Awards are regarded as highly respected and prestigious recognition by architects and developers around the world. We at Central Pattana would like to thank BCI Asia for recognizing our determination and efforts of all our executives and employees to develop projects. We pay great attention to the design of each project, which does not only exhibit aesthetic sophistication but also local identity, while at the same time focusing on high quality, strong and safe structure, and energy and environmental conservation in accordance with the company’s sustainable way of business operation.”

The three projects for the which Central Pattana won the BCI Asia 10 Developers Award are:

  1. Central Si Racha as “Pioneer of the Future” is the Eastern Region’s first eco-friendly mall where nature is fully integrated in its design. It is also the most innovative and largest mixed-use development in the region, capable of supporting Si Racha to become the new S-Curve city and hub of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). It employs the concept of “The Innovation Oasis” to provide a joyful and balanced lifestyle with state-of-the-art facilities and semi-outdoor design to help people connect with nature.
  2. Central Ayutthaya as “Ayutthaya New Wonders” enhances the resplendence of a UNESCO World Heritage city to the world and promotes “Ayutthaya through the eyes of Thai people” as a world-class spotlight. It helps create a complete tourism ecosystem for the province, upgrades the whole local tourism industry and strengthens Ayutthaya’s position as a hub that connects the North and Northeast with the rest of the country. The project has an eye-catching contemporary architectural structure with a Thai twist inspired by the identity of Ayutthaya.
  3. Centara Korat Hotel, situated in the Northeastern Region’s largest mixed-use complex of Central Korat, helps enhance the Korat city under the concept “Gateway to Incredible Isan”. The hotel helps enhance the complex to become the most complete tourism and business hub, which, in turn, will drive Korat to become the gateway to the Northeast benefiting from various government megaprojects.

Central Pattana plans to help drive the country’s economy and development with its continuous investments with a focus on fully-integrated mixed-use development. Central Si Racha is scheduled for opening on 27 October 2021, Central Ayutthaya on 30 November 2021 and Centara Korat in the first quarter of 2022.

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