• Central Pattana continues to help develop cities and drive the country, promoting Ayutthaya as a hub and gate to the northern and northeastern regions.
  • Aiming to boost domestic tourism, the company plans to develop Central Ayutthaya as a tourist destination that will complete Ayutthaya’s tourism ecosystem, while creating local wealth for the community.
  • The company is confident of its strict public health and hygiene measures and plans to have 100% of staff members vaccinated before the launches of two new shopping centers.
  • For Q4/2021, the 2 projects are ready open to public: Central Si Racha (on 27 Oct 21) and Central Ayutthaya (on 30 Nov 21)

Bangkok – Central Pattana plc. (CPN), Thailand’s no.1 real estate developer, is planning to official open its new shopping center Central Ayutthaya on 30 November 2021, hoping to push Ayutthaya as the first destination in the “safe tourism in a nearby province” plan that will be implemented at the end of the year if the COVID-19 situation improves. Central Pattana gives full cooperation to the authorities to fight the pandemic and drive the country. The company has implemented the highest level of public health and hygiene measures and is aiming for a 100% vaccination rate for staff members at both Central Ayutthaya and Central Siracha, another new shopping center that be opened on 27 October.

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing at Central Pattana plc., said, “Central Pattana plans to continue to help the society and country fight the crisis while pushing new projects which will act as a springboard to move the country towards recovery, especially for the overall economy and tourism sector. We will utilize our strength to tap into cities and areas which are key economic hubs with high potentials. Central Ayutthaya will be officially opened on 30 November 2021. We have carefully assessed the circumstances with plans to handle possible situations, while fully cooperating with the authorities. The shopping centers and its shops will operate under the highest level of public health and hygiene measures, while all staff members vaccinated before the opening.”

“After all, Central Pattana has been the leader in developing the safe shopping center model. We have been a key force in hosting vaccination centers and supporting public health programs of governmental agencies. As a large and leading player in the real estate sector, Central Pattana can create a huge positive impact on the economy and tourism sector with our expansions. For example, Central Ayutthaya will cater to the recovery of the retail businesses, support local entrepreneurs, and create jobs and incomes for community members. We also hope that it will help Ayutthaya become one of the first provinces to see a rebound in tourism,” said Dr. Nattakit.

“Central Ayutthaya will be the destination and center of the province that will complete the whole tourism ecosystem. Being the transportation hub, tourism information center, and cultural space, Central Ayutthaya will act as both the starting and ending points for various forms of tourism in Ayutthaya such as short trips, one-night trips and day-to-nigh visits,” he said.

“In addition, as we support local products and sustainable tourism, the community will enjoy greater local wealth as well as more jobs and incomes. We plan to work with local guides and the authorities to create the ‘city wonder experience’ for tourists. We hope to unite community members and large and small entrepreneurs in the same ecosystem in order to join forces and grow together in a sustainable way,” said Dr. Nattakit.

The company believes that Central Ayutthaya will be the destination that can fulfill the whole tourism sector of the province, create sustainable income for the local community, help highlight Ayutthaya as a top tourist destination with a UNESCO World Heritage status, and prepare the country and tourism sector for a rebound after restrictions are lifted.

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