Bangkok 1 June 2021 ; According to National Cancer Institute, breast cancer is the number one cancer for women and is increasingly prevalent each year. Early diagnosis can help increase the chance for cure and reduce death. There are many women who lack financial support and are facing cancer in later stages because they found out too late, due to lack of opportunities in early diagnosis.

Busaba Chirathivat, Central Group's Executive Vice president for corporate communications, said, “Central Group has been committed to helping women with cancer since 2005 under our Women Cancer project, which is one of our initiatives to promote gender equality in every level through Central Tham. We believe that cancer can be cured if it’s detected early and if you understand it. You can change your habits, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, avoid pollution and eat healthy food. You should also get a regular health checkup every year. If detected early, there’s a 90% chance of curing cancer. It is also important to get emotional support from yourself and those around you as you fight cancer.

In 2021, Central Group continues the Women Cancer project to help women who are fighting cancer but lack financial resources. Through a joint effort with other businesses in the group, including Central Retail: Central Department Store, Robinson Department Store, Robinson Lifestyle, Supersports, Tops and Central Food Hall, PowerBuy, B2S, OfficeMate, Thaiwatsadu, Central Marketing Group (CMG); Central Pattana: Central Shopping Center; Central Restaurants Group: restaurants and beverage shops under CRG; Centara: Centara hotels and resorts; Central Embassy and The1.

Those who are interested can make contributions through various channels or join marketing activities under Central Group’s businesses during June - December 2021to raise fundsto purchase portable ultrasound scanners forThanyarak Breast Foundation Under the Patronage of HRH The Princess Mother, which will be used to diagnose breast cancer at 21 hospitals nationwide under Thanyarak Foundation. We believe that early detection is the best way to prevent cancer in women and increase the chance of cure.

Central Group also spreads positivity to cancer patients with a concept “Looking Your Best During Illness” to help women with cancer look and feel their best. Everyone is invited to donate their hair at the donation pointat Hive Salon Central Embassy and Cut & Curl centralwOrld. Hair can also be donated toFrom Angel Foundation to make hair wigs made by vulnerable groups for underprivileged cancer patients who have been through chemotherapy. Central Group will collect the wigs and present them to the Chemotherapy Center, Siriraj Hospital, with an aim to offer 70 hair wigs for happiness.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Visit Wamwanich, Director of Thanyarak Center, said that cancer is more and more common among Thai people, and the most common breast cancer among Thai women is breast cancer. Twenty-five years ago, HRH The Princess Mother kindly initiated the Thanyarak Foundation to help Thai women fight breast cancer. However, access to diagnosis is still limited, due to shortages of mammogram devices, radiologic technologists, and specialized radiologists in Thailand. Therefore, it is important to find ways for initial screening to help underprivileged women, especially in rural areas.

I would like to thank Central Group for recognizing the importance of breast cancer and raising funds to purchase portable ultrasound scanners which can offer initial screening for underprivileged Thai women in rural areas so they can better access early diagnosis. I want to encourage every woman to do a monthly self-breast exam, which is easy to do and free. If there’s any irregularity, see a doctor for further diagnosis. This can help keep breast cancer away.

Those who are interested can make contributions through the following channels:

  • Donate by scanning QR code through e-mobile banking by any bank. The QR code can be found in various media at Central Group’s businesses. Donations can also be made directly to Women Cancer Foundation, Siam Commercial Bank, account number 002-2-84631-9, account name Tiang Chirathivat Foundation.
  • Any of the 500 donation boxes at Central Group’s businesses nationwide.
  • Redeem The1 points as donations.
  • Purchasing participating products at Central Group’s businesses.
  • For other channels, find out more about Women Cancer on Facebook: CENTRAL GROUP or social media accounts of Central Group’s businesses.

Central Group is committed to delivering its mission to offer good quality of life to Thai people and support patients of women cancer so they can smile and stay strong for themselves and their loved ones.

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