• With a positive future forward, CENTRAL PATTANA is building upon the government's future infrastructure developments in three high-potential cities, expected to increase employment with over 10,000 jobs
  • Highlighting the concept of ‘Imagining Success Together’; in every crisis, there is always a seed of an investment opportunity. Aiming to be Center of Life in every province and ready to reveal popular brands that place their trust to invest together
  • Unveiling long-term intensive marketing plan - ‘High Purchasing Power-Urban Lifestyle-Elevating Local Tourism’
  • No. 1 Professional Developer with Tenant-Centric Business Partnership, aiming to reduce burden on tenants with our Flexible Leasing Programme, as well as boost tenant’s sale with its customer insights
  • Central Si Racha to open in Sep 25, 2021, Central Ayutthaya in Oct 27, 2021 and Central Chanthaburi in Q2/2022

BangkokCentral Pattana Plc., Thailand’s no.1 leading property developer, confirms the grand opening day of three new mixed-use developments: Central Ayutthaya, Central Si Racha, and Central Chanthaburi, with a total investment of 13.9 billion baht in order to help springboard the recovery of the country’s economy. Building upon the government's future infrastructure development by uplifting three high-potential cities with a 'Fully-Integrated Mixed-Use Development' model, these projects will become new landmarks that will fulfil people’s lifestyle demands and highlight provincial identities. The developments will enhance cities’ economic and tourism ecosystem, and are expected to create over 10,000 jobs. Central Pattana underlines its concept of ‘Imagining Success Together’ as there is always a seed of investment opportunity in every crisis. In addition, it is ready to reveal the popular brands which place their trust to invest and grow their businesses. The company unveils its long-term intensive marketing plan, utilizing Central Group’s databases, which emphasizes on ‘High Purchasing Power-Urban Lifestyle-Elevating Local Tourism’. The company is eager to support its tenants issuing Flexible Leasing Programme, which will help reduce burdens and create opportunities to expand business to great potential locations.

The press conference is led by Central Pattana’s executives including Ms. Wallaya Chirathivat, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Chanavat Uahwatanasakul, Chief Development Officer, Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Mr. Isareit Chirathivat, Senior Vice President of Leasing.

Ms. Wallaya Chirathivat, Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Central Pattana Plc., said: “Central Pattana never stops pioneering. We have been no.1 leading property developer for more than 40 years. Though last year was a challenging year due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are positive and confident that this year of 2021, even in a crisis, there is always a seed of an investment opportunity to move forward and grow together. We are about to launch three large mixed-use projects, worth more than 13.9 billion baht, Central Ayutthaya: 6.2 billion baht, Central Si Racha: 4.2 billion baht and Central Chanthaburi: 3.5 billion baht. These projects will help drive the economy, promote and elevate the potential of the provinces while highlighting the outstanding local identities and spreading prosperity and income.”

Ms. Wallaya continued: “In this business expansion, we intend for it to be more than just creating new branches of shopping center by putting together three strategies for success: 1) Pioneering New Cities with ‘Fully-Integrated Mixed-Use Developments Model’ 2) Customer-Centric Design Thinking and Marketing, as well as 3) Tenant-Centric Business Partnerships:

“Strategy 1 – Pioneering New Cities with Fully-Integrated Mixed-Use Developments: Central Pattana’s long-lasting strengths and success formula are that every project has created a ‘big impact’ for each province it entered. We specialize in developing all elements for the best project and create mutual benefits. One of the strengths in our condominium projects is being adjacent to or nearby our shopping centers which made the projects sell out very quickly such as Rayong (first building), Chiangmai (building 1-2), and Nakhon Ratchasima (first building). Currently, we have additional projects in all three provinces while the residential project in Hatyai has been receiving great feedback. Central Pattana has a total of 18 residential projects in 10 provinces. Moreover, there are new hotel brands that will undoubtedly support these mixed-use projects with a great ‘Business & Traffic Ecosystem’.”

“We foresee potential and precisely penetrate the new economic cities, where they are in line with the government's infrastructure development plan. For example, at Central Ayutthaya, we aim to create and enhance a 'Complete Tourism Ecosystem' and promote it as a hub on the way to Northern and Northeastern; Central Si Racha, we aim to uplift this project to become the innovation oasis to support the EEC and the ‘New S Curve’ and Central Chanthaburi, we aim to polish this hidden gem and unlock its potential as it is a connecting point following the EEC in accordance with the government's secondary city development plan.”

“Strategy 2 – Customer-Centric Design Thinking and Marketing: a development concept that aims to curate every element for future lifestyle as well as highlighting the identities of each city. All projects are ready to become the ultimate center of life for every province in the following aspects:

  • Contemporary construction which integrates city life with eco-friendly designs.
  • Collaborating with partners who embrace the opportunity to invest and grow hand in hand as well as create new products and services that are customized for each province.
  • Targeting marketing, creating the community and sales-boosting plans to support the tenants all year round, emphasizing ‘High Purchasing Power-Urban Lifestyle-Elevating Local Tourism’.”

Mr. Chanavat Uahwatanasakul, Chief Development Officer for Central Pattana Plc., said: “We are confident that there still are retail gaps waiting for us to fill in the three economic cities that we are expanding to: Ayutthaya, Si Racha and Chanthaburi. Every project of Central Pattana is a milestone that enhances the prosperity and potential of that city or province. We have a success formula to create a 'Center of Life' for every province we locate in, with the key focus on each project as follows:

Central Ayutthaya: ‘Ayutthaya New Wonders’ – enhancing the resplendence of a UNESCO World Heritage city to the world and promoting 'Ayutthaya through the eyes of Thai people' as a world-class spotlight.

1. Young Affluent & Urban Vibes: new generation of people in Ayutthaya with high purchasing power

  • Based on the database of Central Group’s ‘The 1’, there is a target group of 180,000 people who have unmet needs as they have to come to Bangkok’s outskirts to shop six times a month on average. Therefore, Central Ayutthaya will be a ‘Lifestyle Accelerator’, which offers a new shopping destination in the province, avoiding the need to travel to Bangkok.
  • There is a large target group of over 2,500,000 people (in Ayutthaya, Angthong, Singburi, Chainat, and Suphanburi) and a non-registered population of over 166,000 people from the top five industrial estates such as automotive and hi-tech companies. There also are 56 top real estate projects comprising over 5,700 units, with an average price of 1.5-3 million baht per unit.

2. Complete Tourism Ecosystem: conserving and enhancing the entire Ayutthaya tourism system.

Aiming to be a one-stop destination where people can find everything and also to support tourists’ staying longer in Ayutthaya. Promoting Ayutthaya as a short-trip destination (2 days 1 night), where people can enjoy both the day and nightlife.

  • Kyoto Model: the twinning cities of Kyoto and Ayutthaya as both are a unique World Heritage city with rich history, food, and local products; Central Ayutthaya will pioneer the ‘Modern Commerce District’.
  • Complete Tourists’ Journey: with aim to be a transportation hub consisting of ‘Tourist Information, Cultural Space’ and ‘The City Wonder Experience’, which will join hands with the government to replicate vintage trams and support local tour guides.
  • Must-Visit Instagrammable Landmarks: an eye-catching architecture throughout the project. The façade and ‘Phranakhon Square’ were designed by a Thai architect who designed Sala Ayutthaya Hotel and Baan Pom Phet Café. The design of the project is simple yet stylish and unique with a hidden charm of Ayutthaya giving a contemporary Thai atmosphere or ‘Thai Twist’, such as the ‘indented corner stupa’ and Lai Yang woven fabric patterns.
  • Day-to-Night Attractions: enjoying all-day leisure time at the trendy morning and night market.
  • Co-Creating Exclusive Products with Tenants: joining hands with tenants to create ‘Wonder Collections’, the new collaborative and exclusive products or souvenirs available only at Central Ayutthaya, for example, Ayutthaya wickerwork with a hint of modern twist.

3. Massive Influx of Tourists and Commuters: which are distinct target groups

  • In addition to 85% of the local who have purchasing power for both weekdays and weekends, we are also targeting Thai and foreign tourists by 15%. Ayutthaya had 8 million visitors in 2019 including 6.2 million Thai tourists and 2.1 million foreign tourists, and the Ayutthaya tourism market can grow a lot more as we have a plan to conduct international marketing with tourists from around the world.
  • Every day, over 100,000 commuters daily pass the project which is located on the main road.

4. New Wonders Only in Ayutthaya: new lifestyles from over 400 leading brands and stores


Central Si Racha – building a ‘Promising City’ with the ‘New S-Curve’ to help push forward Si Racha as the center of the EEC under the concept of ‘Inspiring Si Racha – The Innovation Oasis’ to become ‘Community Thought Leader’ with innovative facilities that create green power in the middle of the city.

1. Pioneer of the Future: the most innovative and largest mixed-use development, offering the unprecedented items to support Si Racha as a rising industrial star that ranks second best GDP in the country.

  • Meeting all the needs of every community by being the #1 destination in all dimensions i.e., food, fashion, family, sports, pets, and innovation etc.
  • ‘Co-Creating Creative Community’: joining hands with tenants to customize products and services e.g. ‘The Taste of Sri Racha’ gathering Si Racha’s famous restaurants. Central Si Racha is also preparing to organize events and activities such as an ‘Hackathon’ for startups to create innovations.
  • Innovation Hub: attracting start-ups and digital nomads in which the estimated figures for the New S-Curve city, there will be an investment flow of over 1.5 trillion baht in the EEC from 2017-2022.
  • The project is located at the best location in the heart of the city surrounded by people with high purchasing power, as there are over 61,000 units of top residential property brands with an average price of 1.5-6 million baht, hotels, schools, hospitals, and 11 industrial estates.
  • Technology-Driven: the cutting edge of touchless and cashless experience throughout the project.

2. Diversified target groups with high purchasing power:

  • Si Racha has a total population of over 580,000 people; residential projects grow by 8% per year on average.
  • Strong Japanese expat community: there are approximately 40,000 Japanese and other foreigners – mostly are the executive management, with high salaries of over 100,000-200,000 baht per month. Therefore, we aim to uplift Si Racha to be ‘Little Yokohama’.

3. Bringing a semi-outdoor format, Central EastVille’s model of success, to Si Racha

  • Outdoor Walking Street: giant green space stretching over 2,800 m2 comprising a playground, food street and pet park combining nature with Si Racha’s distinctive points.
  • Eco-Friendly Mall: mindful in the use of resources and caring for the environment by using giant green wall and solar rooftop to reduce energy consumption, pushing the concept of 'zero waste'.
  • Thematic Lifestyle Mall: creating a seamless shopping journey with ‘Homey Ambience’.

4. High Confidence, High Occupancy: major popular brands are confident. Our rental space in category of food, education, and IT etc., is almost full.


Central Chantaburi: entering the ‘Blue Ocean’ market with the one and only mixed-use project in Chanthaburi and the most comprehensive project in the East. As ‘The hidden gem of the EEC Plus 2’, we will build the local economy and way of life to be as strong as the national level.

1. The New Landmark of the City: the latest, most trendy, and best center of life so far which includes shopping center, convention hall, residences of 247 units and hotels of 158 units.

  • Semi-outdoor model with a large green area of 5 rai of land to increase the park area for the city which includes running track, bike parking, exercise machines, social park, family playground, pet playground and café
  • The 1st provincial project with a sports destination with a multi-purpose area of over 4,000 m2.
  • Combining the charms of Chanthaburi with the interior such as Chanthaboon mats, pink stone and Calamondin (tangerines) etc.

2. Clear Purchasing Power, Great Lifestyle

  • A target population of over 1,800,000 people (Chanthaburi, Trad, Prachinburi and Sa Kaeo)
  • Based on Central Group’s database, Chanthaburi earns the top rank in sales figures for provincial Thailand.
  • A growing city with 45 educational institutions, 29 hotels and 24 residential sites.

3. Economy and tourism are growing with the EEC Plus 2 and the charms of the city:

  • A world-class tropical fruit city with the country’s number one GPP (Gross Provincial Products) for agriculture.
  • The world’s largest center of gems and precious stones where it gathers the finest Thai craftsmen
  • As a rising star tourist destination with strong and growing local tourism, with highlights including nature, culture, old communities, and being a historical strategic center, Chanthaburi is filled with many chic cafés and restaurants. The number of visitors has grown by 10% per year during the past five years (2014-2018). In 2020, Chanthaburi attracted over 2.47 million Thai and foreign tourists.
  • Targeting at cross-border trading groups by fulfilling the high spenders’ demands which is similar to the success of our other branches in Northeastern.

4. Synergy of the Central Group: gaining the confidence from our business partners in Central Group such as TOPS MARKET, SUPERSPORTS, POWERBUY, B2S and many other partners.

Strategy 3 – Tenant-Centric Business Partnerships: – CENTRAL PATTANA looks forward to growing hand in hand with partners in the long term. In order to achieve future success together, joining us in our current investment expansion will help develop your competitiveness, especially at this time when businesses have begun to recover. Every shopping center of Central Pattana focuses on the long-term strategy of being a Center of Life and a Center of Community by building a shopping center that meets people’s needs in each location making it the best in the city and the most preferred choice of each province.

In addition, we are leveraging digital tools to increase customer insights for partner stores and focusing more on targeted marketing. From Central Group’s databases of various businesses in provincial markets throughout the country, we have partnered with ‘The 1’ to develop ‘The 1 Biz’ project to help boost sales for our tenant partners and help each brand be able to create a more targeted CRM.

During the current situation, we are prioritizing tenant sales and success, therefore, we are offering a flexible-leasing programme to support tenants, such as:

  • Lessen the burden, relieving concern about earnings during the newly opening period.
  • Facilitating the access of soft loans with partner banks.
  • Aiding with business matching for local investors.
  • On-going tenant support all-year-round such as ‘The 1 Biz’, which is an effective CRM to increase sales for tenants.
  • ‘Central Pattana Serve’ application is available to provide comprehensive assistance.

Central Pattana’s total revenue in 2020 remains strong, with total revenue of 32.06 billion baht and a net profit of 9.55 billion baht, which reflects its professionalism in cost management and investment plan adaptation, including the continued support and assistance for all stakeholders. Central Pattana currently manages a total of 34 shopping centers with total NLA of 1.8 mn sq.m. (15 projects in Bangkok Metropolitan Area - BMA, 18 projects in provinces, and 1 project in Malaysia), 30 food centers, 10 office towers and 2 hotels. As for residential project development, CPN thus far launched a total of 15 residential projects. These include condominium project under the brands ESCENT, ESCENT VILLE, ESCENT PARK VILLE, PHYLL PAHOL 34 and BELLE GRAND RAMA 9, and low-rise projects, namely ESCENT TOWN PHITSANULOK (Townhome), NINYA KALLAPAPRUEK (Twinhome), NIYHAM BOROMRATCHACHONNANI (Luxury single houses), and the newly launched single houses brand NIRATI in Chiangrai and Bangna. These projects include those managed by Grand Canal Land Public Company Limited, or GLAND, a property developer that currently has both operational assets and assets under development in high potential locations cross BMA. Central Pattana is the major shareholder of GLAND.

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