Central Group, led by Mr. Pichai Chirathivat, has launched Baan Chaweng Organic Waste Management Centre under the project 'CENTRAL GROUP Love The Earth - Samui Zero Waste' at International School of Tourism, Suratthani Rajabhat University in collaboration with Central Retail Corporation Public Company Limited, Koh Samui Municipality, Suratthani Rajabhat University, and WWF Thailand to tackle organic waste in Koh Samui with main focus on three key sustainability initiatives:

  1. Food waste collected from Central Group's network members: FamilyMart, Tops, and Central Restaurants Group in Central Samui, went into the COWTEC, the first composting and biogas production machine in Koh Samui Municipality for the benefits of the communities and the environmental sustainability.
  2. Granular and liquid fertilizers retrieved from the process would be made available at Central Group’s distribution channels, in order to raise understanding and public awareness about the excessive use of chemical fertilizers which result in higher production cost and shift way to more sustainable agriculture development.
  3. Central Group encouraged farmers in Koh Samui to use bio-fertilizers in organic agriculture. The group also created a community enterprise where farmers could sell organic and processed products at Tops Market at CentralFestival Samui, to create jobs and incomes for schools, colleges and farmers, promoting the good health for Thai people.

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