All 23 Central Department Stores nationwide are preparing to open their doors once again when the government announces the easing of its COVID-19 restrictions for department stores. The concept ‘Central Department Store: Clean, Safe & Comforting…Just Like Home’ has 5 main principles covering 26 stringent hygiene measures to comply with government guidelines, so that its customers can shop with confidence, feeling assured of their safety, just like being at home, whilst keeping their staff well protected.

Natira Chirathivat Boonsri, President of Central Department Store, a part of Central Retail Group said, “The COVID-19 outbreak led to the Emergency Decree and nationwide, many high-risk venues have been closed, including shopping malls since March. When the government lifts restrictions, allowing department stores to resume normal operations, all 23 Central Department Stores nationwide are ready to open again.”

Natira added that in preparation for re-opening, Central Department Store recognises the importance of its hygiene processes and the safety of its customers and staff. To assure everyone that they can return to shop or work at Central Department Store with confidence, it has introduced the concept ‘Central Department Store: Clean, Safe & Comforting…Just Like Home’ which consists of five key principles, made up of 26 stringent measures in line with government requirements, ensuring that every area of every Central Department Store feels safe, comforting and worry-free.

Principle 1: Central is…SAFE

  • Employees are requested to wear a mask and face shield at all times whilst working, sanitising their hands before and after serving customers.
  • Improve ventilation and increase air change rates to more than 10 times per hour, beyond normal requirements, with UVC sanitising units installed into its ventilation systems.
  • Tracking of customers who visit the stores, as well as employees.

Principle 2: Central is…SCREENING

  • Every customer and staff member, as well as all visitors, must pass through temperature checkpoints, and use the hand sanitising alcohol gel before entering the premises. Those with a temperature exceeding 37.5˚C will not be allowed to enter and advised to seek medical advice.
  • Employees must have their temperature checked every three hours.
  • All customers and staff, as well as all visitors, must wear a mask when entering any Central Department Store. Masks are available for purchase at the screening points for those who do not have one.
  • All employees are required to complete an assessment before returning to work. If they are at risk, they will be asked to self-quarantine and monitor their symptoms for 14 days.

Principle 3: Central is…CLEAN

  • Every sample product, tester and item that is tried will be sanitised in a sanitising room after use.
  • Entrances and exits of all department stores have disinfected mats, and are changed at least twice a day.
  • Automatic UVC sanitising units are installed on escalator handrails.
  • Hand sanitising alcohol gel is provided at all entrances, information counters, cashier counters, and elevators. The gel is refilled every two hours or when needed.
  • Restrooms are cleaned every 30 minutes and toilet seat sanitising gel dispensers are installed.
  • Increased cleaning frequencies, and deep-cleaning in all areas with disinfectant, ozone generators and UVC sanitisers daily, after store hours.
  • Extra cleaning every 30 minutes for frequent-touch surfaces, such as handrails, door handles and lift buttons.
  • Parking cards and food court cards are sanitised before and after each use.

Principle 4: Central is…DISTANCING

  • Customers are asked to maintain a 1-2 metre distance to each other, whilst the store is limiting entry to one person per 5 m2.
  • Social distancing marks are placed at entrances and service points such as cashier counters, customer service counters, restroom lines, redemption counters, elevators, escalators, stores and food courts.
  • Seating is marked with social distancing recommendations in service areas and waiting areas, as well as at counters and food and drink areas. Utensils in lounges, such as glasses and spoons are single-use items.
  • Special areas are arranged for external visitors and food delivery riders, with clear signs and stickers to ensure social distancing. The areas are cleaned regularly.
  • Staff members are on standby to remind customers of social distancing, in line with the Ministry of Public Health’s measures.
  • Customers enter and exit stores through different sides of the door.
  • Clear window shields have been installed at service counters, and clear table shields have been installed in restaurants and food courts.
  • Signage has been made to raise awareness about COVID-19 precautionary measures, and to indicate guidelines for each area.

Principle 5: Central is…A TOUCHLESS EXPERIENCE

  • Customers are encouraged to pay via mobile banking or e-payments, rather than cash.
  • In case of cash payments, banknotes and coins will be sanitised with ozone, and all change given has all been sanitised, and trays used to return it.
  • Foot pedals are installed on restroom doors and other service areas to avoid contact.

“Central Department Store would like to thank every customer and employee for their understanding in this challenging time that we’re facing together. You have continued to support us through these times, and I am certain that the measures we have created to take care of each other will reassure you that you can return to shop or work at any Central Department Store with a safe, confident and comforting feeling, just like home.” said Natira.

Thanks to great feedback over recent months, Central Department Store will also continue to offer its shopping services through three channels which offers Central Department Store at your home; namely 24/7 online shopping with Central Online at, Central Chat & Shop through the LINE app at @CENTRALOFFICIAL, and our Call & Shop service on 02-793-7555. Customers can also shop, pay and collect their items without getting out of their car with our Drive Thru service, available at 12 Central Department Stores: Chidlom, Ladprao, Bangna, Pinklao, Rama 2, Future Park, WestGate, EastVille, Pattaya Beach, Phuket, CentralFestival Hadyai, and CentralFestival Chiangmai (11am-7pm daily).

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