Central Retail Corporation Public Co., Ltd. and subsidiaries create the phenomenon for the first time in Thailand in cooperation with Alipay, the world's largest digital payment and lifestyle platform, to launch a campaign 'Phuket Island Card', with a collection of the best promotions from over 100 shops and stores under Central Retail Corporation.

Mr. Nicolo Galante, Central Retail Corporation Public Co., Ltd., President, stated that "The campaign 'Phuket Island Card' will help increase sales among Chinese tourists and restore Thailand's economy including local capital, especially in tourist attraction areas where a lot of income is generated such as Phuket, and the campaign will also promote vigorous tourism."

Mr. Sittipong Kittiprapapong, Alipay Thailand, General Manager, said, "The partnership with Central Retail helps strengthen this campaign. Being Thailand's largest retail group, Central Retail's brands mix and variety of physical store network will particularlydraw Chinese customers to join this campaign.

Previously, we found that Thailand has gained more than 500 thousand-million-Baht income from Chinese tourists, which is a part of 2 trillion income from all international tourists. Chinese tourists spend around 120,000 million Baht specifically on shopping, which equals 41% of all expenses.1 We hope this partnership will help Chinese tourists enjoy their stay and shopping experience in Phuket, including boost up economy during high season period"

In this occasion, Central Retail Corporation has selected the six best deals in Phuket specially for Chinese tourists and Alipay users when purchasing under the conditions:

  • 366 Baht discount in Central Department Store, Phuket and Patong branches
  • 199 Baht discount in Robinson Department Store
  • 150 Baht discount in Central Food Hall, Tops Market, and Tops Daily
  • 150 Baht cash card to use in Food Court in Central Phuket
  • 20% Discount for highly popular jeans clothing "LEE" in Central Phuket
  • and 300 Baht discount to use at Supersports

Customers can get these six coupons for only 10 yuan or about 45 baht.

Moreover, there are FREE coupons available in Alipay application and can be used in over 100 stores under Central Retail Corporation to serve all the customers' wants throughout Phuket such as shopping at Central Festival Phuket, Central Phuket Floresta and Central Patong, and Robinson Department Stores. Customers can also shop for food and souvenirs at Central Food Hall, Tops Market, Tops Daily, Family Mart Convenience Stores; sportswear at Supersports; home appliances at Power Buy; beauty products at Matsumoto Kiyoshi; books, stationeries, and office supplies at B2S; and home decorations at Thai Watsadu and Baan & BEYOND-starts from today until 31 March 2020.

The cooperation between Central Retail Corporation and the subsidiaries including department stores and popular shops among Chinese tourists and Alipay emphasizes the image of Thailand once more that the country is the destination of tourism and shopping. In the present, Alipay is a popular payment service application for Chinese people. The application has more than 1 billion users around the world and among that are 700 million frequent users per month. Eighty percent of Chinese tourists use Alipay to search for restaurants, tourist attractions, and shopping centers.

1 Ministry of Tourism and Sport, 2019