Making a difference in the world is the key phrase at the moment, and raising environmental awareness is crucial to tackling this global issue that affects us all. Central Embassy and Central Tham, together with the Saensuk Municipality of Chonburi province, the Institute of Marine Science of Burapha University, the Wildlife Fund Thailand under the patronage of H.M. the Queen, Thailand Green Road and Precious Plastic all came together with 200 volunteers and the local community to collect and clean beach trash, and to sort plastic waste at Bangsaen Beach, Chonburi.

The plastic waste was sorted and sent to Thailand Green Road to make building blocks for Wat Umong in Chiang Mai. Plus, there were various eco-activities for all to get involved with, such as plastic straw donation for bedridden patient’s pillow, plastic bag and bottle donations and talks from our environmental partners.

“Central Embassy team is proud to be doing our part in trying to promote sustainable waste management, the importance of recycling and our environmental issues that we are facing to our customers. We would like to also give a big thank you to all the organisations and community for taking part in this, as this event wouldn’t have been possible without them.” said Anucha Ocharoen, General Manager – Marketing, Central Embassy.

Despite the hot weather, all volunteers are full of passion and positivity to save our environment. Plastic bag, rope, plastic straw, plastic bottle, and many other kinds of trash were found both on the beach and in the sea. Moreover, the sea has turned green as there was a plankton bloom phenomenon. This occurs during monsoon period and once they are gone, the sea will be back to normal.

Awat Ratanapintha, an eco-conscious young actor, volunteered and joined the event with his friends said “Happiness in saving the sea is what I get from joining this activity. By collecting plastic waste, we can help in saving the lives of sea animal. If I have a chance, I would always love to join and help doing this. I also want to invite everyone to join. Even if you are not a sea lover, once you see the wastes in the sea, you will change your mind. I believe that this will change your thought and want to do good for our environment.”

Oat, an employee in Chonburi province, is one of the volunteer who saw the event news on Central Embassy’s Facebook page. He also talks about the event that he is personally interested in plastic waste issue, therefore he would like to learn more about waste management. He believes that everyone can start from themselves in saving our world. Also, when he sees the green sea, he has become more aware of the importance in saving the environment. He would love to invite everyone to slowly change our lifestyles to be more eco-friendly.

A mother and her year 1 son who also voluntarily joined and drove from Bangkok has said “His school supports and teaches about environmental issue. Therefore, when we see the news about this event, we are really interested. My son asked me to bring him here. Joining this event helps him to be conscious and starts asking question such as when he sees plastic spoon, he asked about what we can do with it. This event provides knowledge on waste management that he can use in daily life.”

The beach cleaning may not save the environment from its cause, but it could be a small part in raising awareness on environmental issue and in building motivation for people in saving the world, for everyone in the present and in the future.

This event was a part of Central Embassy’s world-class art exhibition ‘ANIMA MUNDI: Soul of the World’ which is showing on Level G, Central Embassy until 1st September 2019.

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