Wallaya Chirathivat, Deputy CEO of CPN won the “Outstanding ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs” In AWEN Awards 2019

27 Jun 2019, Posted by cgadmin Arin in HAPPENING AND ACTIVITIES

Ms. Wallaya Chirathivat, Deputy CEO of Central Pattana Plc. (CPN), was recently granted the prestigious award “Outstanding ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs 2019” at AWEN Awards 2019, recognized by ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Network and Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. The AWEN Awards is the accomplishments of extraordinary women entrepreneurs from each ASEAN Member State, who through their commitment, vision, and leadership, have made remarkable impact in their fields and society. Her Royal Highness Princess Bajrakitiyabha Narendira Debyavati presided over to grant awards to the outstanding ASEAN women entrepreneurs for 2019 at JW Marriot Bangkok Hotel.


Ms. Wallaya Chirathivat said, “I am honoured and proud to be selected as one of Thai women entrepreneurs to receive the AWEN Awards this year. This award is a proof of women role and ability in economic and social context.  It helps inspire women, not only in Thailand, to be bold and create their own success as the other awardees and I have proved that success is not about gender. Either women or men are created equal to succeed and contribute to the society.”


“Together with my organization, I am pleased to use our experiences and expertise to drive and grow AWEN network through CPN’s main vision in creating ‘Center of Life’ to help develop every community where our project takes part in, by mainly responding to consumer’s lifestyle and uplifting business of entrepreneurs in every level. Moreover, I personally always hold onto principles which are ‘commitment and not discouraged when facing any problem’. This is the key to success and inspiration for my team. So, we have never stopped developing and creating new projects to serve people’s need and to help enhance our country in every aspect,” Ms. Wallaya concluded.