“B2S” Unveils “Think Space B2S” New Concept Transforms Bookstore into Inspirational Third Place for New-Generation Consumers


 “B2S” Unveils “Think Space B2S”

New Concept Transforms Bookstore into Inspirational Third Place

for New-Generation Consumers

B2S” is spending more than Bt400million on Think Space B2S in pursuit of the ambitious goal, against all odds in current economic conditions, to push its sales up by Bt350million within one year. The new concept store in Thailand is a big step away from being just a comprehensive bookstore, already materializing “the more-than-3,000-sqm or biggest inspirational place in Thailand”. B2S seeks to transform its outlet into a lifestyle hub as new-generation people look for a third place for their living. Apart from a workplace and a home, consumers want a creative hangout space to connect with people who have shared their interest or have lived the interestingly different passions. To ensure this third place is full of inspirations, B2S has created five zones in Think Space B2S: namely Lifestyle Book Space, Art x Idea Space, Entertainment Space, Play x Learn Space, and Networking Space. Located in CentralFestival EastVille (Foodville Zone), Think Space B2S now operates its full-scale services and promises entirely-new experiences for consumers.

Mr. Somchai Tawonrungroaj, Managing Director of B2S Company Limited, says, “For 15 years already, B2S has served its customers as a functional retail store for books, music, stationery, arts and entertainment products. But as we have recognized consumers’ changing behaviors, we have striven to do something new and better. In our bid to ensure B2S becomes much more than a bookstore, we have joined hands with Central Pattana Public Company Limited in implementing the CURATORIAL LIFESTYLE BOOKSTORE project, which has now delivered the Think Space B2S”.

Think Space B2S provides so special space for people who have never stopped exploring their dreams and looking for inspirations. Its target groups are families, creatives, freelancers, school students, university students, working people and even executives. B2S has developed Think Space B2S project because it has recognized consumers’ changing spending behaviors. To create emotion connections with customers and give them the experiences that go beyond just product purchases, B2S has striven to ensure customers find it easier than ever to browse around its space. Think Space B2S offers a great selection of products and services, categorized in response to consumers’ different lifestyles. Merchandising mix and product display exude a new feel. Designs are perpetuated to help Think Space B2S connect emotionally with visitors and to make sure they indulge in differentiated experiences at its outlet. Think Space B2S project also aims to create a landmark, Book Terraces, in Thailand. Spanning over 3,000 square meters and featuring more than 100,000 books, Think Space B2S is practically the biggest bookstore in not just Thailand but also Southeast Asia. B2S has designed Think Space B2S as the first concept store. Located at CentralFestival EastVille, Think Space B2S is the ultimate place for customers to discover or indulge in their “lifestyle”.


Mr. Somchai says, “Think Space B2S spans over 3,000 square meters, with its utility space spread over two and a half floors. There are more than 1,000 square meters on the 1st floor alone. The 1st and 2nd mezzanines cover over 300 square meters, and The 2nd floor spread over as many as 1,700 square meters. Designed as an open space, Think Space B2S promises new experiences to its visitors. People can come in and spend all day here. They can read their favorite books, meet with new people and explore various inspirations available in Think Space B2S. KLEIN DYTHAM ARCHITECTURE (KDa), an internationally-acclaimed design firm, has helped B2S and Central Pattana work on the concept and architectural design of Think Space B2S. The result is so impressive. M&A Architecture, a famous design and architecture firm in Thailand, has also helped in with structural designs. Such compositions present Think Space B2S as a so perfect place. At present, Think Space B2S has been Thailand’s largest inspirational third place. KDa has used natural wood as the place’s main architecture and real trees as décor because it aims to make people feel close to nature at Think Space B2S. To prevent loud noise from disturbing its visitors, Think Space B2S is covered with a lot of carpets. When the place is quiet, the overall ambience is relaxing. When the place is peaceful both to the eyes and the ears, customers will enjoy shopping more. Think Space B2S embraces natural light, where possible, instead of relying on just neon lighting.

Think Space B2S has five main inspirational zones: 1) LIFESTYLE BOOK SPACE or the Book Terraces that feature more than 100,000 Thai and foreign book titles. This zone features 12 lifestyle subzones. On the 1st floor are its Travel, Leisure and Craft subzones. The 1st mezzanine presents Smart and Wisdom subzones, while the 2nd mezzanine is devoted to Fiction. On the 2nd floor are Cookery, Entertainment etc., Art & Design, Study, Work & Family subzones;  2) ART X IDEA SPACE features works of arts by world-famous Thai artists and thus is the source of delight for arts lovers. In this zone are also Furniture Design Space, which offers international-award-winning furniture items, as well as Design Stationery & Office Accessories; 3) ENTERTAINMENT SPACE enlivens its visitors’ lives with films and music. Its Music Room boasts a vast variety of film/music genres including the rare items from across Thailand and the world. A comprehensive range of gramophone-record players are also available to support music listening during the transition from analogue to digital systems. B&O Play by Bang & Olufsen, the shop for premium musical instruments, is also included in this zone for its extra appeal; 4) PLAY X LEARN SPACE presents a variety of schools for children for their multi-skills and creativity boost. This zone also promises to forge closer family ties. It has Family subzone plus eight interesting schools namely Clayworks, Chefutown, Babies Genius, Kinderprep by Ivy Bound International School, I Genius, Helen Doron English, Yamaha Music School and A Little Something; and 5) NETWORKING SPACE is for meetings whereby people can exchange their opinions, share their experiences and further develop their ideas. They may talk about their startup experiences, discuss business concepts and forge friendship. This zone, in all, seeks to establish a community of people who can conduct activities or businesses together. Sitting on the 2nd floor, it completes Think Space B2S’s third-place concept as it hosts many services for the extra convenience of people’s new lifestyles. For example, it has Co-Working Space whereby customers can come in to work, think up their work plans, and discuss their businesses. AIS, a giant partner, has agreed to provide free Internet access in this corner. In addition, Think Space B2S has partnered with celebrity chef Pol Tanthasatien in launching COVER ll COVER Eat & Drink. Here, customers can check out Book Recipe (menu) curated specially by Pol particularly for Think Space B2S customers. Moreover, Networking Space includes familiar coffee taste for its visitors via Starbuck Reserve on the 1st floor to ensure their business talk goes so smooth. Although Think Space B2S occupies so vast an area, all its zones are well-connected. In all, the whole place perfectly materializes the concept of “Where Ideas Inspire”.

In transforming B2S from a conventional bookstore to the Curatorial Lifestyle Bookstore, Mr. Somchai explains that the focus is not just on creating various fulfilling spaces but also the great selection of books and lifestyle products. He points out that they are well selected from many prominent brands and well displayed across all lifestyle zones. For example, B2S has curated foreign books to answer to the various needs of readers saving them from the trouble of going overseas or waiting for deliveries to get such books. At Think Space B2S are children books, arts books, design books, etc. On lifestyle products, Think Space B2S presents products from various leading brands including award-winning G-mark and D-mark, Hay, Labrador, Midori and Pracht. Furniture brands like TIMMER, ALLTAG, ALLTAG, EVERYDAY, HARI ORA, STUDIO 248 and wellness-focused DEESAWAT have also joined Think Space B2S. Even more special are exclusive and increasingly-popular products under Thinkin’ brand. Positioning itself as the inspiring brand for thoughtful people, Thinkin’ has created its products exclusively for distribution at Think Space B2S. During its first phase, it launches four groups of products that are in line with its distributor’s founding concept. All products come with an inspirational quote to drive the passion of new-generation consumers.

Mr. Somchai continues that B2S will spend more than Bt150million on promoting the public awareness of Think Space B2S brand as the moves will also promote B2S. Marketing communications, according to him, will be conducted under the “CULTURAL ART INSPIRES CAMPAIGN”. The concept is based on the belief that arts spur emotions and fulfill every inspiration. As a result, Think Space B2S will conduct differentiated marketing activities. Every of its activities will be linked to arts so as to pass on inspirations and create emotional connections with customers. Aware that consumers have spent increasingly more time online, B2S has adjusted its marketing-budget ratio. Of the budget, 70 per cent is allocated for online media while just 30 per cent is earmarked for offline channels. Today, B2S launch its first video commercial or web film on online platforms. Embracing the “Where Ideas Inspire” concept, it communicates with target groups about the objectives of Think Space B2S. The place is meant to be the thinking, inspirational space. B2S also aims at reinvigorating the concept with many great activities. For example, there will be Thailand First Book Launch events for very exclusive books. The first such event will unveil “Rijks, Masters of the Golden Age”, a remarkable collaboration between world-famous designers Marcel Wanders and Rijksmuseum. It takes more than three years for the two to rearrange 60 masterpiece shots, which appear in Rijksmuseum’s prestigious Gallery of Honour, into their carefully-designed handmade book.  “This book is about how the greatest masterpieces influence how we see the world today,” Wanders says. Featured inside are the world’s icons such as Rembrandt’s Night Watch and Vermeer’s Milkmaid, with best printing technology delivering the closest resemblance to real paintings Moreover, Think Space B2S will host inspirational talks recruiting Thailand’s prominent thinkers as speakers and artists as co-creators. To be provided are also arts & craft workshops. Visitors to Think Space B2S thus can be rest assured that they will find new activities and fresh perspectives whenever they come to the place, with arts as the main theme of all these activities. The first 10,000 customers who like, register a check-in at Think Space B2S, and write about inspirations they have got from the place will receive a special gift as soon as they produce it to staff at the shop too. The special gifts are up for grabs till July 30 only. For The 1Card holders, they can get special discounts and collect X2 points for their purchases. Discounts are up to 40 per cent in five Lifestyle Zones. They can also claim the right to 50% discount on Thinkin’ products. Several lifestyle items will also offer zero-interest payment plans, with the interest-free rate running as long as 10 months. Live with Think campaign is also upcoming. Shoppers during the campaign, which will start late this month, will get the chance to a lucky draw, one draw coupon per every Bt1,000 purchase. Prizes are worth Bt200,000 altogether plus the right to attend exclusive workshops with thinkers of five lifestyles. AIS and AIS Serenade customers can get up to Bt100 discount. For The1Card holders, if they use their points for extra benefits, they can an additional 15-per-cent discount too.

Mr. Ongard Sukleartkamol  Vice President-Client Relations Marketing at Central Pattana, says Think Space B2S is a highlight attraction at the CentralFestival EastVille. Designed to deliver new experiences and to connect with customers under “Bangkok Escape” concept, it practically offers a sanctuary whereby people can sneak away from the bustle and hustle of a big city. There are various kinds of activities for them to enjoy at Think Space B2S. In all, Think Space B2S and CentralFestival EastVille complement each other. If CentralFestival EastVille is compared to Tokyo, Think Space B2S is its “Omotesando” or the area with the vibrancy of fashion, arts, bars, cafes, clubs, bookstores and galleries. It’s the area where people with different lifestyles color up the lives of each other. Together, they have created an artist zone. At Think Space B2S, people will definitely find inspirations to master the art of living. Think Space B2S, after all, is the first Bangkok Escape that can perfectly answer to the needs of urban residents…People want not just a home and a workplace but also a “special space whereby they can get inspired and energized”. THINK SPACE B2S is now ready to welcome its customers. So, go discover your inspirations at Think Space B2S, CentralFestival Eastville @FOODVILLE Zone.