‘Royal Project 49 – Kindness: From the Sky Above to the Earth Below’


The Royal Project Foundation is delighted to announce the holding of the event: ‘Royal Project 49 Kindness: From the Sky Above to the Earth Below’ from 3rd13th August 2018 under the concept of Continue, Maintain and Develop for Sustainabilityat CentralWorld

  • Highlighted products at the event include Quinoa, Fresh herbal green tea, Assam green tea, Feta cheese, Edible flowers, Bue Bo rice, Black-boned chicken
  • An exhibition of 49 Years of the Royal Project: ‘Continue, Maintain and Develop for Sustainability’
  • The event will be fully decorated with ‘Yellow Star’ flowers, a bright golden-yellow reflecting the golden land of peaceful Thailand

The Royal Project Foundation, Kasetsart University and Central Pattana Plc are holding a press conference to announce the launch of the Royal Project 49 event, which aims to please health-conscious people by bringing together high-quality products with elevated health benefits, highlighting the theme of ‘Freshness and Good for Health’. More than 3,000 raw ingredients, vegetables, fruits, beverages and products produced by the Royal Projects will be available at the event. These contain vitamins and nutrients that are highly beneficial to health. From 3rd-13th August 2018 at CentralWorld, everyone is invited to shop for premium quality and fresh products that have been painstakingly researched and developed by the Royal Projects.

Highlighted products from the following thirteen projects will be also presented: 1) Friends in Need (or Pa) Volunteers Foundation, Thai Red Cross; 2) The Foundation for the Promotion of Supplementary Occupations and Related Techniques under the Royal Patronage of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, Regent of King Rama IX; 3) Chitralada Store under the Royal Patronage of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, Regent of King Rama IX; 4) Bang Sai Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Center under the Royal Patronage of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, Regent of King Rama IX; 5) Phufa shop; 6) Sai Jai Thai Foundation Under Royal Patronage; 7) The Royal Chitralada Projects; 8) Chulabhorn Research Institute; 9) Thak Roy Saoy Rak Arts & Crafts Project under Chulabhorn Foundation; 10) Dr. Namjit-Dr.Namjai Store; 11) Queen Savang Vadhana Foundation; 12) ‘To Be Number One’ Project; and 13) Department of Livestock Development.

This year, “The Royal Project 49 Kindness: From the Sky Above to the Earth Below” event is receiving cooperation and support from various companies: Master Card, Muang Thai Insurance plc, Ouay Un Osoth Co., Chroenkit Jongsatien Co., Power Line Engineering plc, Hitachi Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd., Buildings Posh Co. and ELMEC Engineering Co.

Dr. Narongchai Pipattanawong, Director of Marketing for the Royal Project Foundation, added: “This year, we have carefully selected highly nutritious food with great health benefits to present at the Royal Project 49 event, for example:

  • Quinoa – a super food that contains nine amino acids that our body cannot create. It is high in fiber and protein, gluten-free and rich in magnesium, vitamin B, vitamin E, iron, potassium, calcium and phosphorus and anti-oxidants that are beneficial to health. In 2017, the Royal Project researched and encouraged quinoa growing in Thailand to reduce the volume of quinoa imports from overseas. This has helped to increase farmers’ income.
  • Assam green tea – made from 500-years old wild tea or local tea. It won a silver medal in the World Tea Union (WTU) in Japan. This aromatic green and yellow tea has a sweet and soft taste and is rich in ‘Theanine’ amino acid (up to 60%). Its benefits include stress relief, improved concentration, pressure relief, and improved sleep.
  • Highland Yellow Wild Rice – Pakakayo and Lawa rice varieties have a short and slender seed with dark hay-like colored husks. The rice is fragrant and very soft when cooked. It contains Gamma Oryzanol and helps to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. It also has antioxidants and helps to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL-C) and blood sugar. It is rich in potassium and helps to control the water balance in the body and to lower blood pressure. It also contains iron, which helps to generate red blood cells preventing anemia. The zinc content is high in this rice, which is an important nutrient for the growth of children.
  • Edible Flowers – the Royal Foundation’s edible flowers can be divided into four major groups: flowering plants, flowers of vegetables, flowers of herbs and flowers of fruit Edible flowers are from both overseas and local areas such as 1. Nasturtiums, 2. Begonias, 3. Dill, 4. Roses, 5. Dianthus and 6. Cucumber flowers. The processing of edible flowers is as delicate as with other vegetables since it has to be in a safe system without chemicals. The growing method should be what we call ‘Chef’s garden’, with a variety of flowers that can be harvested for cooking purposes and not only for decoration. These edible flowers are antioxidant and anti-aging and help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and cancer; they are also free from residues. However, not all types of flowers in the world are edible. The flowers that are selected to be part of the edible flowers club must pass certain tests performed by expert chefs, who will suggest which flowers are edible and which are inedible (and may be poisonous) to the Royal Project team.
  • Black-boned Chicken – this is a rare local chicken breed originating from Mongolia. Its meat tastes delicious and sweet, and is high in protein with low fat, cholesterol, triglyceride and saturated fatty acids. The black chicken meat and bones are considered antioxidant, which helps to stimulate the immune system in the body. Chinese people believe that this food nourishes the blood and is great for the health of the elderly.
  • Feta Cheese – Our feta cheese is from the milk processing project. It made from the milk of Mehsana buffaloes, which the Indian Dairy Association gave to King Rama IX in These buffaloes have been raised in the highlands. The special cheese-making and ripening process gives it a rich flavor and soft texture with a wonderfully unique smell. Feta cheese is beneficial to health as it has higher levels of protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A and phosphorus than cow’s milk. It is low in both calories and fat, and will not make you gain weight easily when compared to other types of cheese. It makes a great combination when eaten with fruit, bread, crackers, on pizzas, with salads or used as an ingredient for many dishes such as spinach quiche, cheese quiche and sandwiches.
  • Fresh Herbal Tea – a combination of fresh herbal tea from overseas that contains medicinal properties. Japanese mint, lemon balm, lemon thyme, fragrant tea, chamomile and stevia, give a smooth taste from the perfect combination of herbs. Herbal tea helps to relieve stress and the aroma from the mint helps its drinkers to feel fresh and energetic. It is good for the digestive system.Exclusive Offer!  For customers who purchase products from the Royal Projects at the Royal Project 49 event, CentralWorld will provide staff to handle the goods back to their vehicles free of charge. Customers may also use the express messenger service from ‘Scootar’, a professional express (within 2 hours) delivery service provider to deliver your purchased products directly to your home or to your loved ones. The service fee is charged by distance and is available throughout the Royal Project 49 event from 3rd13th August. Scootar is offering 50 baht discounts to customers using Scootar services at the event. For further information, please contact the staff at the event.

On this occasion, we would like to invite you to visit and shop for over 3,000 products from the Royal Project in the ‘Royal Project 49’ event from 3rd-13th August 2018 at CentralWorld shopping center.