A Taste of Bhu-Chee-Duen

19 Jul 2018,   in CENTRAL THAM NEWS

Bhu-Chee-Duen, located in Chiang Rai province, used to be an area of chaos with political conflicts between the Thai people and the Lao people. This is an area that is far from the city, police, soldiers, transportation, and not even electricity can reach the village. Therefore, the villagers made a living by growing marijuana.

Later on, the villagers started chopping down the marijuana plantation and buy cattle to produce soil until the area is turned into a natural forest with biodiversity and trees.

Then, the Royal Project, initiated by H.M. King Rama 9, came about and it was recommended to the villagers of Bhu-Chee-Duen to plant coffee.

With this area located 1,300-1,600 meters above sea level with the good plantation, it is one of the reasons Bhu-Chee-Duen can produce 100% organic coffee that has a distinct scent from natural fruits and flowers. Every coffee bean is hand picked with its distinct scent of the local plantation, strong flavor, sweet taste, and low in caffeine.