OfficeMate Aims to be Thailand’s Top Business Solutions Provider by Extending product categories: Factory, HORECA, and Medical Supplies Distributed via Omni-channels

15 Mar 2018,   in CORPORATE NEWS
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OfficeMate Aims to be Thailand’s Top Business Solutions Provider

by Extending product categories: Factory, HORECA, and Medical Supplies

Distributed via Omni-channels


OfficeMate reveals its new 2018 business strategy under the concept of “Accelerate Growth Beyond Boundaries” that will be a departure from conventional office supply distribution frameworks by making the brand a “One Stop Business Solutions” provider and creating three new business groups. The new business groups, Factory Supplies, supplies for Hotels/Restaurants/Cafés  (HORECA Supplies), and Medical Supplies & Equipment together will offer more than 10,000 products to encompass all these businesses’ specific industrial needs, and meet the requirements of Thailand’s growing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Customers will discover greater ease in making purchases through Omni-channel that makes the most of the increasingly strong demand for online channels. In 2018, OfficeMate has set its total revenue to grow to more than 8.6 billion baht or 15% over the preceding year.

Khun Worawoot Ounjai, Chief Executive Officer of COL Public Company Limited, stated that OfficeMate grew steadily over the past year with total revenue in 2017 overshooting its target to 7,521 million baht, or a 7% growth. This was a result of a positive responses from SMEs as the revenue from SME customer segment rose by 10% after increasing the number of products in the Business Equipment & Supplies category such as cash registers, banknote counters, barcode scanners, printers, and furniture for offices and home offices. SMEs’ needs were also well met in other aspects such as the cooperation of OfficeMate x Kerry Express to provide express parcel delivery at OfficeMate stores, which saw a jump in interested customers that was equivalent to more than 7% of total OfficeMate store customers.

Over the past year, OfficeMate also developed new online shopping channels that were more responsive in meeting business owners’ lifestyles in the digital era by improving the website, developing more convenient, user-friendly mobile application functions, and offering special promotions and privileges to online customers. These efforts made online revenue grow by 46% to more than 1.2 billion baht.

Khun Wilawan Rerkriengkrai, Managing Director of OfficeMate, added that OfficeMate has set a target to grow 15% to 8.6 billion baht in 2018. This target will be achieved under the concept “Accelerate Growth Beyond Boundaries” by providing all business needs above and beyond mere office supplies, IT, and furniture, by adding more specialized business products that are more responsive to business requirements, and making the brand a convenient One Stop Business Solutions provider to over 500,000 existing customers.

The company will also expand its growth to new customer segments such as industrial factories, hotels, restaurants, and healthcare which are all industries with many companies in Thailand with strong growth prospects. Most importantly, there are ample opportunities to successfully approach these companies since many are already OfficeMate’s customers today that previously limited their purchases to just office supplies.

The number of registered companies in Thailand in these three industries are: 233,000 factories, 25,000 hotels/restaurants, and 21,000 healthcare and medical centres, and the proportion of these companies that are currently OfficeMate’s customers today exceed 20%, 19%, and 7% respectively. Therefore, there is plenty of room to increase their purchases if OfficeMate increases the number of new products in categories that these companies need, namely:

  • Factory Supplies – Manufacturing Supplies, Construction & Maintenance Supplies, Safety Equipment. These products will be supplied by more than 80 business partners and OfficeMate has brought together more than 140 leading brands to offer mechanic’s tools, repair and maintenance equipment, safety and traffic control equipment inside and outside buildings, and a complete range of personal protective equipment used from head to toe.
  • HORECA Supplies with more than 150 brands providing electronic equipment such as cash registers, coffee machines, boilers, kitchenware like plates, bowls, glasses, and consumables like packaging and cleaning supplies.
  • Medical Supplies & Equipment including a wide array of disposable tools and equipment for medical institutions from large hospitals to clinics and small beauty clinics such as blood pressure monitors, equipment for patients’ rooms, stethoscopes, medical supplies, disposable gloves, sanitary masks, wound dressing like cotton wool, paper, and sanitation supplies.

Khun Wilawan added that OfficeMate is committed to make the process more convenient for customers by improving new omnichannel so customers can choose to make their purchases through a wider variety of channels. This year, OfficeMate has plans to expand the number of stores by adding eight new branches, bringing the total to almost 80 OfficeMate locations nationwide. This will allow customers to experience the products firsthand, and be served by teams of professional staff who can make suitable product recommendations.

OfficeMate Contact Center 1281 which is open for service daily (8:30am – 6pm) has a new easy to remember telephone number, “1281”. It incorporates a new technologically advanced system that serves customers directly and more responsively than ever on par with international standards.

The online channels include, OfficeMate Mobile App, and the OfficeMate e-Procurement system designed specifically according to the needs of different organisations. With plans to continue developing its E-Commerce businesses so that they are more user-friendly, convenient and fun to shop, OfficeMate has set a target to grow its online business by more than 40%, or more than 1.8 billion baht.

                    OfficeMate wants to make every shopping experience even more convenient for its customers by providing free nationwide delivery service to office and home with a minimum purchase of 499 baht (according to terms and conditions). Customers can also choose to make their purchases online and pick up the goods at OfficeMate stores in the Bangkok Metropolitan Area with the Click & Collect system.

               Payment options are equally varied according to customer needs such as credit terms, cash, paid with credit cards to the delivery staff when the goods are received, or make direct credit card online payments. Customers can easily contact OfficeMate through social media channels on Line @OfficeMate and OfficeMate Facebook Fan Page.

Lastly, OfficeMate is ready to elevate the customer’s satisfaction by improving the standards of its logistics systems and building an automated warehouse to meet international standards with investments of almost one billion baht on 45 rai of land on Suwinthawong Road in Chachoengsao Province. The new warehouse that houses more than five times the current capacity has an area of more than 22,000 square metres and can store products in readiness for shipment. The warehouse is managed with technology from Japan and shipping is achieved with a Route Planning System that ensures that all the right products arrive at their customers quickly. This new system will be completed and fully operational within the middle of 2018.