A well-woven story: Na Muen Sri Textile

19 Jul 2018,   in CENTRAL THAM NEWS

In Trang Province, Na Muen Sri District is very well known for its product, Na Muen Sri Textile, an up-and-coming product that has been catching a lot of interest from foreign customers.

The origin of Na Muen Sri textile dates back to the years when Thailand was under the reign of King Rama VI. Back then, Na Muen Sri textile was very popular among wealthy people from noble class. The textiles were made by a group of Na Muen Sri women, who keep mastering their weaving skill in their household basement space.

The beauty of Na Muen Sri textile lies in its unique structure of the fabric, patterns, and colors. Its well-known attributes of having extraordinary patterns, specific pair of colors (the basic colors are always red and yellow), and made by special smaller sized (GI) weaver that can produce a finer detailed fabric, are considered superior to that of ordinary textile. The smaller sized weaver is mostly used for making handkerchiefs.