‘Krungthep Thara presented by Kbank’ @CentralWorld’ A grand reproduction of a floating market in downtown Bangkok

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Krungthep Thara presented by Kbank@CentralWorldunder the concept of Krungthep Dvaravati Sri Ayudhya, the river of prosperity that connects the golden eras of the Thai way of life


  • A grand reproduction of a floating market in downtown Bangkok, with a variety of street foods stalls by renowned shops from across the city and experience a traditional way of life through a beautiful Giant junkset up as the event landmark
  • Immerse yourself in Ayutthaya floating market history & savors gourmet food & desserts made from centuriesold recipes
  • The event will be held from 117 August 2018 at Squares A, B and C in front of CentralWorld


Central Pattana Public Company Limited (CPN) operator of CentralWorld, will hold Krungthep Thara presented by Kbank @CentralWorld, featuring a reproduction of a floating market from the ancient era of Ayothaya, in celebration of the 668th anniversary of the founding of Ayutthaya as the capital city of Thailand (before Bangkok). Attendees will get to experience the historic Ayothaya floating market under the concept of ‘Krungthep Dvaravati Sri Ayudhya, the river of prosperity that connects the golden eras of the Thai way of life’. Mr. Taweesak Lertprapan, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, will graciously preside over the opening event, along with CPN Chief Operating Officer Mr. Pakorn Partanapat and Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing for CPN. The event will prominently feature a giant replica of a junk demonstrating the way of life on a merchant vessel. Highlight at the event including a variety of Bangkok street foods, Delicious Thai foods from renowned restaurants, Rare Authentic Thai Cuisine and folk products as well as an Exhibition: ‘Set sail on the river of Siam’.

Famous actors Thanawat PopeWattanaputi and Natapohn Taew Tameeruks and celebrities like Nakwan Rayananonda, Viphavee Khoman and Pashason  Leenutaphong will also join the event, which will be held from 1–17 August 2018 at Squares A, B and C in front of CentralWorld.

Mr. Pakorn Partanapat, Chief Operating Officer of Central Pattana Plc, says if water is the origin of everything in the world, a junk could be seen as the starting point that brought prosperity through water to Siam. To highlight this point, CentralWorld will decorate the site for ‘Krungthep Thara presented by Kbank @CentralWorld’ with a giant junk, a trading vessel, multinational ships and water streams. The event will take you back to a golden era of the Thai Kingdom with the recreation of ‘Krungthep Dvaravati Sri Ayudhya’, the formal name of the capital of the Ayutthaya Kingdom. The event will be held from 1-17 August 2018 at the square in front of CentralWorld. The site of the event will be divided into three zones, with a focus on highlighting Five aspects of the way of life in the Golden Land as follows:

The charm of hardtofind ancient Thai cuisine: enjoy the taste of ancient Thai cuisine invented by Siamese people. The ancient Thai cuisine is all about intricacy and attention to detail. At the event, you will get to taste special dishes like Moo Sarong, Sam Pannee, Chor Muang, Kang Kow Pheuk, Kaesorn Lamjiak, Phaka Krong and Si Tuay. There will also be demonstrations of cooking royal cuisine recipes in a kitchen-like atmosphere.

Cultural evolution that transfers intricate beauty from generation to generation: the cultural evolution from the Ayutthaya era to the present day will be presented through demonstrations of the making of floral garlands, fruit and vegetable carving, lotus flower folding, wood carving, ancient knife forging, metal engraving, pottery making, the making of Khon masks, and others. Attendees are encouraged to wear traditional Thai clothing suitable for the Ayothaya atmosphere and to take pictures.

Find delight in tasty foods from renowned places across the city: the event will feature food stalls from more than 100 renowned restaurants and shops across the capital city, including Sanan Seafood, O-charm dry rice soup, Lang Wang noodles, Mae Toy Ma Lert boat noodles, Saikaew Duck Noodles, Go-Ang Kaomunkai, Jae Nee glazed taro, Khao Chae Mae Lek Sakid Jai, Nang Lerng steamed stuffed buns, Yaowarat toast, Heng fried oysters and Pad Thai, Ban Pla Tu Mahachai, Ku Roti Cha Chak Aree, Tae Wa Da fried beef, Chok Chai noodles with fish balls, Mookrob Klangkrung,  Khanom Khrok Chao Wang, Kua Gai Suan Mali Jae Keng Jae Ngim, KaotomThewet (Chiaochanpanit) and others. Learn about the way of life of people traveling through rivers and trading on board various types of Thai boats. Enjoy the atmosphere of the reproduction of life along the historic Chao Phraya River in ancient times and shop at the biggest retro market in downtown Bangkok. This is the only event where you will find the best restaurants and shops all in one place.

Exquisite architecture of the golden era: experience the exquisite beauty of an ancient junk and ancient Thai architecture, which will be the landmark of Krungthep Thara 2018.  We will set up a replica of a giant junk surrounded by smaller junks and international trading vessels. It will be the perfect spot for pictures. The decorations of the ships and cargos along with gardens of fruits will evoke the atmosphere of a Chao Phraya riverside area. The exhibition entitled ‘Set sail on the river of Siam’ tells the history of Bangkok and different kinds of boats from ancient times. It also tells the story of the vital role of junks in bringing prosperity to Ayutthaya city through a synchronized media presentation on the giant screen in front of CentralWorld.

Enjoy a variety of traditional Thai entertainment and performances: the event will feature different traditional Thai performances like Lakorn Nok, Lakorn Nai, Khon, puppet shows, and Muay Chaiya shows. Please join ‘Krungthep Thara Presented by Kbank @Centralworld’ from 1st to 17th August 2018 at Squares A, B and C in front of CentralWorld.