Central Group Vietnam relentlessly promotes Vietnamese goods

02 Nov 2018, Posted by cgadmin Arin in CORPORATE NEWS
At the conference of  “Identifying Vietnamese Goods – Proud of Vietnamese Goods 2018”, Big C Vietnam has been the only retailer that honorably received the Recognition from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, for partnering and supporting Vietnam Government in implementing many tangible programs to develop Vietnamese goods as well as to support Vietnamese enterprises.

This is not only a recognition of the Ministry of Industry and Trade for the efforts of developing  Vietnamese goods and supporting Vietnamese enterprises but also an evidence that Central Group Vietnam has been living up the vision “We commit to contribute to Vietnam’s prosperity and to enhance the quality of life of the people”.

Big C Vietnam has supported Vietnamese enterprises with many solutions such as: sourcing agricultural products directly from farmers and cooperatives, supporting small holder farmers in remote areas and ethnic minorities, promoting local agricultural products, supporting small and medium enterprises, actively participating in many Business Matching Events and Expo organized by Vietnam Government and associations to promote Vietnamese products.