Central Group launches OUR Khung Bang Kachao for sustainable development: Offers products from 6 communities at Bang Kachao Expo

06 Feb 2019, Posted by Nattawan Th in ACTIVITIES, CENTRAL THAM NEWS


Central Group , with Executive Director Pichai Chirathivat and Supatra Chirathivat, Executive Vice President, Office of Policy Management for Corporate Relations and CSR acting as heads of the committee to promote occupations on behalf of the 34 member organizations of the OUR Khung Bang Kachao project, is cooperating with integration in communities and the Royal science and Sufficiency Economy Philosophy of His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej, King Rama IX. These latter are used as guiding principles of operations so conserve and develop Khung Bang Kachao to be green and fertile. This has been done by organizing the OUR Khung Bang Kachao project. The event was honoured by the presence of Dr Sumet Tantiwejjakul, President of the Supervisory Committee to Develop Bang Kachao Sustainably. He presided over the event and give a speech in the presence of working groups from many organizations affiliated to the network.The event was held at a plot for planting community agricultural forest in Moo 8 and Moo 9 of Bang Nampheung subdistrict, Phrapradaeng district of Samut Prakan Province.

Dr Sumet Tantiwejjakul, as President of the Supervisory Committee to Develop Bang Kachao Sustainably, said that the working partys work in 2018 was in six aspects of compiling and analyzing data and drafting a development plan for the 6 subdistricts of Khung Bang Kachao, to develop and create an identity of prototype green space in each subdistrict. For instance, today, the 23 rai under the responsibility of Central Group is the first model group of the working party. There has been planting to cover the soil which needs reviving from excess salinity in Moo 9 and the planting of agricultural crops, with integrated local economic crops on a plot in Moo 8. Besides creating a good environment and sustainable income for communities, it is also a basic prime ecological resource which address both conservation and local development, with the development of local quality of life which are the communitys genuine needs.

“Driving the plan for promotion of occupations, Central Group is a willing partner of the network which has carried this out alongside reviving nature, and helping the promotion of tourism, so that the people of Khung Bang Kachao have good livings from a mainly agricultural center. This will upgrade occupations, create an agricultural method base and conserve the resources of the green area in Bang Kachao as all part of the same movement. This will enable the younger generation to be proud market gardeners of Bang Kachao, with an improved economy,said Dr Sumet.

Central Group Executive Director Pichai Chirathivat noted, All of the activities of the project today create jobs and occupations, with revenues distributed to the community of 647,079 baht. After this, we will organize the Bangkachao Expo, an official event according to the plan to develop revenues and create occupations, in the month of May at CentralWorld shopping center. We sincerely hope that this method of development will stimulate a process of participation and meet the true needs of communities, to develop Kung Bangkachao to grow, be strong and be sustainable in the future.”

Supatra Chirathivat, Executive Vice President, Office of Policy Management for Corporate Relations and CSR, Central Group Co., Ltd., commented that as head of the working group to promote occupations, there was emphasis on promoting the distribution of income to communities. There was extension and development of local product quality to be better known. This emphasized the development of the area of Kung Bang Kachao to be a Green Marketplace with wellknown Green Products under the Kung Bang Kachao brand. This activity inspires awareness of joint development and concern for the sustainable preservation of identity and community ways of life, as a model for managing agricultural land in a concrete way going forward.

On this occasion, Central Group and partners in the network of the working group promoting occupations has given cash to support green areas totalling 929,199 baht. Besides this, 1,908 trees have been planted such as aromatic pandan, aromatic lemongrass and Nam Dork Mai mangoes with their own Geographic Indicator (GI). The specialties of Kung Bang Kachao include Achras sapota sapodilla in the activity, Integrated Planting for the Kung Bang Kachao community”. The event also showcased products from the 6 subdistricts of Kung Bang Kachao, including coconut flower sugar from the farm of Lung Pongsak Thaewtheuan in Bang Yor subdistrict, the last organic coconut flower sugar farm in Bang Kachao. Song Kanong subdistrict has Nam Dork Mai mangoes from Kung Bang Kachao and are the result of three aquatic ecosystems salt water, fresh water and brackish water. This results in an aromatic flavour, dense flavour and the distinctive yellow colour of champak flowers, which has earned them registration as Geographical Indicators. Milky tea from Bang Krasob subdistrict is made from a bouquet of nipa palm. It has the properties of cool medicine driving toxins out of the body and fighting free radicals, and it is suitable for drinkers and smokers and can be taken to look after the liver and the kidneys. Bang Kor Bua subdistrict offers soap made from the old fruit and left over bark. The group, Mai Sin Jak Khung Bang Kachaoin Bang Kachao district offers Ardisia, a local herb to fight free radicals and reduce the risk from heart disease, stroke, gastrointestinal complaints, coughs and toxic air. Biocharcoal, a local invention in Bang Nam Peung subdistrict helps boost soil fertility and to trap carbon in the soil, wherein live the microorganisms which maintain soil moistness  and encourage the growth of plants.