CENTRAL Group invests 1 billion baht to launch “Porto de Phuket” A revolutionary department store on 40,000 sqm. of land

02 Nov 2018, Posted by Nattawan Th in CORPORATE NEWS, HAPPENING AND ACTIVITIES
  • Porto de Phuket, the one and only department store that combines design, lifestyle and nature harmoniously. The area will consist of 2/3 of green area and will be situated near Laguna Phuket, the most luxurious residential area in Phuket.
  • Featuring 7 appeals that will meet the needs of every age and gender; for instance, renowned restaurants from around the world, multidesign houses, playgrounds, beauty spas and dedicated areas for pets.
  • Focusing on local people in Phuket, Free and Independent Travelers (FIT) ,Western High Spenders
  • Expected revenue to be 4,500 million baht a year

Central Group announced their 2019s fourth quarter plan where they will be opening a new form of department store, Porto de Phuket. The department store will feature amenities none like others that will suite everyones lifestyle in an environment designed to be harmonious with nature. Responding the development of Phuket Smart City, Porto de Phuket will contribute to the citys economic growth and will help promote Phuket to be worlds top destination.

Mr. Lertvit Pumipitak, Senior Executive Vice President Corporate Business Development of Central Group  stated that due to the success from Central Phuket that was opened in September 2018, Central Group can see the potential of the tourist industry in Phuket. The number of tourists visiting Phuket increases every year. In 2017, Phuket had 16.9 million visitors which contributed more than 377 billion baht to the economy. It is forecasted that in 2 to 3 years, the number of tourists may reach up to 2025 million, circulating more than 555 billion baht. To be able to support the increase of tourists, Central Group will establish a revolutionary department store, Porto de Phuket under the idea to be The Finest Living Experience”. This will be the one and only department store that combines design, lifestyle and nature in a harmonious manner responding to the trend of the new generation to be one with nature. The investment will cost more than 1 billion baht, and will cover 40,000 sqm. of land. Amenities in the department store will consist of 7 features:

  1. Phuketian Mercado food destination that serves from morning to evening and houses renowned restaurants, cafés, bars and various beverage stores from around the world under the same roof as One Single Roof Concept. Ploys Café, a Thai restaurant by MasterChef Thailand, Ploy Natnicha Boonlerd, will also be here.
  2. Central Food Hall the best food store in Asia that features 8 categories for customers: premium meat and seafood, bakery, cheese, fine wine, international goods and beauty cosmetics.
  3. Restaurant and Café Zone a service area that gathers popular restaurants from Bangkok and local Phuket restaurant for instance; Tukabkhao; one of the most famous restaurant in Phuket, Spice House; traditional Russian food, Tai by Red Snapper; Japanese fusion restaurant, Wine Connections flagship store; and Urbani Truffle Bar & Restaurant; Italian luxurious restaurant and store.
  4. Multidesign House the center of various creative products from top designers around the world. Stores include Phukets most popular multi brand store, Fys Find your Style; and the new-format of specialty stores from Central Groups that answers to all needs such as Super Sport, Power Buy, B2S and Family Mart.
  5. Healthy Heaven apart from the rich green areas around the department store, there are also beauty spas, beauty salons, fitness gyms and Matsukiyo, Japan’s number one health and beauty service –– to serve your healthy lifestyle.
  6. Kids Learning Space, an outdoor playground with an area of more than 300 sqm. The playground will have friendly amenities such as bike lanes, climbable spider cobs, sand buckets, etc. There will also be circulating activities provided for children.
  7. Pet Friendly Zone the only department store in Phuket that welcomes pets with great facilities such as walking fields for pets and various stores and pet grooms.

“We expect Porto de Phuket to accommodate at least 3 million tourists every year. We estimate that

  1. Local people in Phuket and expat with high purchase which is expected to be 40%
  2. Visitors from aboard are expected to be from 2 segments 1) Free and Independent Travelers (FIT) such as Chinese, Koreans, Japanese and Singaporeans which have high purchasing power. This group of tourists seek for premium amenities and can be willing to pay for great experiences. The duration which these types of tourists will spend in Thailand is between 5 and 7 days. 2) Western High Spenders such as Russians, English and Americans. These tourists will spend a long period in Thailand. The ratio between these two segments is approximately 50:50.”

Mr. Nick Reitmeier, Executive Vice President Food Halls & International Buying of Central Food Retail Co.,Ltd. stated that to drive Porto de Phuket to be the new leading food destination of Phuket, carefullychosen goods from around the world should be provided like Central Food Hall as the best food store in Asia. The store will consist of a cheese counter that offers more than 400 types of cheese from around the world, a grill bar, The Catch (a premium seafood store) and Central Wine Cellar with more than 400 wines provided. Together will create a great food experience.

Porto de Phuket will be situated in Cherngtalay district near Laguna Phuket which is an area with best resorts in Asia, luxurious apartments and villas. Hotels in the area have a combining capacity of more than 12,000 rooms, apartments of more than 5,000 units and more than 2,000 units of villas. The area is a high demand residential area. Porto de Phuket will be the new destination for tourists of any generation to enjoy in a lovely green environment.