Central Group held “SHOM Luncheon with Central Group”

10 Oct 2018, Posted by cgadmin Arin in CORPORATE NEWS

With reference to the SHOM Get together events arranged by Central Group is held as yearly basis. The main purpose is to develop and strengthen the relationship between Central Group and SHOM; mean to “the Spouses of Heads of Mission”.

Executive Managements of Central Group led by Mr. Pichai Chirathivat, Executive Director, Ms. Supatra Chirathivat, Executive Vice President of Office of Policy Management for Corporate Relations and CSR, Mrs. Mookda Uahwatanasakul and Mrs. Ratana Chirathivat Norpanlob gave a warm welcome to SHOM president, Mrs. Gracita Tolentino, the spouse of the Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation of Thailand and 12 members of SHOM such as Mrs. Olya Tapiola, spouse of Delegation of the EU Ambassador to Thailand ( Vice President of SHOM); Mrs. Chungwha Oh from the Republic of Korea’s embassy; Mrs. Ximena Rios from Peru’s; Mrs. Karma Tsering from Bhutan’s; Mrs. Peng Pan from the People’s Republic of China’s; Mrs. Viera Opielova from Slovakia’s; Mrs. Francesca Andreini Galanti from Italy’s; Mrs. Catherina Samuel from Malaysia’s; Mrs. Katharina Cornaro-Rade from Netherlands’s; Mrs. Christina Macpherson from New Zealand’s;  Mrs. Carol Geoff Doidge from South Africa’s and Mr. Scott Chang from United Kingdom’s.

This year the event was held at the Centara Grand at Central World. As a special occasion, we did congratulate to the new president of SHOM; Mrs. Gracita Tolentino. Furthermore this lunch offered an exceptional opportunity for all diplomatic spouses to recognize and to experience the CENTRAL Tham; CSV activities of the Central Group, through charming exhibits of local products from communities as well as the flower arrangement workshop activity. Moreover all VIP guests enjoyed the creative lunch menu which was inspired from the organic ingredients from those communities, prepared and cooked by a sustainable Chef Khun (Apis).

After lunch, all VIP guests enjoyed and expressed all creativity for the Flower arrangement workshops, moderated by our specialist from Jing Jai Market in Chiangmai. The event happily accomplished at 14.30.